Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spotted! Chris Brown & Rihanna In Miami!

As previously reported, Chris Brown and girlfriend Rihanna have made up and are currenty in Miami at one of Diddy's homes. Friends say the two prefer to stay inside and not go out during this time. They are both happy to be back together after 3 weeks apart sources say.





Chris Brown driving in Miami on 3/1/09

Video Of The Day: "Chris Brown & Rihanna" MTV VMA Performance!

It's Official! Rihanna Takes Chris Back!!

It's official, Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together. Now folks should leave them the hell alone and let them be! I'm sure after this, Chris Brown will never put his hands on her again. He's 19 and can be redeemed.

chris brown and rihanna Pictures, Images and Photos

The pair have reunited almost three weeks after Brown, 19, allegedly battered the “Umbrella” singer on Feb. 8, a source tells PEOPLE. “They’re together again. They care for each other,” says the source.

The on-again couple are currently spending time together at one of Sean “Diddy” Combs’s homes, on Miami Beach’s Star Island. Adds the source: “While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves.”

In its latest issue, PEOPLE reports that Brown called Rihanna on her 21st birthday one week ago. “He called to wish her happy birthday,” a source told the magazine. “They’ve reached out to each other. It’s been mutual.” Brown was booked by LAPD for making criminal threats but the case has not yet been presented to the District Attorney, who will ultimately determine which charges, if any, will be prosecuted.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kanye West Thinks Folks Should Give Chris Brown A Break!

kanye west Pictures, Images and Photos

During a taping of VH1’s ‘Storytellers,’ West asked the crowd, “Can’t we give Chris a break? … I know I make mistakes in life.” He was referring to R&B singer Chris Brown, who was arrested on the night of the Grammys on suspicion of beating his girlfriend Rihanna.

Beyonce On The April Cover Of EBONY Magazine!

In Beyonce’s interview with Ebony she discusses retiring, touring, and her hubby’s organizational skills....Details Below:


R&B/Pop chart-topping singer Beyonce says she’s not retiring anytime soon!

“I will never retire. I love it way to much,” Beyonce shares with Ebony.

“I’ve worked so hard on my craft and I will never stop.”

According to the singer’s sit down with Ebony for its April issue, Beyonce seems fully aware that she’s stepping over an earlier comment that she’d retire to have children in her 20s.

In related news, Beyonce, who is planning a world tour, taking place spring/summer, says she works so hard that she’s very relaxed at home.

“I’m a little messy. Whenever I’m out in public, I have to be put together.”
“When I get home, I rebel against it and I don’t want to take care of anything. I drop it.”

Unlike her hubby, Jay-Z, Beyonce says “He’s very,very organized. I’m extremely organized when I’m working, and I work so much that when I get home I don’t want to think about anything”.

Chicago Man Sends Obama Camp Envelopes Filled with HIV Infected Blood!

This sick azz little mofo needs to be shipped back next day air via FedEX...He'll make it there by 10am....Leave him on the plane by himself and do a drop ship! Details Below:


A man from President Obama’s hometown of Chicago has been arrested for allegedly sending Obama and his staff envelopes containing HIV-infected blood, in the hopes of killing or harming them.

It’s only the second time ever that HIV-infected blood has been sent with malicious intent through the U.S. mail system, a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service said. In the weeks leading up to Obama’s inauguration, Saad Hussein, an Ethiopian refugee in his late 20’s, sent an envelope addressed to “Barack Obama” to offices of the Illinois government in Springfield, Ill., according to court documents.

The envelope contained a series of unusual items, including a letter with reddish stains and an admission ticket for Obama’s election-night celebration in Chicago’s Grant Park. Court documents said Hussein, who takes drugs to treat a mental illness, later told FBI agents he is “very sick with HIV” and cut his fingers with a razor so he could bleed on the letter.


California Mayor Resigns After Sending Obama Watermelon Email!

Folks continue to get out of pocket with this racist ish! An ignorant Mayor in California is out of a job! ....Dumb Azz! Details below:


Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose has stepped down as Mayor of Los Alamitos, CA after sending out this fake photo of watermelons on President Barack Obama’s White House front lawn. Grose’s email included the heading, “No Easter Egg hunt this year.” (Blank Stare)

“I think he’s saying that since there’s a black president, there will be no need to hunt for eggs since they’re growing watermelons in the front yard this year,” said Keyanus Price, an African American who was among those receiving the email. Price told Fletcher that she considers the email rascist and offensive.

“What I’m concerned about is how can this person send an e-mail out like this and think it is OK?” Price said. “He’s putting the city into a bad place and he is a liability.”
Grose apologized to Price, city council members and others.
“It was just poor judgment on my part and I am deeply sorry,” he said.

Any who...Next!

First Lady Michelle Obama's Official Portrait Released!

Michelle Obama’s first official portrait as first lady was released by the White House Friday.

She appears in a Michael Kors black shift dress and pearls in the photo, taken in the famed home’s “Blue Room.”



Obama is also featured on the March cover of Vogue.

She’s the second first lady — after Hillary Clinton — to appear on the front of the magazine.

In the interview with Andre Leon Talley, she opens up about helping Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, adjust to life in Washington, D.C.

“I’m going to try to take them to school every morning — as much as I can,” she says. “But there’s also a measure of independence. And obviously there will be times I won’t be able to drop them off at all. I like to be a presence in my kids’ school. I want to know the teacher; I want to know the other parents.”

Beyonce Announces "Single Ladies" Dance Video Contest!

Details Below:


Beyonce has announced plans for an official, fan-created “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” dance video contest. The winner will get $2,500 in cash and have the video shown on the singer’s upcoming world tour.

In Music World/Columbia Records press release is says that contestants must film themselves performing the exact choreography from the video – with no other steps added.

Contestants should include their full name(s,) address and phone number, and send submissions to

“Single Ladies,”
Sunset Blvd. No. 948,
Los Angeles, Calif., 90046.

Submissions must be postmarked no later than March 6.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rihanna Has Not Pressed Charges Against Chris Brown!

In Touch has confirmed that Rihanna has not pressed charges against her alleged attacker, boyfriend Chris Brown. Details below:

rihanna and chris brown Pictures, Images and Photos

“We do not have enough evidence and there have been no charges filed on the Chris Brown case,” a spokesperson in the Los Angeles DA’s office tells In Touch. But Chris is not necessarily out of hot water, even if Rihanna never files charges. “If the state gathers up enough evidence, we will press charges with or without her testifying. It is not up to the victim.” With a March 5 arraignment date set in LA for Chris, 19, In Touch has also learned that Rihanna does not have to make an appearance at the courthouse. “She will not have to show up during the arraignment,” the spokesperson says.

Khloe Kardashian Quickly Squashes The "Jay Z" Rumor!

Earlier this week, a strange rumor started circulating that Khloe Kardashian and Jay Z could possibly be...well you know! Anywho....Khloe Kardashian wasted no time speaking out about that lie!....Girl knew Miss B would smack her silly! LMAO!

DA's Office Says Chris Brown Case Weak, Court Date Might Be Delayed!

Supposedly the DA feels the evidence they have against Chris Brown isn’t enough to get a conviction, so they’re likely to push his court date back to buy time to scrounge up some more:

chris brown Pictures, Images and Photos

CHRIS BROWN’s day in court over his alleged fight with girlfriend RIHANNA could be postponed while police gather more evidence, according to the Los Angeles district attorney.

The Kiss, Kiss hitmaker was arrested and charged following an alleged attack on the Umbrella hitmaker after a pre-Grammys party on 8 February (09).

Brown was freed on bail following the incident and is facing charges of making criminal threats. He is due in court in L.A. on 5 March (09) for an arraignment hearing.

But that date may have to be pushed back, while cops strengthen their case against the star. A statement from Los Angeles district attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison reads, “We don’t have the evidence yet. (Los Angeles police detectives) are still investigating. If (detectives) determine they need more time they’ll set a new date for him (Brown) to come into court. “He only has to come back if and when we file charges.”

Rihanna was thought to have fled to her native Barbados to avoid press attention following the alleged attack - but it has now been revealed that the singer has been enjoying a sunshine break in a private beachside villa in Punta Mita, Mexico, according to the New York Daily News. (As detailed in "The Chocolate Chick's" previous post)

Spotted! Rihanna In Mexico + Camp Remains Mute About Chris Situation!

Rihanna was spotted in Mexico.....and as the picture shows, she looks extremely sad. It has to be very devestating what she's going through...and if the reports are true, that she's missing Chris and wants to be with him....then the look on her face says it all. With family, friends, and fans telling her not to go back to him...she is quite seriously torn.


Rihanna’s closest confidants are going to extraordinary lengths to keep secret the details of her alleged beating.

In a very rare move, the singer’s camp swore her inner circle of staff to silence within hours of her alleged attack at the hands of boyfriend Chris Brown on Feb. 8.

Even those at the singer’s record label have been instructed not to answer any inquiries about the incident — not just from the media, but also from curious friends and family. The matter is so sensitive that Rihanna’s handlers are pulling out all the stops to make sure she’s protected, sources close to the star tell OK!.

Video Throwback: "Smokey Robinson Tribute" By Luther Vandross!

Amazing performance as always! RIP Luther!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lebron James 50+ Point Night And The Underhand Shot Seen Around The World!


and then...the shot...that doesn't count! (Made during warmups!)

Sexy Azz King James!

Michael Jordan and His GF Have Reportedly Purchased A Home Together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Jordan and his Cuban "model" girlfriend Yvette Prieto (Blank Stare) have bought a new home together. They took out a 30 year mortgage on a modest home in Miami.


According to The Post:

“It’s a small humble thing, compared to what the 46-year-old Jordan is used to. Property appraiser records list the three- bedroom home at 5,500 square feet.

“But it’s anonymous enough. None of the neighbors called by Page2Live realize that the six-time NBA champion is on the deed of the two-story villa on SW 92nd Terrace.

“Said Prieto: ‘I can’t talk about the house just yet. Sorry.’

Word has it they took out the $196,000 mortgage because Prieto filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2002. (BLANK STARE)........YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDIN ME!

Sounds like Mike just basically purchased the home for her.. I doubt it very seriously he is "moving" in with mail won't be coming there...Can anybody say "KEPT".....AGAIN...(BLANK STARE)


President Barack Obama's Presidential Address!

Our amazing President gave a very uplifting speech last night during the televised Presidential address. The speech gave hope to us all during this horrific economic crisis our country is in.

President Barack Obama has done more good in his 30 days of office than former President George has done in 8 years!

In case you missed it....Here's a clip!

Update: New Reality Show "Candy Girls" Official Trailer!

Morgan Freeman Is Being Sued!

One of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman is about to get sued....and bit in the azz at the same time! Details below.....

Morgan Freeman Pictures, Images and Photos

The Ho.... oops I mean Lady.... oops I mean woman in the passenger seat during Morgan Freeman’s “horrific” car crash in August has announced she’s suing the actor.

In true Gloria Allred fashion, she’s holding a press conference today to announce that Demaris Meyer will “tell the truth about whether or not she was the ‘other woman’ in an intimate relationship with then-married actor Morgan Freeman when she was seriously injured as he was driving her car late at night.”

In the press release (of course Gloria issued a press release), Allred claims she will also display “never before seen graphic and disturbing photos of the car in which the actor and the woman were riding will be displayed.” (Blank Stare)

The following is part of what was in the press release:

"I have been labeled as the other woman and have been accused of having caused the breakup of Mr. Freeman's marriage," Meyer said. "Nothing could be further from the truth. I had hoped and prayed that Mr. Freeman or his representatives would have set the record straight and cleared my name, but they have not done so and that is why I have chosen to come forward to tell the truth about our relationship."

Gloria Allred is a media attention seeking predator...... just trife!

Chris Brown Is Dealing With Threats On His Life!

In the wake of the Rihanna’s alleged attack, some people have been keeping an eye on him because apparently he’s a marked man.


The new In Touch Weekly reports that Chris remains in seclusion, surrounded by bodyguards because he fears for his life. And insider says, “Chris is scared. Not only did he probably lose his career and his girlfriend, but he’s also fearing for his security and his life.”

A music insider tells the magazine, “Chris is a marked man. He faces criminal charges and possible jail time, but he’s going to have to deal with Rihanna’s legion of fans and her close-knit friends in the industry.”

The thing that triggered the threats was the photo that was leaked showing Rihanna badly beaten. The insider says, “That was the last straw. The threats started pouring in the moment that appeared online.”

Chris Brown Attends Anger Management Class!

Chris Brown, who was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly assaulting girlfriend, Rihanna, reportedly attended his first anger-management class on Monday. Details below:

chris brown Pictures, Images and Photos

"Chris doesn't actually have to go by law, but he believes it will make him look better to the public," NY Daily News sources said.

But Daily News insiders insist that "temperamental" and "hot-headed" Rihanna should be taking the classes with him. Sources told the paper that "it didn't help that Rihanna grabbed the keys out of his rented Lamborghini and threw them down the street. She knew it would really infuriate Chris, and it worked."

Reportedly, the alleged incident happened shortly after Brown left a Beverly Hills party with Rihanna as his passenger. The 20-year-old native of Barbados suffered bruises on her face and a split lip, according to several reports. "They're both too hot-headed for their own good," the NY Daily News sources said.

Brown's trial, which is set for March 5, will reunite the couple who have tried to distance themselves since the alleged battery. "She'll be there. She has to testify," sources said. Although TMZ released damaging photos of Rihanna that were taken shortly after the alleged attack, insiders say Brown probably won't be going to jail. "If Chris is convicted, it would be his first offense. He won't go to prison," insiders said.

New Reality Show Alert!

How many Reality Shows are currently running? Well...add another one. Details Below:


E! Network is bringing yet another reality show to the airwaves! The new reality show is called “Candy Girls”...which is about how “dancers” and “models” get featured in music videos of artists like Kanye West, Outkast, and Jay-Z.

Apparently the ring leader (Danielle) gets calls from casting directors and rappers’ themselves asking her to send over her friends–that just so happen to be models. And viewers get to see everything that goes down and the business behind it.

Alrighty then...“Candy Girls” premieres on E! March 8th at 10:30p EST.

Tidbit of Info:

Apparently April Roomet (pictured on the far right) is the mother of 10 year old Jordan Beckford. Jordan is, model Tyson Beckford’s son. Tyson does speak about his son and how he loves to spend all his free time with him. Sources also say April is not really a video vixen per se, she is actually a stylist/make-up artist for people like Snoop and Lloyd Banks. Below is a pic of the two from a few years ago:


Tyson has since married UK born entrepreneur Berniece Julien. And another interesting tidbit, Rumor has it...that sources say April’s BFF (very possibly the Candy Girl ring leader Danielle [center in top photo]) has a secret love child with one of the married Wayans Brothers. Can't wait to find out if that info is accurate. SMH

Tyson Beckford is said to be making a guest appearance on the show.

BET's 2009 "Rip The Runway" To Air 3.2.09!


BET’S RIP THE RUNWAY went down this weekend at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on Saturday! The show, which was hosted by Joy Bryant and Derek Luke, airs on BET on March 2nd!

Congrats! Kelly Rowland Lands New Gig!

Kelly Pictures, Images and Photos

Kelly Rowland has a new gig. Bravo has hired Rowland to join Isaac Mizrahi to host a new reality show which will sort of be like the long gone “Project Runway”. Rowland and Mizrahi will host a show simply called “The Fashion Show” which follows professional designers on their quest to be recognized in their profession. The participants will compete in challenges along the way and have their fate on the show determined by a panel of judges as well as a studio audience. Winners will have their designs sold for the mass retail market.

Good to know Kelly is getting work and staying busy! I'm sure she and Matthew Knowles will rebuild their professional relationship. As we all know...Matthew and Tina Knowles pratically raised Kelly as one of their own....

CNBC Presents NEWBOs: The Rise Of America's New Black Overclass!"

Be sure to set your DVR or Tivo! This ought to be quite interesting.... Details Below:


A generation of self-made, young, black multimillionaires is emerging from sports, media, and entertainment to live the American Dream. It’s a world of opportunity, opulence, and overwhelming pressure to give back to the community.

Go behind the scenes for unprecedented access with these multi-millionaires, including NBA superstar LeBron James, Major League All-Star Torii Hunter, The Williams brothers of Cash Money Records, Multiplatinum gospel star Kirk Franklin, and more.


The next all-new CNBC Original “NEWBOs: The Rise of America’s New Black Overclass” premieres Thursday, February 26 at 9p ET/ 10p PT on CNBC.

The book is set to release later this year! Pre-order at Amazon.Com!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ATL Housewife Lisa Wu Hartwell Sues Keith Sweat For Full Custody of Their Children!

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Lisa Wu Hartwell filed suit for primary custody of her two sons with ex-husband and R&B singer/producer Keith Sweat!...Details Below:

Ed and Lisa Wu Hartwell


According to court papers filed with the the Superior Court of Fulton County, Hartwell attorneys say “The best interest of the minor children will be served by modifying the current custody and visitation provisions to make Mother the primary physical condition of the minor children”. Hartwell, who appeared on the inaugural season of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ made headlines last Fall when discussing a tumultuous relationship with R&B singer/producer Keith Sweat.

Since the original reports, Hartwell has appeared in numerous publications including Essence where she detailed her post season struggles with ‘Housewives’ cast members and custody troubles with Sweat. Proving that she’s stable, so to speak (after a 2003 ruling that gave Sweat full custody), Hartwell’s lawyers say “Since the time of the Divorce Decree, (Wu) has remarried, owns a successful business and will provide a stable, loving, and nurturing environment in which she can raise the minor children.” If Wu-Hartwell is able to gain custody, the reality star is likely to request child support as well.

President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama To Honor Stevie Wonder!

Details Below:


During Barack Obama's presidential campaign, Stevie Wonder honored him
in song at rallies and fundraisers. Now the President is returning the favor to the artist he's called his musical hero.

On Wednesday, Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will present Wonder, 58, with the Library of Congress's Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.


The salute, to be held in the White House's East Room and broadcast Thursday night on PBS, will feature artists including Martina McBride (who will sing Wonder's hit "You and I"), Will.I.Am, Tony Bennett, Paul Simon and India.Arie.

Obama last year told Rolling Stone that he really got into music during Wonder's heyday in the early '70s, when Wonder released albums like Talking Book, Innervisions and Songs in the Key of Life. "So that was a guy I loved," Obama said.

Charles Barkley Will Serve A Little Time In The Clinker For Rushing To Get Some "Brains!"....(BLANK STARE)

Looks like Charles "Basketball Head" Barkley is going to have to spend a little time in a pink jumpsuit! SMH!....Isn't his azz married?? Details Below:

Charles Barkley Pictures, Images and Photos

Barkley just pled guilty to 2 counts of driving under the influence and pleaded “responsible” to running a stop sign for the December 31 incident in Scottsdale. Barkley was sentenced to 10 days in jail — but will only do five if he completes an alcohol education program. Barkley was also fined $2,000.

Barkley will begin his sentence on March 21 — but it’s unclear if he will serve time in Arizona’s famed Tent City Jail, where they make the inmates wear pink. As for the gun cops say they found in Barkley’s car on the night of the arrest — no charges were ever filed.

Bow Wow Speaks Out About The Chris Brown/Rihanna Situation!

Bow Wow weighs in on the Rihanna/Chris Brown drama, while promoting his new album New Jack City II at NYC’s Planet Hollywood Times Square last night:

bow wow Pictures, Images and Photos

“I mean, being in the business, the first thing is ‘ah, it’s false, another rumor, bloggers just wanting to have traffic to their site,’” Bow Wow [said]. “But when the story was unfolding, it was kind of shocking to all. Chris is a good friend of mine. We’ve had the opportunity to tour together. And then Rihanna, she’s just a beautiful person. Period. Never done no wrong to nobody.”

Bow Wow continues, “At the end of the day I’ve always believed in whatever happens with people’s business…my mom always told me don’t get into. And the situation is so major I think they just need their space and I think they need to deal with it.”

The rapper says the media needs to back off the estranged couple because it’s making it harder for them both. “I’ve been in a high profile relationship before and I know how it feels when everybody’s in your business. It just puts more pressure. And the only way they’re going to get over the situation is just to let them deal with it. And that’s what I really want to do. I’m praying for them both.”

Bow Wow, who says he hasn’t spoken to either Chris or Rihanna, says he couldn’t believe the horrifying picture that leaked on the internet last week, showing the singer with cuts and bloodied bruises on her face. “Just shocking,” he [said] “I mean we heard what happened but we really didn’t get a visual for it. But I mean hey, man. The picture speaks for itself.

Update! New Details Of How Rihanna Celebrated Her Birthday!

Details Below:

rihanna Pictures, Images and Photos

“Rihanna, accompanied by some pals, first went to an early showing of Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail in Santa Monica” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “She looked beautiful. She was wearing glasses, so you couldn’t see her eyes, but she looked fine to me.”

After the movie, Rihanna hit up the Hollywood Hills for a birthday party in her honor. “People were scrambling at her feet to make sure her every wish was granted. There was birthday cake, champagne, you name it!” a party guest tells Life & Style.

And how did the songstress handle all the attention? “She was a bit shy at first and kept her glasses on most of the night. But once she saw her old crew and got used to being out, she really got into it. She was even dancing!” the party guest reveals. “You could tell she was happy to be out. She needed it.”

The party wrapped up with her friends serenading her with “Happy Birthday.” “That definitely made her smile!” the party guest says. “She’s healing and it will take time, but she still looked beautiful.”

Ne-Yo Speaks Out About The Chris Brown / Rihanna Situation!

Details below:

Chris Brown Pictures, Images and Photos

“I spoke to Rihanna. She says she’s fine. She didn’t go into detail about what happened,” Ne-Yo told MTV early this week. “That just really… that hurt me to my heart, man.” For Ne-Yo, the situation between Chris Brown and Rihanna hits close to home.

In recent years the trio has been well connected. They’ve toured together, recorded songs like “Hate That I Love You;’ and shared the stage at major events like the MTV Video Music Awards. In fact, it was Ne-Yo who sort of confirmed Brown and Rihanna’s relationship late last year, stating “They tear hair out of each other and argue. I’ve seen them kiss and make up like other couples do.”

That being said, Ne-Yo remains loyal to both stars, including Chris Brown. “I’m not going to crucify him,” says the “Miss Independent” singer. “I haven’t had a chance to talk to Chris yet. I just wanna sit down and talk to that dude and just explain if he doesn’t understand: ‘That’s not something that’s excusable, bruh. You have to get a little smarter about whatever it is going on in your relationship. You have to get a little smarter about how you handle certain situations.”

Nadya Suleman (OctoMom) Argues With Her Mom Live On Camera!

Yesterday, cameras caught OctoMom Nadya Suleman arguing with her Mom about her choice to have more children!

(Blank Stare) This child needs some help..quickly!

Update: Xzibit Backtracks On His Previous Diddy and The Gay Bar Story!

Xzibit clears things up on his website...blames the story on "bloggers!" (Blank Stare).....Details Below:

Wow, so I wake up this morning and my phone is going nuts. I turn on the computer and find all this shit about me “throwing puffy under the gay bus” whatever that means. All this SPIN that you journalist are putting on the statements I made on a radio show to DIRECTLY effect a guy in a manor not intended is wrong. I got a call yesterday (which caught me off guard) from Diddy himself stating the club was an after hours spot called “space” I believe. The rumor mill that has ground this bullshit out to be the shit storm that it is, is doing so on its own accord. Like I said at the top, I have no beef with Diddy. BUT WAIT… a bigger problem I see is the negative stance these hip hop sites and blog sites are taking when speaking of gay people in general. All I can say to that is :PEOPLE GROW UP! I do NOT like to spread hate and make it a point not to do so, so this is not the way I intended this interview to unfold. You heard it directly from me ladies and gents, Im looking forward to the issues at hand that really mean something to both my fans and Diddys as well: ART & MUSIC.



Diddy must have scared his azz! LMAO!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Man Says He Believes He Is The Baby Daddy Of The Octuplets...Demands DNA Test!

Details Below:

“She really wanted to have kids,” he said. “She asked me to donate sperm. I thought it was kind of out of the ordinary, but I cared about her so much, and we were in love.” Beaudoin said Suleman told him she had ovarian cancer and wanted to get pregnant right away. “She came out and told me if she wants to have kids, she has to have them now,” he said.

He thought the donations would be part of “starting a family” together. But after they broke up, he had no idea whether Suleman, now 33, had gone through with in vitro fertilization until he called her three or four years ago. “I heard kids crying in the background,” he said. “And I go, ‘Who’s that?’ She said ,’Those are my babies.’” Suleman ended the conversation before Beaudoin could ask if he was the father, and he said she hasn’t responded to his calls since she gave birth to octuplets on Jan. 23.

She denied to ABC that he was the dad, saying all 14 kids were fathered by a platonic friend she has already notified. But Beaudoin doesn’t buy it. “I can’t take everything she says for granted,” he told GMA. “I would like a DNA test.” Beaudoin, a married business owner in his thirties with two sons of his own, said he had no inkling Suleman was planning such a large family, and reacted with “shock, disbelief” when he heard about the octuplets’ birth. “This is something that’s all new,” he said. “It never came up to have such a huge family.

It was just an urge to have a child because of not being able to.” Beaudoin said he barely recognizes the ex-girlfriend his pals nicknamed “giggles” for her “infectious laugh.” He showed off snapshots and notes from their time together, calling her “a really great girl.” “She looks different, sounds different,” he said. “She’s just not the Nadya I remember.” Beaudoin said he would accept paternal responsibility if tests show he’s the dad — and even if not, he said he’s ready to help raise the kids because he doesn’t think she can do it on her own. “Whether or not it is or it isn’t, I still extend my hand in help,” he said. “She needs help. I mean it’s hard. It’s hard nowadays to raise two kids, let alone 14 kids.”
(Blank Stare)

**Okay..let me get this straight..He is married with 2 kids...yet EVEN if he IS PROVEN NOT TO BE THE FATHER OF NADYA'S 14 KIDS....HE STILL WANTS TO HELP HER WITH ALL 14 KIDS??!! ............I know his wife knocked him upside the head when she saw that freaking interview...I would have changed the locks and told him to go move his stupid azz in with his ex..and play daddy!

Jodeci's Devante Puts His 2 Cents In About The Rihanna/Chris Brown Drama!

Devante spotted at LAX...Speaks about the Rhianna/Chris situation! The last bit of the video clip is where he loses his dayum mind!

Whateva! Next.

Video Throwback: "Doesn't Really Matter" Live @ 2000 MTV VMA's By Janet Jackson

One of Janet's Best Live Performances! Don't Hate!

Video Throwback: "Shake Your Body" + "Destiny" By Jackson Five

Jennifer Aniston & Jack Black Present Awards At Oscars..In Front Of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie!

The moment millions of folks were waiting for...however thankfully there were no glares, or middle fingers hurled.

Jennifer Aniston stood in front of her ex-hubby and the woman who cheated with him and did her job...present a freaking award! Congrats Jennifer! She always keeps it classy!

Jennifer Aniston & Boyfriend John Mayer.

Xzibit Says Diddy Took Him & Superhead To A Gay Bar! (Audio)

Xzibit needs to stop! LOL Where is Diddy's Blog to explain this? Searching...Searching...Searching....

Update: TMZ Paid Stacks For Rihanna Photo + LAPD Searching For Person Responsible For Leak!

According to, TMZ shelled out $62,500 for Rihanna’s photo that had been entered into evidence. Sources say the hefty price was double that of the law enforcement official’s salary that leaked the photo.

Now, the LAPD has ‘declared war’ on the person who leaked the photo and TMZ may start to feel the pain too:

The Los Angeles Police Department says the person who leaked Rihanna’s post-altercation photo is going to face “serious pain”!

According to a release Friday, a spokesman for the LAPD said “We are not treating this lightly. It’s going to be a very painful experience for any personnel from this department and possibly those who they may have engaged in a conspiracy with to violate the laws of California.”

News of the “painful experience,” that could include up to three years behind bars, immediately followed Rihanna’s first official statement since the singer’s altercation with fellow chart-topping star Chris Brown.

In related news, sources say entertainment website TMZ may be named in a felony case in addition to those who helped the website obtain Rihanna’s ‘battered’ photograph, which had been entered as evidence in the pending case.

Chris Brown Trying Hard To Win Back Rihanna!

Details below:

looser Pictures, Images and Photos

Embattled R&B star CHRIS BROWN lavished gifts on birthday girl RIHANNA in a bid to heal the rift between the pair, according to U.S. reports. The Umbrella singer put on a brave face and celebrated turning 21 with a low-key bash at a rented home in the Hollywood Hills less than two weeks after she was allegedly beaten by her pop star beau. Brown was charged by Los Angeles police with making criminal threats following the incident, which reportedly left Rihanna needing hospital treatment.

But, despite facing possible jail time over the alleged attack, Brown is desperate to try and win back his lover - buying the star a diamond bracelet and necklace before making an emotional phone call to ask for forgiveness, according to the New York Daily News. A source tells the publication, “Chris called Rihanna to wish her a happy birthday. “He’s absolutely trying to get back into her good graces. He knows he’s very much in the doghouse right now, and is doing everything he can to show her how sorry he is.”

And Rihanna is reportedly finding it difficult to turn her back on the relationship. The insider adds, “Rihanna so wanted Chris with her on her big day, but obviously realizes why they can’t be together right now. But it’s becoming more and more clear that she can’t be without him.” Rihanna spoke out about the incident for the first time at the weekend, thanking her fans for “the outpouring of support she has received during this difficult time”.

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Beyonce, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Hugh Jackman Perform Musical Number On The Oscars!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Congrats! Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Expecting Another Baby!

Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden are expecting another child, barely a year after the arrival of daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden last Jan. 11. Details below:

NICOLE Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm sure grandpa Lionel Richie is thrilled!
nicole and lionel richie Pictures, Images and Photos

In a message on the Web site of Good Charlotte, the band he fronts, Madden, 29, wrote,

"I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister! God has truly blessed my family. Hope [you're] all feeling as good as i am right now." Madden's message is titled "Better than winning an OSCAR!"

Rapper Fabolous Possibly Mentioned In A 500 Pound Weed Bust Of A Tour Bus!

Fabolous has not been arrested or accused of having 500 pounds of weed on a tour bus...Read this post very carefully.

Details below:

Fabolous Pictures, Images and Photos

Rapper Fabolous may have been mentioned in a drug bust of over 500 pounds of marijuana which was found on a tour bus traveling through Arkansas on it’s way to Boston from Phoenix where the NBA All-Star Weekend took place. It seems that Arkansas State Police initiated a traffic stop on the tour bus as it was passing through the heavily monitored Interstate 40 near Russellville.

According to Michael Ford of Arkansas Courier, there were no rappers on board the bus, however the two drivers were arrested. Edward Thimas, 52, of Douglasville, GA., and Robert Morris, 44, of Augusta, GA both began to offer information as the police interrogated them claiming that none of the items in the locked compartment on the bus containing the marijuana, belonged to them, but actually to the people that they were transporting. However, the two were still arrested after they gave the conflicting stories to the police.

Thimas told police they were returning from the game in Phoenix after escorting rapper Fabolous (spelled Fabulous in the report by The Arkansas Courier). He added that the two were headed to Boston to pick up another rapper whose name he couldn’t recall. On the other hand, Morris’ side of the story according to police reports, was that the two had taken three rappers from Atlanta to Phoenix and were going to Boston to meet them as the rappers had flown ahead. Later Thimas attempted to match his story with Morris’, but the police at this time were already suspicious of the two.

Officers proceeded to search their bus with permission where they found the pounds of marijuana which the drivers, as previously mentioned stating the the contents wasn’t theirs, but the “other guys’ merchandise.” The two drivers had over $4,000 in cash combined in their possession as well as an additional $2400 in a black bag. In an attempt to cooperate with the police further, Morris additionally stated he’d help in the investigation because it was the rappers not them who put the bags and boxes on the bus. The two were arrested on drug possession and other charges and on Wednesday received a bond of $200,000 for Morris and a bond of $75,000for Thimas

Congrats! "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail" Makes Over $41 Million Dollars and Is The # 1 Movie This Weekend!

Congrats! Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail Is #1! Fab!

Below is a clip of Tyler Perry and Keisha Knight Pulliam on "The View"...

Congrats! Tyler Perry's "Madea Goes To Jail" Pulls In Over $14 Million Dollars On 1st Day!

Congrats to Tyler Perry and the entire cast of his new film "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail"...I am so happy to report that the opening day ticket sales for the movie were a monstrous $14 Million +......That's with the film being shown in only 2032 theatres..compared to "other"movies having 3000+ theatres.

If you have not seen the so! As you know...Tyler Perry's projects are all superb! "Madea Goes To Jail" was hella funny!

It will surely land in the #1 spot! Hollywood take notice and wake the hell up

Friday, February 20, 2009

Rihanna Comes Out Of Seclusion + Speaks Out To Fans!

Rihanna spoke out for the first time since allegedly being assaulted by Chris Brown, issuing a statement of thanks to her fans. Details below:

Photo: Rihanna In L.A On Thursday 2.19.09

"At the request of the authorities, Rihanna is not commenting about the incident involving Chris Brown," says the statement from her rep on Friday. "She wants to assure her fans that she remains strong, is doing well, and deeply appreciates the outpouring of support she has received during this difficult time."

The statement comes on her 21st birthday and a day after she was spotted in Los Angeles after spending nearly two weeks in seclusion.

The singer was photographed Thursday heading to an airport the same night a graphic photo reportedly showing her battered face surfaced on the Internet, upsetting her father, who criticized police for their "sloppy work."

Prior to the statement, neither Rihanna nor her representatives had commented since the arrest of Brown, 19, on Feb. 8

On Friday, friends in Rihanna's native Barbados marked her birthday by taking out an ad in the local paper wishing her a happy 21st "amidst all the negativity about Ri Ri. God will continue to bless her."

"I just really love that girl," Sharon Thompson, who bought the birthday greeting, says. " Some nights I cry because of what I'm hearing. It has me deeply hurt. She's just so lovely."

Essence 2009 Pre-Oscar Luncheon!

ESSENCE recently had their Pre-Oscar luncheon....Folks of course came out and celebrated!

Eva Marcille, Tia Mowry, Lauren London and Kyla Pratt

Halle Berry

Tia Mowry....There has not been an announcement..but could Miss T be Preggers? If so..Congrats!

Diddy Set To Release New Album!

Recent NAACP Image Award winning star Sean “Diddy” Combs is ready to introduce the world to the refreshing sound of ‘Train’ music on his forthcoming album “Last Train To Paris.”


Slated for release Sept. 22, Diddy’s “Last Train To Paris” features production from Rodney Jerkins, The-Dream, and Tricky Stewart.

“I’m ushering in a new movement called ‘train music,’ says Diddy.

According to the former “Last Night” star, “Train Music” blends elements of electronica, hip-hop, soul and funk together.

“I am going to show the world a new refreshing side of me. The album is deeper than any other stuff I have ever made. It’s a profound love story.”

While a single has not been released from the forthcoming effort, portions of Diddy’s recording sessions for “Last Train To Paris” can and have been seen on the hit MTV reality series “Making the Band 4″.

Diddy’s “Last Train to Paris” is also the follow up to 2007’s “Press Play” and features collaborative efforts with The Neptunes and Mario Winans.

Beyonce Is Very Smart About Her Money!

R&B superstar BEYONCE has yet to spend any of her multi-million dollar fortune - saying she hasn’t bought any luxury items with her cash.

beyonce Pictures, Images and Photos

The singer was recently named the richest star under 30 years old - with an estimated $80 million in the bank.

But Beyonce - whose wedding ring is worth $5 million - is adamant that she has invested all of her money wisely, and won’t be spending any of her earnings on fast cars or expensive jewelry.

She says, “Honestly, I’m very frugal. I haven’t bought a car since I was 16 or any diamonds since I was 17. I have a lot of property. I’ve invested my money and I don’t have to make any more, thank God, because I’m set. “I’m now able really to be free and just do thngs that make me happy. It’s an effort to stay grounded.”

Very smart Miss B!

Coupled Up! Kanye West and Amber Rose!

Sources say Kanye West has a new lady in his life: model Amber Rose.

The two stepped out as a couple this Fashion Week, cuddling at Nur Khan’s Rose Bar on Tuesday night and attending Narciso Rodriguez and Alexandre Herchcovitch’s fashion shows together.

“She’s going to be good for him,” an insider confides. “Amber is a model with a fly, out-there, in-your-face style and attitude, just like Kanye. She’s his match.”

The source adds, “Traveling with Kanye can be rough — press swarms him wherever he goes — but Amber is cool and collected about it all. She doesn’t care about industry stuff, and she actually understands Kanye.”

Rihanna's Dad Upset With The Handling Of His Daughter's Case By The LAPD!

Rihanna's dad is disappointed with the way the Los Angeles police are handling his daughter's domestic violence case.


"Sloppy work on their part," says Ronald Fenty from Barbados Friday, shortly after the emergence of a graphic photo Thursday reportedly showing Rihanna's injuries from the alleged assault by boyfriend Chris Brown

UPDATE! LAPD Investigating Rihanna Photo Leak! + Rihanna's 21st Birthday Is Today!

The LAPD claim they do not know how the pic reportedly of Rihanna's bruised and battered face was released to the public. (Blank Stare)...Like they don't know someone within the LAPD obviously SOLD the photo I'm sure for 6 or 7 figures...and since TMZ is the organization that is credited with the exclusive "first" pic release...perhaps the LAPD will start there!

It is just distubing. Rihanna should not have to now deal with the fact that her privacy has forever been invaded in this issue....especially with today being her birthday.....

Following an entertainment website’s publishing last night of a closeup photograph of what appears to be Rihanna’s badly beaten face, the Los Angeles Police Department has launched an internal investigation into the source of the leak.

“The photograph has the appearance of one taken during an official Domestic Violence investigation. The Los Angeles Police Department takes seriously its duty to maintain the confidentiality of victims of domestic violence,” the LAPD said via a statement released on Thursday.”The Department launched an immediate internal investigation and subsequently filed a personnel complaint. A violation of this type is considered serious misconduct, with penalties up to and including termination.”

The LAPD has not officially identified Rihanna as the alleged victim in the Chris Brown domestic violence case, but it said in its statement that last night it received “numerous inquiries about the release of a photograph associated with a domestic violence incident that occurred on February 8, 2009, involving entertainer Chris Brown.”

The police statement encourages anyone with information about the source of the photo to call or visit the department’s website.

HAPPY 21ST BIRHTDAY TO RIHANNA (2.20.09)....It's sad to think that she has to celebrate her 21st birthday with all this ish that has transpired. It should have been a happy time for her. Below is a video clip of Rihanna celebrating her B-day last year with then boyfriend Chris Brown.

Rihanna's Family Continue Hope That She Will Not Resume Her Relationship With Chris Brown!

Rihanna's family and friends are shocked by the behavior of Chris Brown. They are all praying Rihanna will not go back with Chris!


Police Photo of Rihanna Has Been Released, Taken Ater Her Attack!

TMZ first obtained the following pic of Rihanna.

The Internet has been abuzz tonight over the appearance of a photo purported to be of Rihanna after she was allegedly assaulted by Chris Brown. The picture (below) is a close-up of a young woman with her eyes closed and bruises and cuts on her forehead, lips and cheeks.

Los Angeles police spokesman Sgt. Ronnie Crump declined to comment on the photo.

"The LAPD by practice does not release photographs of victims of domestic violence," Crump says. "They are considered a protected class of people."

Some sites have chosen not to post the picture, due to the nature of the case.

Brown, 19, who released a statement saying he is "sorry and saddened," was arrested on a felony criminal threat charge Feb. 8. His case has not yet been presented by police to prosecutors.

Rihanna, who has not appeared in public since the alleged attack hours before the Grammy Awards, turns 21 on Friday.



Miley Cyrus To Screen Her Film "Hannah Montana: The Movie" For Malia and Sasha Obama!

Miley Cyrus is used to traveling with lots of security, but one of her upcoming stops may involve the Secret Service.

The 16-year-old has been invited to screen her upcoming movie, "Hannah Montana: The Movie" for First Daughters Sasha and Malia Obama, reports The Insider. Details Below:

Miley Cyrus Pictures, Images and Photos

Mrs. Robinson, Malia and Sasha Obama Pictures, Images and Photos

Miley's already performed for the First Family. During last month's presidential inauguration in Washington D.C., Miley headlined the Kids Inaugural Concert alongside fellow Disney star Demi Lovato and The Jonas Brothers.

Miley says Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, made their request during the concert. The girls are huge fans of "Hannah Montana." There were even rumors they would guest star on the show.

Miley says she is "stoked" about the invitation and would love to attend. However, she won't be the first teen act to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That honor belongs to The Jonas Brothers, who surprised Sasha and Malia with a personal concert following Barack Obama's inauguration.

Being the President's daughter definitely has its perks! Fun Times!