Friday, May 30, 2014

[Video] - LeVar Burton Launches a Reading Rainbow Campaign on Kickstarter - Raises $1 Million in Less Than 24 Hours

LeVar Burton launched a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to expand the 'Reading Rainbow' experience to children everywhere...for free. 'Reading Rainbow' is an award-winning program that was initially on the PBS network for years until it was cancelled.

However LeVar Burton has kept 'Reading Rainbow' alive with an app, and now wants to expand that concept. An excellent idea.

In less than one day, LeVar Burton's kickstarter campaign raised over $1 million dollars.

To date, the campaign has raised over $2.7 million and has over 63,000 backers...those numbers continue to rise. The campaign ends in 33 days. If you would like to become a backer for this amazing project, go to the 'Reading Rainbow' kickstarter page here --->
Kickstarter Page Link

 Watch LeVar's emotional reaction after reaching his goal:

[Video] - Former Microsoft Exec Steve Ballmer Agrees to Buy Clippers For $2 Billion

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sad News: Author and Poet Dr. Maya Angelou Passes at Age 86

 photo 430bd7b5-691e-4557-a129-a3509d62c881_zps8f68307b.jpg 

Dr. Maya Angelou passed away Wednesday morning in Winston-Salem, NC, at the age of 86. Dr. Angelou's inspiration and wisdom will forever live on. She will be missed.

Sending prayers and condolences to Maya Angelou's family during this difficult time.


 Via The New York Times:
Maya Angelou, the memoirist and poet whose landmark book of 1969, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” — which describes in lyrical, unsparing prose her childhood in the Jim Crow South — was among the first autobiographies by a 20th-century black woman to reach a wide general readership, died on Wednesday in her home. She was 86 and lived in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Her death was confirmed by her longtime literary agent, Helen Brann. No immediate cause had been determined, but Ms. Brann said Ms. Angelou had been in frail health for some time and had heart problems.

As well known as she was for her memoirs, which eventually filled six volumes, Ms. Angelou very likely received her widest exposure on a chilly January day in 1993, when she delivered the inaugural poem, “On the Pulse of Morning,” at the swearing-in of Bill Clinton, the nation’s 42nd president, who, like Ms. Angelou, had grown up poor in rural Arkansas.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[Video] - THE HAVE AND THE HAVE NOTS Returns Tonight at 9PM EST on OWN

Book Pick: WHEN STARS DIE (The Stars Trilogy #1) By Amber Skye Forbes

 photo 7396760c-8dd7-45b9-9cef-e3c6753bcd42_zps80164752.jpg 

I was given an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of When Stars Die by the author Amber Skye Forbes before its initial release in December 2013, in exchange for an honest review. I wasn't actually able to fully give my attention to reading When Stars Die until recently.

However, when I delved into this interesting tale, I was submerged into the dark and incredible story of Amelia and her chaotic, strange and dangerous world. The complexities of her relationships, the religious tones that make one think, and the sheer unsettling dialogue that the author weaves is truly astounding.

This debut novel from Amber Skye Forbes, with tales of witchery, forbidden romance and so much more; is one that should not be missed. I look forward to reading the entire series as the books become available and can't wait to find out what happens next. The initial read was shocking and leaves the reader dangling for more. Definitely NOT a dull read.

Download When Stars Die by Amber Skye Forbes. This paranormal tale is refreshingly original and the concept extremely imaginative. The characters are well developed and allows the reader to fully understand the flow of the story-telling.

Link to Amazon: Order WHEN STARS DIE Now

As always...Happy reading!

Synopsis via B&N:
Shadowy figures haunt Amelia's days in Cathedral Reims, and they are waiting for her to join them. Redemption isn't possible for a witch, but she's committed her life to trying, as long as she can protect her younger brother, Nathaniel. What she doesn't realize is that Nathaniel's been seeing the figures too, and that both of them are about to be submerged into a much different - and more frightening - world than they ever knew existed. The only one they can trust is the dangerously attractive priest, Oliver Cromwell. But will he be able to save them?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

 photo 9ff9a960-9621-4d53-be99-03633c2154dd_zps90af5884.png

We thank you for your sacrifice and bravery. We remember and honor you all. Thank you!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spotted: Kris Jenner With Granddaughter North West in Italy

 photo 01be37c3-0382-4693-9923-e6f2d09acfe2_zps0ca993b5.png 

Kris Jenner was spotted with Kim's and Kanye's daughter, North West, Sunday in Florence, Italy when leaving their hotel. North is adorable!

[Video] - T.I. and Floyd Mayweather Brawl Over Tiny

Chile. Folks are just fighting up a storm here of late. Over memorial day weekend T.I. and Floyd Mayweather got into an altercation after T.I. confronted Floyd about hanging out with his wife Tiny.

Now word is T.I. and Tiny are going through some marital issues at the moment and some say they have separated. Recently, Tiny stated she and T.I. were NOT separated.

But, after this incident; I bet T.I. and Tiny are about to have a showdown with each other. Floyd has spoken out since the incident and has apologized to Tiny. He also stated nothing was going on between the two.

 Via TMZ:
T.I. never intended to get into a fight with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas ... sources close to the rapper tell TMZ -- but Tip was definitely pissed about Money possibly getting close to his wife. Tameka "Tiny" Cottle didn't appear to be near the fight last night -- but she was in Vegas -- and hours before posted a picture on Instagram while hanging out with Floyd's daughter ... calling the young girl her "new boo."

We're told T.I. was upset about the photo -- and others she posted -- and felt it was disrespectful to him ... so he planned to confront Floyd in person. Once they got face-to-face though, T.I. flipped out when Floyd said "control your bitch" and started swinging outside Fatburger.  

Congrats: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Tied the Knot Saturday in Florence, Italy [Videos/Photos]

 photo b72db8cf-8a32-4747-bfac-54278192626f_zpsb4c8c59c.jpg 
                                 Photo from a Pre-Wedding celebration

  photo bda13567-7b52-4668-ae5d-13ba375cac95_zps3538f87d.jpg 

On Saturday, Kim Kardashian, 33, and Kanye West, 36, tied the knot in Florence, Italy in front of a few hundred of their closet friends and family in an intimate, beautiful and romantic wedding.

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Kanye West!


Via People.Com:
Andrea Bocelli sang Con te Partiró (With You I Live) as Kim was walked down the aisle by Bruce Jenner. The couple were married in front of a massive wall of flowers.

Before the ceremony, Kanye was the typical nervous groom, swigging obsessively from a bottle of water and shifting his weight from one foot to the other. "It was funny how nervous he was," an onlooker tells PEOPLE. "He clearly knew the gravity of what he was about to do. This morning he was all smiles, but as it got closer, you could see that the nerves were kicking in. It's common for most grooms. I've seen it all before."

During ceremony, the guest broke into applause twice – first at the newlyweds' kiss and then at the presentation of the bride and groom. Kris Jenner was seen wiping her eyes with tissue in the front row. Vows were intimate and spoken softly, according to a source, and after, Kanye was all smiles again and both he and Kim were beaming.

The Menu
 photo c12c1a5e-66e0-47a9-ae07-fd131d3eebc9_zps05d94c4d.jpg

Friday, May 23, 2014

Movie Trailer: MATTHEW 18 [Horror]

 photo 75be952e-f472-416d-8b44-323b23c81c09_zpsf3038b59.png

Movie Trailer: BLENDED In Theaters Now

Movie Trailer: X-MEN: Days of Future Past In Theaters Now

 photo 2dda727f-f2d1-4f65-a83f-62899db4dac0_zpsf08ae2a4.jpg

Trailer: THE SWIRL Documentary

Congrats: 5.19.14: Ciara and Future Welcome a Baby Boy, Future Zahir Wilburn

 Congrats to the new parents!

New Music: THIRSTY By Mariah Carey

Mariah's new album ME. I AM MARIAH...THE ELUSIVE CHANTEUSE Releases 5.27.14

Thursday, May 22, 2014

[Video] - 5.22.14: Maksim and Meryl Stopped by The Wendy Williams Show, Answers THE Question

Side Note: Welp. They finally answered THE question honestly and directly. However, the interesting part was Maksim confirming that he would definitely be open to returning to Dancing With the Stars as a judge.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[Video] - Chicken Lasagna Recipe

Recipe via i Heart Recipes:

I can't wait to make this!

Be sure to subscribe to i Heart Recipes' youtube channel and visit the website for more delicious recipes.

[Video] - 5.21.14: President Obama Speaks on Veterans Health Care

[Video] - 5.20.14: Toni Braxton Discusses Her Memoir on THE VIEW

If you haven't read Toni's Memoir, order it now. Unbreak My Heart Amazon Link

Spotted: Brandy Supported Her Former DWTS Partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy at the Season 18 Final

 photo e2c38eb9-c315-456a-bfd5-edf7fe8484da_zpse49e1f4f.jpg 

R&B superstar Brandy attended the Dancing With the Stars finals show with her beautiful daughter Sy'rai, in support of her former dance teacher, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. As always, Brandy's fashion was on point...she wore a black, silver and gold metallic dress. -- At one point during the show, after Maks' and Meryl's freestyle performance, Brandy was visibly emotional.

Brandy appeared on Dancing With the Stars during its eleventh season and I feel was truly robbed of her chance in the finals. If you remember correctly...that non-talent having Bristol Palin advanced to the finals that season, leaving Brandy and Maksim on the eliminating block. There was sheer outrage from fans.

Well that was years ago and Brandy has moved forward and in doing so...showed her support publicly for Maksim.

.  photo 0c64a128-2c19-448a-8185-973f672284e8_zpsd0fcee06.jpg 
(Brandy and Maksim / May 20, 2014 / Photo via Brandy's Instagram)

Brandy instagram'd / tweeted her support and elation of Maksim's and Meryl's win.

   photo f59506b7-4bfb-46df-8f1f-88573552aed7_zps6c6e7dd1.jpg

 photo 8d092858-6e63-49a3-9f6f-eb54f02ef55b_zps334f3ec8.jpg

Congrats: Maksim Chemerkovskiy and Meryl Davis Win Season 18 of Dancing With the Stars

 photo maksimwins_zpscb798f58.jpg 

Last night had to be one of the best nights of sexy dance pro Maksim Chemerkovskiy's life. After a dozen seasons on the hit show Dancing With the Stars, Maksim finally won the coveted MIRROR BALL TROPHY with his celebrity partner, Olympic winner Meryl Davis.

The two were fan favorites and although Maksim had been close in previous seasons of capturing the win; he fell short of that accomplishment...until last night.

Again...congrats to Meryl and Maksim on a successful season!

The winner is....Maksim and Meryl:

The final four couples appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday morning:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Maksim Set To Win His First Mirror Ball Trophy? DWTS Season 18 Finale Airs Tonight at 9PM EST

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is on the verge of possibly taking home his first Dancing With the Stars win and mirror ball trophy. Maksim and his celebrity partner Meryl Davis have created quite the buzz this season on and off the dance floor. Maksim and Meryl have also garnered excellent scores from the judges.

Now while I take nothing away from Meryl's season...a win for Maksim will also IMO, show validity to the fact that he and at least two of his previous celebrity partners were robbed of their ultimate goal. It would mean validation. Whatever the case...a winning duo will be announced tonight. Good luck to all!

Tune in to ABC at 9PM EST.

[Video] -  Maksim and Meryl - Week 10 - Freestyle

Monday, May 19, 2014

Movie Trailer: INTERSTELLAR [Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hatthaway] In Theaters 11.7.14

Movie Trailer: Wolves Starring Jason Momoa, Lucas Till [Horror]

 photo 01595620-4b19-4201-8ec3-6a5f3d68a4f7_zps5f84b77a.jpg


Movie Trailer: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS [Shailene Woodley, Ansel Engort] In Theaters 6.6.14 [Extended Trailer]

 photo 3fa39524-326a-47f4-aed3-223350139374_zpsf7b1b11e.jpg

Sneak Peek: STATE OF AFFAIRS [Alfre Woodard, Katherine Heigl] Premieres This Fall on NBC

Sneak Peek: BLACK-ISH Starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross & Laurence Fishburne Premieres This Fall on ABC

Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Video: RUN - - Beyonce, Jay Z + More

 photo e2d922f4-da89-4b6a-a9af-3125d576b115_zpsfa33ab14.jpg

Blog Video Trailer: The Chocolate Chick Interracial Special Edition Part 3

Blog Trailer: Interracial Special Edition Pt. 3

Over fifty (past and present) couples will be included on the upcoming list.

For fun... a bonus CHEMISTRY edition will be attached in part three that represents interracial co-stars/co-workers who had it in spades...but weren't a couple.

Note: This video is not being used commercially. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

[Video] - Jason Priestley Speaks About His First Love Holly Robinson Peete + His New Memoir Is Available

 photo ffa2fbca-3d01-4370-8fb2-2c1e2e038c0f_zps007785e5.jpg 
[Friendly Terms: The above photo was taken years after the two split.]

Jason Priestley, who is most known for his role as 'Brandon Walsh' on the hit 90's show '90210' has revealed some interesting deets in his new memoir.

Now I have to say, while I haven't read the book, I did know that he had a little something something back in the day with his '90210' co-star Shannen Doherty, who played his twin sister on the show. That had to be a bit awkward. LOL - Anywho, Jason also reveals in the first chapter of the book, that his first love was Holly Robinson Peete.

Chile. I can't believe I never heard about that twosome. The two met on the set of Holly's hit show '21 Jump Street' --- Btw...Holly also dated Johnny Depp back in the day as well. (Hell...Holly dated several fine ass men...and married the gorgeous Rodney Peete.)

Jason Priestley recently spoke about Holly when questioned on 'Access Hollywood' --- Watch the video below.

Jason Priestley's new book 'Jason Priestley: A Memoir' is now available.

 photo fe744b90-fe34-42d1-9500-83d0634f892d_zps1d026700.jpg

I'm about to download it now and read it sometime over the summer....because it certainly sounds like a book with some hella good tea.


JUST GO TO THE DIRECT LINK: ====> Jason Priestley Talks First Love Holly Robinson Peete

Holly Robinson Peete Talks Jason Priestley on Access Hollywood:

[Video] - Shannen Doherty Talks Jason Priestley and Tori Spelling on The ARSENIO HALL SHOW

Movie Trailer: Deliver Us From Evil [Horror] In Theaters 7.2.14

 photo f8d4c6d3-74e1-4cec-92e5-bc9589ad1e24_zps16243dd4.jpg

[Video] - 5.16.14: Mariah Carey Performs Live on The TODAY SHOW + Interview

Pre-order Mariah's upcoming album 'Me. I am Mariah..The Elusive Chanteuse' now. The album releases on 5.27.14

New Video: FLATLINE By Porsha Williams

[Video] - Porsha Williams Discusses Marriage, Career and RHOA on Access Hollywood

Update: Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange Release Statement Over Elevator Incident

 photo 2363735a-6513-4eda-a086-268e23dfdb2b_zps30b18129.jpg 

Side Note: Families go through problems. ALL families have drama. Tempers flare, cool off and relationships are repaired. Unfortunately this incident had to be viewed by the entire world.


[Video] - 5.15.14: President Obama Speaks at the 9/11 Museum Dedication

[Video] - Barbara Walters Officially Retires + Former Co-hosts Return to Honor Walters and More

 photo bd42ccbb-fbec-482e-956c-d5ade4317a6b_zpsee11a4c8.jpg 

Barbara Walters is retiring. Her last air date on 'The View' was today. (Recorded on Thursday.)

I have the utmost respect for veteran journalist Barbara Walters.

Ms. Walters is a trailblazer for women in the news and created a reputation and work ethic that set the standard. Barbara Walters will truly be missed.

ABC will air a special tonight titled, 'Barbara Walters: Her Story' at 9PM EST.

On Thursday, all the former co-hosts of 'The View' returned to honor Barbara Walters. For today's show, Oprah and additional notable women in the news and media stopped by to bid Barbara a farewell.

Check the videos below.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sneak Peek: 'Secrets and Lies' [Ryan Phillippe, Juliette Lewis] Picked Up by ABC, Will Premiere in the Fall

 photo 94381fef-c17f-4564-ac87-40ed39d8e8f2_zps467e1761.jpg 

Watch the 'Secrets and Lies' trailer and view the show synopsis below.

 Synopsis via ABC Network:
Ben Garner (Ryan Phillippe) is about to go from Good Samaritan to murder suspect, after he discovers the body of his neighbor's young son in the woods. As Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) digs for the truth, the secrets and lies of this town come to the surface and no one is above suspicion.

Ben’s family’s life will be turned upside down as he sets out on a complicated journey to prove his innocence in this thriller mystery from Barbie Kligman (“Private Practice”) based on the original Australian series of the same name.

“Secrets and Lies” stars Ryan Phillippe as Ben, KaDee Strickland as Christy, Natalie Martinez as Jess, Clifton Collins, Jr. as Dave, Indiana Evans as Natalie, Belle Shouse as Abby and Juliette Lewis as Detective Cornell.

Side Note: Another new show that looks quite interesting. Watch out for 'Secrets and Lies' premiering this fall on ABC.

Sneak Peek: 'Real Housewives of NJ' Season 6 Premieres 7.13.14 on Bravo / Preview Airs 6.1.14

 photo 84b49765-110d-41e1-b7bc-33725f252b44_zps94fef2cb.jpg
The Real Housewives of New Jersey, from left: Amber Marchese, Dina Manzo, Melissa Gorga, Teresa Guidice, Nicole Mauriello and Teresa Aprea (Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo)

Season six of the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' premieres on 7.13.14 at 8PM EST on Bravo. A preview will air on 6.1.14. Bravo axed several cast members.

Teresa and Melissa are the only ones back from last season. However, season one regular Dina Manzo returns for season six.


New Video: LOVE NEVER FELT SO GOOD By Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Look: [Trailer] - Shonda Rhimes' New Show 'How to Get Away With Murder' Promo Starring Viola Davis

 photo bd573651-a2ad-404e-a4fd-8b8f6c56a220_zpsbd3d155b.jpg

Side Note: Definitely can't wait to see this show. Another hit on the horizon.

[Video] - 5.12.14: Anderson Cooper Interviewed Racist Idiot Donald Sterling [Blank Stare]

Anderson Cooper recently interviewed the now infamous racist and banned LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The interview aired last night on CNN and it was a doozy.

First of all Donald Sterling is in fact a racist. Period. His insincere apology was uttered strictly because he got caught red-handed being exactly who he is and actually thought a mere apology would make everything better. His attempts to explain his idiotic comments only added fuel to the fire. He also accused Anderson Cooper of being a racist and then completely trashed Magic Johnson and had the nerve to say Magic had not done anything for "Black" people.

Donald Sterling truly needs to go sit in somebody's church and fully comprehend his thought process. He has one foot in the he better start quick.

Watch a few clips below from the interview that really shouldn't have even happened.

Donald Sterling is the epitome of fecal matter. That is all.

[Video] - 5.13.14: Wendy Williams Talks Solange/Jay Z Fight

[Video] - The Skorpion Show [Kevin and Makael] Discusses the Fight Between Solange and Jay Z

 Side Note: Subscribe to the Skorpion Show if you haven't done so!

[Video] - Solange Reportedly Had Words with Rachel Roy Before Fight with Jay Z

Monday, May 12, 2014

[Video] - Barbara Walters Interviews Donald Sterling's Wife

Side Note: Shelly Sterling is lying through her teeth. She's been married to Donald Sterling for sixty damn years! She knows his mentality. Therefore she is fully aware that her husband has racist views.

The only thing Shelly Sterling is looking out for right now is her own self-interests. Good-bye! 

Ironically, Anderson Cooper's interview with vile racist Donald Sterling airs tonight on CNN at 8PM EST. (BLANK STARE)

Updated: EXTENDED Video: Oh Sh*t: [Video] - Solange and Jay Z were Involved in an Altercation After the MET Gala

 photo 89fb068a-618d-4d52-a63e-8df12255f7e8_zps84f6d6e4.jpg 
[Photo: Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange exiting the elevator after the altercation

                            Update: Extended Video:

Lawd! This morning TMZ released one hell of a video. The video shows Solange verbally and physically attacking her sister Beyonce's husband, Jay Z. This all went down the night of the MET Gala in New York. The party have on the attire that they wore that night. As they stepped into the elevator; all hell breaks loose.

Beyonce appears in the video as well, standing to the side and eventually stepping in front of her husband when Solange starts kicking him. Solange was held back by Jay's and Bey's bodyguard.

Of course this video instantly went viral and black twitter went IN with hashtags like #whatjayzsaidtosolange. That's THE question folks want to know...what in the world caused such a reaction from Solange?

Hope all is well with the group now. Check the video below.

After the fight, Jay Z leaves in a separate car.  Video: Jay Z Leaves in Separate Car - TMZ

Trailer: PENNY DREADFUL Premiered Last Night on Showtime

 photo 59e71fab-77a9-4f9c-8e00-aba1b344a652_zpscd92786b.jpg 

'Penny Dreadful' premiered last night on Showtime. Folks have been buzzing about this show for some time. I recorded the show and plan to watch it at some point.

Below is the trailer...and its disturbing. .

'Penny Dreadful' airs Sundays at 10PM EST on Showtime.


New Video: GOOD KISSER By Usher

New Music: LOVE NEVER FELT SO GOOD By Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake

Monday, May 5, 2014

[Video] - The BEYGENCY SNL Skit


#BringBackOurGirls: Over 200 Young Girls Kidnapped From Their School in Nigeria, Boko Haram Claims Responsibility

 photo 05299b85-0f82-49cb-9c74-eda9d1ac91dc_zpsb9e8e1ef.jpg

Please continue to pray for the safe return of all the students who were taken from their school in Chibok, Nigeria.

Chibok released a partial list of the kidnapped students' names:

1. Deborah ​Abge 2. Awa ​Abge ” 3. Hauwa ​Yirma ” 4. Asabe ​Manu ” 5. Mwa ​Malam pogu ” 6. Patiant ​Dzakwa ” 7. Saraya ​Mal. Stover ” 8. Mary ​Dauda ” 9. Gloria ​Mainta ” 10.Hanatu ​Ishaku ” 11. Gloria ​Dama ” 12. Tabitha ​Pogu ” 13. Maifa ​Dama ” 14. Ruth ​kollo ” 15. Esther ​Usman ” 16 Awa ​James 17 Anthonia Yahonna 18 Kume ​Mutah 19 Aisha ​Ezekial ” 20 Nguba ​Buba ” 21 Kwanta ​Simon. 22 Kummai ​Aboku. 23 Esther ​Markus 24 Hana ​Stephen. 25. Rifkatu ​Amos 26 Rebecca ​Mallum 27.Blessing ​Abana. 28. Ladi ​Wadai 29. Tabitha ​Hyelampa. 30 Ruth ​Ngladar . 31 Safiya ​Abdu . 32 Na’omi ​Yahonna. 33 Solomi ​Titus . 34Rhoda ​John 35 Rebecca ​Kabu 36. Christy ​Yahi. 37. Rebecca ​Luka. 38. Laraba ​John 39 Saratu ​Markus. 40. Mary ​Usman. 41 Debora ​Yahonna. 42.Naomi ​Zakaria 43 Hanatu ​Musa 44. Hauwa ​Tella 45.Juliana ​Yakubu. 46. Suzana ​Yakubu 47.Saraya ​Paul. 48. Jummai ​Paul 49. Mary ​Sule 50. Jummai ​John. 51.Yanke ​Shittima. 52. Muli ​Waligam . 53. Fatima ​Tabji. 54. Eli ​Joseph. 55.Saratu ​Emmanuel. 56. Deborah Peter. 57.Rahila ​Bitrus. 58. Luggwa ​Sanda. 59. Kauna ​Lalai. 60. Lydia ​Emmar. 61.Laraba ​Maman. 62.Hauwa ​Isuwa. 63. Confort ​Habila. 64. Hauwa ​Abdu. 65. Hauwa ​Balti. 66.Yana ​Joshua. 67.Laraba ​Paul. 68.Saraya ​Amos. 69. Glory ​Yaga. 70. Na’omi ​Bitrus. 71. Godiya ​Bitrus. 72. Awa ​Bitrus. 73. Na’omi ​Luka. 74. Maryamu Lawan. 75. Tabitha ​Silas. 76. Mary ​Yahona. 77. Ladi ​Joel. 78. Rejoice ​Sanki. 79. Luggwa ​Samuel. 80.Comfort ​Amos. 81. Saraya ​Samuel. 82. Sicker ​Abdul. 83.Talata ​Daniel. 84. Rejoice ​Musa. 85Deborah ​Abari. 86. Salomi ​Pogu. 87.Mary ​Amor. 88. Ruth ​Joshua. 89Esther ​John. 90. Esther ​Ayuba. 91. Maryamu Yakubu. 91. Zara ​Ishaku. 93. Maryamu Wavi 94. Lydia ​Habila. 95. Laraba ​Yahonna. 96. Na’omi ​Bitrus. 97.Rahila ​Yahanna. 98. Ruth ​Lawan. 99. Ladi ​Paul. 100 Mary ​Paul. 101. Esther ​Joshua. 102. Helen ​Musa. 103. Margret Watsai. 104. Deborah Jafaru. 105. Filo ​Dauda. 106. Febi ​Haruna. 107.Ruth ​Ishaku. 108.Racheal Nkeki. 109. Rifkatu Soloman. 110.Mairama yahaya. 111.Saratu ​Dauda. 112.Jinkai ​Yama. 113.Margret Shettima. 114.Yana ​yidau. 115. Grace ​Paul. 116. Amina ​Ali. 117. Palmata Musa 118. Awagana Musa 119. Pindar ​Nuhu 120.Yana ​Pogu. 121. Saraya ​Musa 122. Hauwa ​Joseph. 123. Hauwa ​kwakwi. 125. Hauwa ​Musa. 126. Maryamu Musa. 127. Maimuna Usman. 128. Rebeca Joseph. 129.Liyatu ​Habitu. 130. Rifkatu Yakubu. 131. Naomi ​Philimon. 132.Deborah Abbas. 133. Ladi ​Ibrahim. 134. Asabe ​Ali 135. Maryamu Bulama. 136.Ruth ​Amos. 137.Mary ​Ali 138. Abigail Bukar 139 Deborah Amos 140. Saraya ​Yanga 141. Kauna ​Luka 142. Christiana Bitrus 143.Yana ​Bukar 144. Hauwa ​peter 145.Hadiza ​Yakubu. 146.Lydia ​Simon 147. Ruth ​Bitrus . 148.Mary ​Yakubu 149.Lugwa ​Mutah. 150 Muwa ​Daniel. 151 Hanatu ​Nuhu 152. Monica Enoch. 153. Margret Yama. 154.Docas ​yakubu. 155. Rhoda ​peter 156. Rifkatu Galang 157. Saratu ​Ayuba. 158. Naomi ​Adamu. 159. Hauwa ​Ishaya 160. Rahap ​Ibrahim 162. Deborah Soloman. 163Hauwa ​Mutah 164. Hauwa ​Takai. 165. Serah ​Samuel. Below are the Muslim Girls. 166. Aishatu Musa. 167. Aishatu Grema. 168. Hauwa ​Nkeki 169. Hamsatu Abubakar 170.Mairama Abubakar. 171 Hauwa ​Wule 172. Ihyi ​Abdu 173. Hasana Adamu. 174. Rakiya ​Kwamtah 175 Halima ​Gamba. 176. Aisha ​Lawan . 177. Kabu ​Malla 178. Yayi ​Abana. 179. Falta ​Lawan. 180. Kwadugu Manu

[Video] - Barbara Walters' Interview With Donald Sterling's "Silly Rabbit" V. Stiviano

On Friday, Barbara Walters' interview with Donald Sterling's "silly rabbit" (BLANK STARE) aired on ABC's '20/20'. This was the most ridiculous interview ever. V. Stiviano is not the brightest bulb in the box. She is delusional and clearly appears to be his mistress. Ain't no way in hell that man gave her millions of dollars in material possessions for just being his "EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT".

Stiviano also stated that Donald Sterling paid her a salary in the beginning and then...get this...PAID HER "OFF THE BOOKS". Now folks, that's an automatic "no, no" she basically said she hasn't been paying TAXES ON HER INCOME....Hello? That's ILLEGAL.

In addition, she should have just told the truth..She has been his paid mistress. I also don't understand why Barbara Walters didn't ask her point blank, "Have you EVER HAD SEX WITH DONALD STERLING?" Again, ridiculous interview. Stiviano is the epitome of delusional.


[Video] - WH Correspondents' Dinner 2014: President Obama + VP Joe Biden's and Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Video Package + Joel McHale

 photo 1571bee2-be0e-4fb0-ad74-ef17a284c6ad_zps76e24295.jpg

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nerdprom 2014: The White House Correspondents' Dinner 2014 Will Air Live Tonight on CSPAN

[President Obama Last year at the 2013 WH Correspondents' Dinner]


The annual White House Correspondents'  Dinner is tonight! Dubbed the "nerdprom", the WH Correspondents'Dinner is an invite only gala, for folks in the media..who chill with DC power players and celebrities.

This year comedian Joel McHale, from THE SOUP, will provide entertainment and of course our awesome President will take to the podium for humor and wit.

Watch live on C-SPAN.
Coverage begins at 6PM EST.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Congrats: Kerry Washington Welcomed a Baby Girl Two Weeks Ago

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Kerry Washington gave birth two weeks ago to a precious baby girl, Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha, according to TMZ. Kerry definitely had been pregnant it seemed forever. But, alas...she secretly birthed her first-born on April 21, 2014. Congrats to the Asomughas. Stay tuned.

 Via People.Com:
The Scandal star welcomed daughter Isabelle Amarachi on Monday, April 21 in Los Angeles, PEOPLE confirms. “Kerry is at home busy with the baby,” a source tells PEOPLE.

It’s the first child for Washington and her husband, former San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who tied the knot in a secret wedding last July. Washington, 37, revealed her pregnancy last October and debuted her baby bump on the red carpet in a cream Balenciaga gown at the Golden Globes in January.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Video] - Porsha Williams Stopped by THE VIEW..Discussed The RHOA Incident

Book of the Month: [May 2014] - OFF THE RECORD By K.A. Linde [The Record Series # 1] A MUST READ!!!!!

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The May 2014 book of the month pick is the novel, OFF THE RECORD by K.A. Linde.

Omg! I don't even know where to begin. I LOVED this book! I literally stumbled upon this book a few weeks ago. The fact that the story is set in North Carolina, was a big selling point...for me. LOL - But the story also centers around politics, journalism and the media...AND...that was a win win win for me. However, what will draw every reader in; is the actual superb writing of K.A. Linde. This is the first novel I've read from this author and I must say it will not be the last.

The dynamic chemistry of the two main characters was electric and intense. Liz and Brady are two pieces that fit together; yet have to endure many hurdles in the way of their quest to be together. At times I literally wanted to scream at Brady and Liz, due to some of the decisions they made and what seemed important to them versus making the relationship work.

This story also throws a curve-ball to the readers...another man is in the picture and although I tried to hate his character...I couldn't..and this just goes to show how the author K.A. Linde was able to set up a recipe for disaster or rather an interesting love triangle that will surely set the possessive Brady off in book two.

OFF THE RECORD is a novel that will stay with you well after you've read it. You will also me...the next installment in this crazy popular series. The second installment titled ON THE RECORD, will release 8.26.14. It's available for pre-order now.

So folks...get ready to begin the blazing story of Liz and Brady; two people who initially...aren't suppose to really like each other. Their tumultuous romantic ride will leave readers wanting to know what will happen next. Get your copy or download OFF THE RECORD today.


As always...Happy reading!

Synopsis Via Amazon:

Liz Dougherty has no idea that a single question is about to change her life. Her first big reporting assignment for her North Carolina college newspaper has her covering a state senator’s impromptu press conference.

Brady Maxwell may have everything it takes to be a politician—a winning pedigree, devastating good looks, a body made to wear suits—but his politics rub Liz the wrong way. When Liz’s hard-hitting question catches the upstart senator off-guard, it impresses Hayden Lane, Liz’s editor who feels she’s headed for a promising career as a reporter.

But Liz is also headed into a secret romance with Brady that could destroy both their ambitions. Though he’s a bachelor, potential voters might frown on Brady cozying up to a reporter. And Liz isn’t sure sneaking around is enough for her—especially when things between her and Hayden might be less platonic than she thought.

K.A. Linde’s Record series begins with a sleek, sexy, and smart venture into a high-stakes political campaign and an even higher-stakes affair that, in the end, will leave you wanting more with one of Linde’s gripping cliffhangers. 

The highly anticipated sequel ON THE RECORD releases 8.26.14

   photo 68974aa8-4bbf-4fa7-be84-a191447a52b4_zps778d3226.jpg 


For political reporter Liz Dougherty, election day—a day of looking toward the future and saying goodbye to the past—seems like a fitting time to start a new relationship. But feelings for her former flame still linger...

The sexy second book in bestselling author K.A. Linde’s Record series decides whether it’s better to pick up the pieces and move on...or to pick up right where you left off.

Mariah Carey's Upcoming Album ME. I AM MARIAH: THE ELUSIVE CHANTEUSE Releases 5.27.14

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I am very much anticipating Mariah's upcoming album. While her recent singles haven't been what one would expect from Mariah; the announcement of her upcoming 14th full studio album is still hella good news for Mariah Carey fans.

Be sure to pre-order your copy of 'Me. I Am Mariah: The Elusive Chanteuse' on iTunes. The album releases on May 27th.

Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse. Pre-order the new album on iTunes!

Standard edition:

Deluxe edition:


[Video] - Lip Sync Battle With Emma Stone / The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon