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Affordable Care Act: On October 1st, the Health Care Marketplace Opens: Visit HEALTHCARE.GOV

 photo 50e4d7d7-f5f8-47a4-b684-0b89ff059cb2_zpscc3be87c.jpg

[Video] - 9.30.13: President Obama Speaks About The Possible Government Shutdown

Side Note: Key Republicans are causing this ridiculous standstill with our country. Time is winding down. The clock is running. They have until Midnight tonight, to prevent the Government Shutdown. Folks need to take note of the Republicans who don't give a damn about the American people.

Remember, and vote them out of office! It's that simple.

The GOP, continues to forfeit the people they claim they're working for. They don't care that some folks won't receive their paychecks, or that important programs will not run. But, their paychecks will continue as scheduled. That's some hypocritical BS.

These antics are all because, Republicans want to defund the Affordable Care Act. Not gonna happen. Tomorrow, October 1, 2013, the Healthcare Marketplace will open, and Americans will be able to view, compare and choose a healthcare plan.

Thanks to President Obama, millions of Americans, will be able to sign up for a real healthcare insurance plan. But, Republicans are pissed? Think about that.


BLACKLIST S1E2 "The Freelancer" Airs Tonight at 10PM on NBC

SLEEPY HOLLOW S1E3 'For The Triumph of Evil' Airs Tonight at 9PM On FOX

Movie Trailer: CAPTAIN PHILLIPS [Sneak Peek]

Movie Trailer: The FACILITY [Horror / Sci-fi]

Movie Trailer: FRIGHT NIGHT 2: New Blood Available on DVD/Blu-ray 10.1.13

Movie Trailer: FROZEN In Theaters 11.27.13

Department of Justice to Sue NC Over Discriminatory Voter Law

Congrats: MSNBC Host Alex Wagner & White House Chef Sam Kass Are Engaged

 photo ed6c0506-2691-41a7-9a17-61f7b4e354c1_zps36e77170.jpg  photo 9c7d68b6-3ec0-4d76-91ce-bcaf9b42a639_zpsa5830929.jpg 

Congrats to Alex Wagner and Sam Kass. The two are now engaged. Such a mad cool duo. An MSNBC host and a White House personal chef. Gotta love it. Deets below:

Via TheBraiser.Com:

So, Sam Kass has had a busy summer. On top of trouncing the GOP for defunding SNAP benefits, and being named one of Washington D.C.’s 50 “Most Beautiful People,” the White House personal chef is now engaged.

Turns out, Kass was dating MSNBC host Alex Wagner for the last year; of course, no one knew about it until the Washington Post gave them the paparazzi treatment and outed the couple last month.

Then, Wagner was spotted with an engagement ring on her show this week, prompting the now-confirmed rumors of their engagement. Of course, Kass and Wagner will probably still keep it cool, though; Kass noted in his beautiful, glowing, no. 3 spot of The Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful People” that his relationship status was private.

But he also said that he doesn’t cook much at home in the feature, so, we hope Wagner’s up for the challenge of cooking for the chef who feeds the Commander in Chief.

Movie Trailer: NEED for SPEED In Theaters 3.14.14

Movie Trailer: DARK TOUCH [Horror]

Movie Trailer: CASSADAGA [Horror] Limited Theater Release and On Demand 10.11.13

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Movie Trailer: Tyler Perry's A MADEA CHRISTMAS In Theaters 12.13.13 [Teaser Trailer]

Due to Major Backlash, A NC School System Lifts Book Ban on 'Invisible Man' by Ralph Ellison

 photo invisibleman_zps65a26778.jpg

 Via Reuters:
A North Carolina school board lifted on Wednesday its ban of Ralph Ellison's classic novel "Invisible Man" from school libraries after being ridiculed by residents and undercut by a giveaway of the book at a local bookstore.

The widely publicized ban by the Randolph County Board of Education in central North Carolina came after a high school junior's mother complained that the sexual content in the book chosen for a summer reading program was "not so innocent" and "too much for teenagers."

Five of the board's seven elected officials agreed on September 16 to bar the novel, with one member saying he "didn't find any literary value" in Ellison's account of African-American alienation in the United States in the early 20th century.

But after a fierce backlash by hundreds of citizens, the board held a special meeting on Wednesday and voted 6-1 to put the book back on school library shelves. "I felt like I came to a conclusion too quickly," board member Matthew Lambeth said of his earlier vote to bar the book.

In an interview, Lambeth said he has read the book twice and enjoyed it. He changed his vote, he said, after being convinced by local educators that the novel's educational value outweighed his concerns about the appropriateness of certain sexual themes for teenagers. Ellison achieved worldwide fame and critical success with "Invisible Man," which won the National Book Award for fiction in 1953 and was named by the Library of Congress as one of the "Books That Shaped America." Ellison died in 1994.

"Invisible Man" is commonly included in the curriculum of U.S. high school and college literature classes. Word of the ban, which spread quickly thanks to national news coverage and social media, inspired one former resident to ask the book's publisher to donate free copies to area high-school students.

Vintage Books agreed, and a giveaway of "Invisible Man" began on Wednesday at a local Books-A-Million store, said Evan Smith Rakoff, a New York-based writer and Web editor who grew up in Randolph County. "I think banning any book is abhorrent, but banning a book that's so undeniably great is incredibly upsetting," Rakoff said.

(Reporting by Colleen Jenkins; Editing by Cynthia Johnston, Leslie Adler and Eric Beech)

Side Note: Such good news in knowing that the Randolph County school board lifted the ban. Congrats to the folks who made the noise, that was heard loud and clear. Big ups to them!

Oh and btw... 'Invisible Man' is definitely a hard read. It has violence, sex and the subject of race, brutally in your face, wrapped in a story that leaves the reader thinking of the book well after the initial read.

While some may be "uncomfortable" with the subject matter, you must look deeper and not base an entire literary journey that is 'Invisible Man' as trash. It's insulting!

I firmly believe that no book should ever be banned. The control some want, over an artist's creativity is appalling. There are a plethora of books that are banned for one reason or another, and that is quite shameful.

FREE ALL books!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Video] - Kanye West's Interview with Zane Lowe (Part 1 - 3)

[Video] - 9.24.13: Former President Clinton Speaks With President Obama About Healthcare at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz Embarrasses Himself Speaking For Nearly 22 Hours In Opposition to Obamacare Funding

From impersonating Darth Vader, to reading 'Green Eggs and Ham'... even mentioning horror movies, Texas Senator Ted Cruz humiliated himself on the Senate floor for nearly 22 hours.

All for nothing, other than emphasizing the fact that he wants to defund Obamacare. A waste of time, effort and energy.

Take a look at some of his most ridiculous antics during his 22 hour melt down.


Tami Roman Talks 'Basketball Wives', Will It Continue?

Richard Gere & Carey Lowell Split After 11 Years of Marriage

Forbes: Beyonce and Jay Z Highest Earning Celebrity Couple

Chris Brown and Drake Bury the Hatchet?

Rihanna Gets Into a Twitter Feud With Teyana Taylor

Chris Brown Speaks On Jay Z's "Past"

New Video: '23' By Mike WiLL Made-It f/ Miley Cyrus, Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa

Monday, September 23, 2013

SLEEPY HOLLOW S1E2 'Blood Moon' Airs Tonight at 9PM EST On Fox

Simon Cowell's Ride or Die Sinitta Reveals She Aborted His Child In 2009 + Speaks On Finding Out About His Impending Fatherhood

 photo 88fa0683-fb8d-4629-b967-cc1637db6042_zps815bf04b.jpg

 photo 6a9154f7-eb5e-4bbc-9ec5-ce57e4bcd08d_zps8c9edafd.jpg

 Via Yahoo OMG UK

Sinitta has revealed she aborted the child she and Simon Cowell were expecting. But Simon Cowell previously fathered a baby with long term friend Sinitta in 2009 with the singer deciding to have an abortion rather than keep the child.

Sinitta had previously spoken about the abortion but has now named the music mogul as the father of the unborn child.

According to The Daily Mirror, Sinitta said ‘yes’ when asked if Simon was the dad but claims that she no longer feels ‘cursed’ by the decision after adopting two children. She said: "I know the curse has been lifted because I have been blessed with children and now Simon is too, plus God forgives.
Side Note: Chile!

Paranormal Files: [Haunted Dolls] - Robert the Doll + Annabelle the Doll

Miley Cyrus & Mike Will Made It An Item?

[Video] - 9.22.13: President Obama Speaks At Memorial For Victims of The Navy Yard Shootings

[Video] - 9.21.13:Deadly Attack at Mall in Kenya, Includes Raw Footage Earlier On In The Attacks

 Via The Associated Press:

Gunmen threw grenades and opened fire at an upscale mall in Kenya's capital on Saturday, killing at least 39 people. Witnesses say the attackers targeted non-Muslims. A Somali extremist group claimed responsibility. 

Kenya's president says that 39 people have been killed and more than 150 injured by armed terrorists who attacked an upscale mall in Nairobi.


Side Note: Senseless and cowardly attack on innocent people. The death toll has climbed from 39 to 68. Saying prayers for all who are affected from this horrific event.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

IMPORTANT NOTE: Blog Address Has Changed: Same Blog... Different Address

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The main web address for 'The Chocolate Chick' blog has changed from THECHOCOLATECHICK.ORG to CHOCOLATE-CHICK.COM

Remember to change/update your bookmark.

TheChocolateChick.Org web address is still valid, however, Chocolate-Chick.Com is preferred.

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Video] - The Talk's Julie Chen Revealed Last Week She Had Eye Surgery, Denies Additional Surgeries

Last week on THE TALK, the panel each revealed secrets about themselves. Moderator Julie Chen revealed that she had eye surgery, to make her eyes appear larger.

After the before picture was released, folks in social media land was all abuzz, firmly believing Julie Chen had additional work done. Claims ranged from nose jobs to cheek surgeries. I even thought she'd had nose surgery after viewing the before photo.

Well this week, Julie Chen set the record straight. She denied any additional surgeries and says her transformation is from a good make-up artist. Check both videos below:

Side Note: Yes. Make-up is magic in jars, compacts, tubes, etc. It does miraculous transformations all the time. Some folks are still doubting that there weren't any additional surgeries. But clearly you can see in the video, the complete transformation. *Cough*

As someone who actually dabbles in make-up artistry as a hobby, you can re-create someones features completely. But like I said, even I thought she had nose surgery, prior to her stating she didn't. *Cough*

Just let me leave it at....

She has one hell of a make-up artist!

Books: New Releases - BAD HABITS By Sienna Mynx

 photo e3a02fab-13af-4ed6-82cc-4f4d2c024592_zps929da981.jpg 

Sienna Mynx has released her new anticipated full-length novel BAD HABITS! Be sure to purchase your copy today. I can't wait to read it!


 Via Amazon:

Simone Livingston wants desperately to start again. She and her husband Keith have both agreed that their marriage is worth saving. Despite the deep betrayal and lies she's suffered thanks to his infidelity.

Their arrival in a small town run by the wealthy conniving Hollingsworths tests her faith in her husband and the sacred vows of her marriage. And when Keith's dastardly deeds unveil who he truly is Simone's bad habits of forgiving and forgetting despite her suffering brings about unbelievable consequences.

The one man she shouldn’t trust throws a lifeline to her, and soon it's a race against time to fight for her future, escape the present that threatens to destroy her, and save everyone she loves. Kim Jensen is a widower. The death of her firefighter, beautiful husband, while pregnant with their twins devastated her. Two years later she has found a way to cope.

A dark secret that she keeps from the nurses and hospital she works for. That is until she meets the dashingly handsome Dr. Mathew Donnelly. Immediately he steps into her life to become the hero she never asked for. But will her bad habits put their careers and new found love in jeopardy, or teach her the most valuable lesson in second chances?

Both sisters struggle to survive pain, betrayal, love lost and the prospect of new love gained. Bad Habits is not your typical love story. It’s an exploration in the human spirit. Through suffering we achieve triumph, through grief we learn the healing power of letting go, and through change of spirit we become the women we are destined to be.

A graphic, explicit tale that explores the avoided topics in romance, infidelity, drug addiction, self-loathing, and ultimately forgiveness with a touch of love.

ChemistryTV: 'General Hospital' Execs Make This Happen -- Michael Easton, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Trevor St. John... Back On The Small Screen Together

 photo 1859c175-4b14-46c1-ad00-6cc981dfc121_zpsc7deb8cd.jpg 

Actor Michael Easton, has been on the popular soap 'General Hospital' canvas for a good minute. Even with all the transitional changes, mainly that of having to rip the character name "John McBain" from Michael, due to ABC's conflict with the folks, who now own/run 'One Life to Live', Michael Easton remains extremely popular.

I won't rehash my sentiment on one of daytime's hottest couples on television, who had chemistry rolling from them ten-fold. However, that awesome duo, was that of One Life to Live's "John McBain" (Michael Easton) and "Evangeline Williamson" (Renee Elise Goldsberry).

One thing is clear, if the powers that be at General Hospital, want a couple that will rock daytime, they need to put these two people back on screen together. Doesn't matter that the names changed... the chemistry will be there.

To add even more drama and craziness, it would be insanely cray if GH execs also hired actor Trevor St. John, who played "Todd Manning" on OLTL. This would be one hell of a love triangle. Ratings would go through the roof.

For a more in-depth look at the back story, of one of daytime's most popular couples, ('John McBain' and Evangeline Williamson'), who proved they were too hot for daytime, visit an earlier post at:

The original posting date was 11.23.11.

Below is a video that showcases the chemistry between both couples. Big ups to the youtuber who created the vid. Again, General Hosptial execs need to get the ball rolling.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WITCHES of EAST END Premieres Sunday, 10.6.13 At 10PM EST On Lifetime

Lifetime Movie Network Spotlight: KILLER REALITY (Suspense, Romance, Interracial)

UPDATED: 'Killer Reality' airs again on Tuesday (10.8.13) at 8PM EST and Wednesday (10.9.13) at 12AM EST on Lifetime Movie Network.

 photo 2094bad3-e6c7-4271-a891-54026502384e_zps44d6cfd2.jpg

'Killer Reality' aired a couple of weeks ago. I normally set my DVR to record new Lifetime Movie Network movies all the time, so upon going through recordings Sunday, I stumbled upon 'Killer Reality'.

The lead character is portrayed by actress Annie Ilonzeh, who played 'Maya Ward' on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Good to see Lifetime branching out and not using the same actors and actresses to play in every movie. This is the 4th or 5th LMN film that has centered around a black lead, in a suspense and/or romance genre. Good work Lifetime... keep it up.

With all that being said, I attempted to find the next air date for 'Killer Reality', and currently it's not on the schedule. It surely will re-air soon. If you don't want to wait for an encore airing, it appears you can watch it on Amazon Instant Video as a purchase for $4.99. Link:


Hayley, a star producer on the hit reality show LOVE EVER AFTER, unwillingly falls for The Bachelor on this marriage elimination series. Things become complicated very quickly, especially when one of the female contestants turns up dead. That's when work becomes downright murder...

[Video] - 9.16.13: Wendy Williams' Hot Topics Includes Simon Cowell's Baby Mama Drama

 Side Note: Comments about Simon Cowell's drama begins around minute 4:16. Chile! LMAO

Monday, September 16, 2013

Movie Trailer: GRUDGE MATCH [Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro]

Movie Trailer: GRACE of MONACO [Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, Frank Langella]

SLEEPY HOLLOW Premieres Tonight At 9PM EST On FOX

 photo eff369af-86fb-4d1c-abfa-58105f1e136b_zps71de78be.jpg

 Tune in!

Officer Charged With Voluntary Manslaughter After Killing An Unarmed 24 Year Old Black Man

 photo cd7aede9-a1de-4bd5-965b-976c32b225b4_zps3dd9ffd0.jpg

These so-called "accidental" killings of black men must stop! These aren't "accidents". There seems to be no worth put on the life of black men in America. Folks can just shoot and kill black men for whatever reason they can think of and nothing happens. The devil is busy!

Rest in peace Jonathan Ferrell.

[Video] - Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez Post News Conference After Mayweather's Epic Win

Floyd Mayweather continued to prove he's unstoppable in the ring. On Saturday night, be beat Canelo Alvarez, netting a record $41.5 million purse for his effort. Mayweather is now 45-0.

Alvarez is reported to have received anywhere between $5-$12 million. The two spoke at a post fight news conference. Check it below:


Movie Trailer: WRONG TURN 5: BLOODLINES Available On Amazon Instant Video

Omg. This franchise has become such a tragedy.

The original WRONG TURN was off the chain. WRONG TURN 2 was sort of good, didn't hurt that Texas Battle was in it. WRONG TURN 3 was a mistake. WRONG TURN 4 was watchable. WRONG TURN 5 was an EPIC fail and by far the most pathetic 'Wrong Turn' installment ever.

There are no words to describe the ridiculous circumstances of the plot, nor the cheap look of the sound stage and props. They need to put this franchise out of its misery.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Book Of The Month: [September 2013] - NO REGRETS [Tale of Three Hearts Series #3] By Sienna Mynx

 photo f3bfec22-bfd5-4d5a-95d8-f5ff607417c5_zps35a81738.jpg 

A MUST READ! Download it today: 

Daisy Johnson Keane has a lot to be thankful for. However, happiness has always come at a price. In the past Daisy chose to gamble with love for what she believed her heart desired. It proved to be a costly mistake.

But Daisy has changed and so has the man she now calls husband. Aiden Keane, a powerful casino mogul and master manipulator who has been tamed by love. Or has he?

Aiden Keane has a secret. The man he despises believes himself to be the father of Aiden’s child. To reveal the truth would expose a web of lies and take him and his new bride down a dark path that could ultimately cost him everyone he cherishes. His wife Daisy pleads for patience and compromise. She wants to be done with the past and the animosity between her ex-lover and her husband. It will not be.

What is a man to do when his heart tells him to have faith in her but his pride demands a under handed dealing of justice? If you’re Aiden Keane you strike first. Do what is necessary for control, and vengeance over your future and past. You let it ride. At any cost.

No Regrets is the final story in The Tale of Three Hearts Trilogy. The final exploration of the dark side of love that will leave you, the reader, breathless from page one to the ending consequences. The lives of Daisy, Aiden and Pete are now forever changed. Who will be the victor? Only true love, forgiveness and repentance will decide.

Check out the previous MUST READ titles in the series if you haven't read them as of yet.

Book one in Aiden & Daisy's story from the (Tale Of Three Hearts Series) was the 'Chocolate Chick' January 2013 book of the month pick, again if you haven't read the series.. catch up by reading book one and two.



Meet Aiden Keane: rich, sexy, and bored. He owns Vegas and every lost soul looking to make it rich. No bets are placed at the infamous Shamrock Hotel from which Aiden Keane doesn't collect.

But with all that he's acquired, he's squandered even more. Arrogance and curiosity draw Aiden to a young couple down on their luck.

One look at Daisy Johnson and a plan forms. A young woman, whose simple, small-town upbringing makes her crave the glamorous life, seems the perfect prey for Aiden's wanderlust.

He approaches her and her boyfriend with the promise to make her dreams come true. But does he? A deal is made. One sex-filled night on his terms with Daisy Johnson will bring about a bounty of a million dollars, free and clear. The stakes? Her dignity, and her young lover's pride. Can the love of money and a young woman's greed destroy the bonds of 'true love'? Aiden thinks so. It's a wager he's sure to win--until he, too, learns a valuable lesson: play with the wrong woman's heart and you may lose your own.

*Also read book #2 in Aiden's, Daisy's and Pete's story... DAISY'S CHOICE



In the game of hearts there can be more than one loser... Take Daisy Johnson, for starters.

She came from nothing but now she has it all: a thriving business, a beautiful daughter, and the financial security that makes her the master of her own destiny. Yet the memories of two very different loves cast a shadow of doubt and fear that keeps her trapped in self-imposed isolation.

Aiden Keane remains haunted by the games he played with one woman's heart. Now she's gone, and his obsessive nature has fueled a five-year mission to find her. Her rejection and disappearance has left him wondering if he'll ever see her again. But what Aiden wants, he wants, and he will risk it all to find and claim her once more.

Pete Doyle wants a fresh start. He's sure as hell earned it. It's taken him five years to get over his first love and the role he played in destroying it. Now he has a new girlfriend and a business opportunity of his own. Pete wants closure, or maybe something more. Until he understands which of the two is most important, his life continues in limbo.

Tragedy hits the small town of Hollow Creek, and the paths of all three players collide in the most unexpected of ways. Daisy had her reasons to remain hidden from both of the men in her past. When all her secrets are uncovered, Daisy is faced with one question: does she have any choices left?

Box Office Wars: INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 Scared The Hell Out The Competition + THE BUTLER Surpasses $100 Million

 photo 327c132b-38f4-410a-baa5-5019d3fdf8b0_zpsc874647b.jpg 

The horror movie sequel Insidious: Chapter 2, grabbed the top spot, bringing in $41,050,000 in ticket sales this past weekend. It was a great installment to the franchise. If you haven't seen it... do so.

Robert De Niro's new film THE FAMILY came in second place with $14.5 million in box office receipts.

In additional box office news, Lee Daniels' THE BUTLER surpassed the $100 million mark over the weekend. Congrats to Daniels and the entire cast, crew and everyone involved in the film.

Movie Trailer: DON'T TOUCH [Horror]

Movie Trailer: ALL HALLOWS EVE (Horror) Releases 10.29.13

Movie Trailer: MISCHIEF NIGHT [Horror]

Movie Trailer: CARRIE (2013) In Theaters 10.18.13 [Trailer #2]

Movie Trailer: WE ARE WHAT WE ARE [Horror / Thriller] In Theaters 9.27.13

Tyler Perry's FOR BETTER or WORSE Season 3 Premieres Wed, 9.18.13 At 9PM On OWN

[Video] - 8.16.13: Cast of 'Lee Daniels' THE BUTLER [Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitiker] Speak About The Film On THE VIEW

New Music: [Audio] - HURT YOU By Toni Braxton and Babyface

Friday, September 13, 2013

[Video] - 6.7.13: Grace Hightower DeNiro Speaks About Her Company, 'Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda' On The View

For additional information or to make a purchase, visit the official website for Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda at www.CoffeeofGrace.Com

*Big ups to the Youtuber who uploaded this interview. For some reason, THE VIEW did not upload this on their official Youtube page, but every other segment from this episode was placed on their official Youtube page. Interesting.

New Videos: REPLAY By Zendaya

New Video: WRECKING BALL By Miley Cyrus

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


 photo 0ed4d333-dc6f-41f4-b5aa-c02033682000_zps05943e98.jpg

 We will never forget. We continue to keep all the families who lost loved ones in our prayers, and all the heroes who lost their lives protecting our country and saving lives.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9.9.13: George Zimmerman Threatens Wife, Father-in-Law - Wife Calls 911

Friends: The Chris Brown / Justin Bieber Edition

Full Episode: BASKETBALL WIVES Season 5 - Episode 3 (OAD: 9.2.13) + Tami Roman's Video Blog For Ep. 3

Catch new episodes airing Mondays on VH1 at 8PM EST. Episode 4 aired last night. Missed it? Watch one of the numerous encore airings this week.

Movie Trailer: INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 [Horror] In Theaters Friday the 13th - 9.13.13

 photo 327c132b-38f4-410a-baa5-5019d3fdf8b0_zpsc874647b.jpg

Movie Trailer: MANDELA: LONG WALK to FREEDOM (Idris Elba, Naomie Harris) In Theaters 11.29.13

Movie Trailer: THE RAILWAY MAN (Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman)

Movie Trailer: THE FAMILY (Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones) In Theaters 9.13.13

Movie Trailer: PLUSH (Thriller) In Theaters 9.13.13

Movie Trailer: THE ART of the STEAL (Comedy / Crime)

Movie Trailer: THE DOUBLE (Comedy)

Movie Trailer: RoboCop (Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton) In Theaters 2.7.14

Movie Trailer: KILL YOUR DARLINGS (Daniel Radcliffe, Elizabeth Olsen, Ben Foster) In Theaters 10.16.13

Movie Trailer: GRAVITY (Sandra Bullock, George Clooney) In Theaters 10.4.13

Movie Trailer: BEST MAN DOWN (Comedy) In Theaters 11.8.13

Movie Trailer: NEIGHBORS (Comedy) In Theaters 5.9.14 [Red Band Trailer]

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9.3.13: Tamar Braxton's New Album LOVE and WAR Available Today!!!! + Good Morning America Appearance

 photo b035ab4f-9c18-4997-96a4-04cc90ed7778_zpse0aad6aa.jpg

Movie Trailer: THE EXPELLED [Horror] Available On Amazon Instant Video & DVD

Movie Trailer: BENEATH [Horror] Available On Amazon Instant Video, DVD & Blu-ray

Movie Trailer: CRUSH Available Via Amazon Instant Video, DVD & Blu-ray

Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson Picked To Play 'Christian Grey' & 'Anastasia Steele' + Charlie Has a History With Chocolate [Humor people... humor]

 photo 52679cd7-f5ae-4547-b7db-f164db5cae50_zps084fc825.jpg
 photo 819f13c9-20bb-4076-a1d1-788cbc92efba_zpsdb986070.jpg 
[Above Photo: Charlie Hunnam and ex-girlfriend Stella Parker, 2003]
 photo a2ca0c69-9b3a-443a-a820-c2025123e47d_zps5817137b.jpg

Movie Trailer: ABERRATION [Horror]

Movie Trailer: SHIVER [Horror]