Monday, May 12, 2014

Updated: EXTENDED Video: Oh Sh*t: [Video] - Solange and Jay Z were Involved in an Altercation After the MET Gala

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[Photo: Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange exiting the elevator after the altercation

                            Update: Extended Video:

Lawd! This morning TMZ released one hell of a video. The video shows Solange verbally and physically attacking her sister Beyonce's husband, Jay Z. This all went down the night of the MET Gala in New York. The party have on the attire that they wore that night. As they stepped into the elevator; all hell breaks loose.

Beyonce appears in the video as well, standing to the side and eventually stepping in front of her husband when Solange starts kicking him. Solange was held back by Jay's and Bey's bodyguard.

Of course this video instantly went viral and black twitter went IN with hashtags like #whatjayzsaidtosolange. That's THE question folks want to know...what in the world caused such a reaction from Solange?

Hope all is well with the group now. Check the video below.

After the fight, Jay Z leaves in a separate car.  Video: Jay Z Leaves in Separate Car - TMZ

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