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Happy New Year! Be Safe & Don't Drink And Drive!!!!!


Movie Trailer: THE MIDNIGHT GAME Release Date/Info TBA [Teaser Trailer]

[Video] - Woman Accuses RHOA's Phaedra Parks Of Some Serious Ish!

 WTF!? Chile!

Sneak Peek: TLC Member Launches New Reality Show - 'Totally T-Boz' Premieres 1.1.13 At 8PM On The Learning Channel

Congrats: Matthew McConaughey & Wife Camila Alves Welcome Baby #3 [12.28.12]

12.31.12: President Obama Makes Statement On The Fiscal Cliff + Update

*Vote not likely to happen Monday.  Headed over the "fiscal cliff".

Via L.A. Times:
WASHINGTON – Details of the emerging “fiscal cliff” deal ricocheted through the Capitol on Monday, appearing to please almost no one from either political party, as President Obama urged negotiators toward a conclusion.

A House vote appears unlikely on Monday, even if a deal is finished. The contours of the agreement between Vice President Joe Biden and the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, put into sharp focus the compromises that need to be stomached if a deal was to be struck. The outcome remained uncertain as the country prepared to go off the “fiscal cliff.”

Even if agreement could be reached to have a Senate vote before the midnight deadline, when taxes on all Americans would rise if nothing was done, Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) was unlikely to call a vote in the House until Tuesday. “We are very, very close,” said an upbeat McConnell on the Senate floor after Obama spoke on the White House grounds and called on the country to urge lawmakers to finish. “We can do this.”

The emerging deal would raise taxes on income and investments for wealthier Americans – those households making more than $450,000 a year or individuals earning more than $400,000– although the two sides remain at odds over the automatic spending cuts that make up part of the “fiscal cliff.” McConnell and Biden continued talking throughout the afternoon

Monday, as lawmakers prepared to hunker down for a long New Year’s Eve under the dome. A final deal could be voted on first by the Senate, possibly late Monday. One result became increasingly clear, though: With many issues still unresolved, Washington was poised to continue the partisan budget battles that have defined recent years well into 2013. As the sun began to set over the capital on a chilly winter day, rank-and-file lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, bristled at what they were being asked to accept.

The office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the hardscrabble Nevada deal-maker who stepped aside for Biden to negotiate with McConnell, offered a view of the level of concern. A revolving door of lawmakers came and went throughout the day. Liberal Democrats objected that the White House was ceding too much to Republican demands and missing the opportunity for a broader budget deal.

Conservative Republicans were upset at being asked to raise tax rates without reducing the deficit with steep cuts. “Republicans should kill the compromise if there are no spending cuts,” said Erick Erikson, the conservative founder of the influential Red State blog, in a tweet. Both parties were under enormous pressure from their political bases not to give in to what some, including Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), a liberal leader, characterized as simply a “bad deal.”

More than $660 billion in revenue would be raised – far less than the target Obama first set in talks with congressional leaders. The president sought $1.6 trillion in new revenue from a large deficit-reduction package, and at least $800 billion in earlier talks with Republicans over a deal on tax increases.

The agreement would set the top tax rates at 39.6% for income above $450,000 for households and $400,000 for individuals, which is a narrower definition of who is wealthy than Obama once sought, according to a source who was not authorized to discuss the negotiations. The president won reelection campaigning on asking those who earn above $250,000 to contribute more in taxes. Investment income tax rates would also rise for those higher-income households, from the historic low 15% rate on capital gains and dividends to a new 20% rate.

The president had sought to tax dividends at the same rate as ordinary income, and his earlier offer sought to initiate those taxes at the lower $250,000 income threshold. The estate tax, which has been a key sticking point throughout the weekend of negotiations, appears to have been settled. The agreement splits the difference, setting the new rate at 40% on estates valued at more than $5 million – a compromise between today’s 35% rate and the 45% rate Democrats sought on estates of $3.5 million or more.

Americans would benefit from an extension of long-term unemployment benefits, which expired over the weekend, for one full year. One area that hewed closer to Democratic priorities was Obama’s proposal to reinstate the phaseout of personal exemption tax credits and itemized deductions on upper-income households. They had been in place before the George W. Bush-era tax cuts began in 2001, but were done away with over the past decade and would fully expire, with the rest of the tax breaks, on New Year’s Eve.

Happy Couple: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Spotted At LAX


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted at LAX returning from Atlantic City, where Kanye spilled the beans about their preggar status. Again, congrats to the happy couple. Deets below.


Via Radar Online:
Kim Kardashian was glowing as she and her baby daddy Kanye West returned to Los Angeles on Monday and has the photos of the happy couple beaming with joy about their baby news!

The 32-year-old reality star is 12 weeks pregnant with her first child by the rapper, and the proud parents-to-be snuggled with each other as they landed at LAX.

Kanye announced that Kim was carrying his child Sunday night at a concert in Atlantic City and she gushed about how “blessed” they are to be expecting.

“It’s true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us," Kim Tweeted.

The Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner was with them in a massive fur coat, smiling and clearly pleased that Kim is pregnant.

Box Office Wars: THE HOBBIT Takes The Top Spot, DJANGO UNCHAINED Lands In Second Place With Impressive Debut!

The holiday box office showdown was close. DJANGO UNCHAINED opened with an impressive $30,688,000.

However THE HOBBIT kept the number one position, bringing in an additional $32,920,000.  As of December 30th, DJANGO UNCHAINED has grossed $64,008,000.

DJANGO UNCHAINED opened in 3010 theaters, while THE HOBBIT screened in 4100 theaters.


Movie Trailer: MAMA [Horror] In Theaters 1.18.13

Sec. Of State Hillary Clinton Hospitalized With Blood Clot, Resulting From Previous Concussion

Sending prayers and hoping for a speedy recovery.

Congrats: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Expecting Their First Child


After all the speculation recently about Kim Kardashian expecting, the official word was finally given Sunday evening. Kanye West announced Kim as his "baby mama" at a concert and was beaming.


This will be the first child for both. Congrats to the happy couple. Now y'all know that is going to be one stylish baby!

 Additional deets below.

Via E Online:

The end of the year has come with some big news: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby! E! News confirmed that the couple are expecting their first born, and if you're not the only one that's feeling a mixture of surprise and excitement for the parents to be! Take a look at all these tweets Kimye have received from their friends and loved ones on Twitter.

Lamar Odom: "I'm excited for Kanye and my sister! There's nothing like bringing life into this world! Let's keep Gods blessings coming!"

Loren Ridinger: "Congrats to my sis @KimKardashian - am sooo happy for u and @kanyewest Blessings and love for our new baby on the way!!!!! Xoxo"

Larsa Pippen: "Congrats @KimKardashian. You're gonna be the best mom ever!! Can't wait"

Russell Simmons: "Congrats to Kim and Kanye. Happy for both of them..."

Kris Jenner: "Im a happy girl !!!!!!!!! Wowza! Oh BABY BABY BABY"

Khloé Kardashian Odom: "Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited!!!!! LOVE is everything!!!!"

Kourtney Kardashian: "Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can! Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!"

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh Hell Yes News: LA FAMIGLIA By Sienna Mynx [Book #3] In The 'Battaglia Mafia Series Releases February 2013


If you are a regular reader here on the 'The Chocolate Chick' blog, you already know I'm a fan of the explosive hot novels by Sienna Mynx.

If not, check out the following link:

Well just as SM fans downloaded and read the latest installment in 'The Battaglia Mafia' series, TI AMO [book #2], that released on 12.12.12, we were left wanting more of Gio and Mira's drama filled story that clearly showed their undying love and passion for one another and their family.

Well we don't have long to wait.

The third title, LA FAMIGLIA is due out in February 2013.

 Release dates are subject to change. Be sure to check out additional titles from Sienna Mynx.

Movie Trailer: DEAD MAN DOWN In Theaters 3.8.13

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Update: Investigator Claims Legendary Icon Whitney Houston Was Murdered!

Movie Trailer: THIS IS THE END In Theaters 6.14.13 [Red Band Teaser Trailer]

Congrats: Brandy Engaged To Ryan Press + New Music: 'How High' By Brandy


Congrats to Brandy who became engaged over the Christmas holiday. Additional deets below.

Via US Weekly:
Brandy will ring in the new year with a ring on her finger!

The "Put It Down" singer, 33, is engaged to Ryan Press, her rep confirms to Us Weekly. According to an insider, "They are thrilled and happy and Brandy feels this is so right." Prior to accepting Press' proposal, Brandy had openly expressed her desire to marry the music executive. "I keep hearing about a ring. People keep calling me, hinting to me about it, but I don't know," she told Sister2Sister magazine in August. "I'm going to be patient and let it happen and just let it be. . . I guess it will happen when it's the right time."

That same month, the singer spoke to Us about how Press had restored her faith in men. "I had given up on love a long time ago. It just didn't seem to work for me, so I was single for a very long time," the Moesha star said. "I stopped looking for love and then I ran into my boyfriend." She continued, "He just loves me for who I am. I don't have to camouflage anything for him or put on a mask. I can completely be myself and he loves me so much and I love him just the way he is, too."

This will be the first marriage for the "Put It Down" singer, who has a 10-year-old daughter, Sy'rai, with ex Robert Smith. Brandy released her sixth studio album, Two Eleven, in October, and she currently stars in BET's hit comedy The Game. She next appears in Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. The drama, arriving in theaters March 29, 2013, also stars Jurnee Smollett, Robbie Jones, Kim Kardashian, Jerry Stiller and Vanessa Williams.

Brandy tweeted a new song out on Christmas Day for her fans, titled 'How High'.


Congrats: Janet Jackson Engaged To Her Billionaire Boo Wissam Al Mana, Planning Spring 2013 Wedding

THE VOICE Season 4 Promo With New Coaches Usher & Shakira

SHADE: Ben Affleck Drops Out Of Film After Kristen Stewart Joins

Ashton Kutcher Files For Divorce From Demi Moore

Congrats: Michael Ealy Is Happily Married


Michael Ealy recently revealed through his rep that he was indeed a happily married man. Ealy married his girlfriend back in October. Congrats to the newlyweds. Deets below. Via People:

Belated congratulations! Actor Michael Ealy married longtime girlfriend Khatira Rafiqzada ... back in October, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The former Common Law star, 39, and Khatira Rafiqzada, 31, wed in a ceremony in Los Angeles. The couple have been dating for almost four years.

"Michael has always been a private guy, and he wanted to enjoy his time as a newlywed with his wife privately," his rep said. "Now that some time has passed and the holidays are here, he wanted to share the news with his fans that he is married and very happy."

Ealy earned a Golden Globe nomination in 2007 for his work on the Showtime drama Sleeper Cell. He has also starred in a number of films and other TV series.

Congrats: Kelly Clarkson Gets Engaged & Shows Off Her Ring

Simon Cowell Wants Rihanna & Chris Brown As X FACTOR Judges?

Monday, December 24, 2012



Holiday Horror: 'Tales From The Crypt: All Through The House' Full Episode

Episode from the cult hit "Tales From The Crypt" tv series. Click play to watch on YT

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Extend Holiday Greetings

Holiday Music: MERRY CHRISTMAS By Mariah Carey + ONE WISH: The Holiday Album By Whitney Houston

I have these albums in my collection, if you don't, purchase them today and enjoy this stellar music all through the holiday.

Full Episode: TINY TONIGHT - 2012 The Year In Review

Side Note: This was a good special. VH1 should consider making it a weekly late night show.  The panel kept it real and didn't hold back their opinions. Truly entertaining.

 Make it happen VH1.

Lawrence O'Donnell Reacts To N.R.A CEO Wayne LaPierre's Press Conference + George H.W. Bush's Resignation Letter To N.R.A From 1995

Days after the press conference, the resignation letter former President George H.W. Bush sent to the NRA in the 90's resurfaced on the web. Read the letter in full below.

Via NY Times:

Letter of Resignation Sent By Bush to Rifle Association [Published: May 11, 1995]

May 3, 1995

Dear Mr. Washington,

I was outraged when, even in the wake of the Oklahoma City tragedy, Mr. Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of N.R.A., defended his attack on federal agents as "jack-booted thugs." To attack Secret Service agents or A.T.F. people or any government law enforcement people as "wearing Nazi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms" wanting to "attack law abiding citizens" is a vicious slander on good people.

Al Whicher, who served on my [ United States Secret Service ] detail when I was Vice President and President, was killed in Oklahoma City. He was no Nazi. He was a kind man, a loving parent, a man dedicated to serving his country -- and serve it well he did. In 1993, I attended the wake for A.T.F. agent Steve Willis, another dedicated officer who did his duty. I can assure you that this honorable man, killed by weird cultists, was no Nazi.

John Magaw, who used to head the U.S.S.S. and now heads A.T.F., is one of the most principled, decent men I have ever known. He would be the last to condone the kind of illegal behavior your ugly letter charges. The same is true for the F.B.I.'s able Director Louis Freeh. I appointed Mr. Freeh to the Federal Bench. His integrity and honor are beyond question. Both John Magaw and Judge Freeh were in office when I was President. They both now serve in the current administration. They both have badges. Neither of them would ever give the government's "go ahead to harass, intimidate, even murder law abiding citizens." (Your words) I am a gun owner and an avid hunter.

Over the years I have agreed with most of N.R.A.'s objectives, particularly your educational and training efforts, and your fundamental stance in favor of owning guns. However, your broadside against Federal agents deeply offends my own sense of decency and honor; and it offends my concept of service to country. It indirectly slanders a wide array of government law enforcement officials, who are out there, day and night, laying their lives on the line for all of us.

You have not repudiated Mr. LaPierre's unwarranted attack. Therefore, I resign as a Life Member of N.R.A., said resignation to be effective upon your receipt of this letter.

Please remove my name from your membership list. Sincerely,

[ signed ] George Bush

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Song Of The Day: 'Do You Hear What I Hear?' By HEATHER HEADLEY

Beautiful rendition of this holiday classic.

Heather Headley is one of my favorite artists. Nothing but pure talent. If you don't have her albums in your collection... go to iTunes or Amazon and purchase them today.

Official website: HeatherHeadley.Com


Sneak Peek: FULL Pilot Episode: DECEPTION [Meagan Good, Laz Alonso]

DECEPTION premieres 1.7.13 on NBC at 10PM EST.


Movie Trailer: AFTERSHOCK [Horror]

Movie Trailer: SCARY MOVIE 5 In Theaters 4.12.13

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TIME Magazine Names President Barack Obama 'Person Of The Year'


12.19.12: President Obama Speaks About Gun Violence Prevention & Answers Questions

Side Note: Jake Tapper's ignorant question toward the end was so ridiculous. The President has been running the country.. and doing a damn good job of it!

New Music: LOSE TO WIN By Fantasia

Movie Trailer: PAIN & GAIN [Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson] In Theaters 4.26.13

Sneak Peek: A&E's BATES MOTEL

A&E's highly anticipated new show BATES MOTEL has Hitchcock fans all abuzz.  Every since it was announced the network would be creating the show around iconic director Alfred Hitchcock's equally iconic film PSYCHO, excitement has been building for the new show.

Take a first look at BATES MOTEL.  Deets below.

 Via FearNet:
Ready for your first good look at A&E's upcoming series 'Bates Motel'?Ever since the project was announced, it's been met with much scrutiny and doubt, especially among die-hard Psycho fans and Hitchcock enthusiasts.

But when you've got one of the producers of 'Lost' (Carlton Cuse) and one of the writers of 'Friday Night Lights' (Kerry Ehrin), not to mention the inspired casting of Vera Farmiga (as Mother) and Freddie Highmore (as Norman Bates), well then you've got us intrigued.

The teasers we got a few weeks back were interesting, but now this trailer/making-of featurette really gives us a better look at what to expect from this modern interpretation inspired by 'Psycho'. And it's looking good so far!

With the success of such shows as American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, I think it's time that Norman Bates got his due. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chris Tucker Appeared On THE VIEW, Discussed His Career & More

Chris Cuomo Speaks On Newtown Shooting On THE VIEW

12.18.12: Alicia Keys Performs 'Brand New Me' Live On THE VIEW

Movie Trailer: THE BAY [Horror] Releases On DVD/VOD 3.5.13

Fab Files: HOUSE OF HAUTE: Hermès Birkin Bag Review

House Of Haute is one of my fave fashion & style channels on YT.

Victoria & David Beckham's Son Romeo Creates Huge Buzz Starring In New Burberry Ad Campaign

 Via Mashable:
Romeo Beckham, the 10-year-old son of football star David Beckham and designer Victoria Beckham, is making his modeling debut in Burberry's Spring/Summer 2013 campaign, the British design house announced Monday.

The casting announcement lit up Twitter, briefly becoming a worldwide trending topic late Monday morning. It is still trending in the UK as of publication time.

The above video, which features campaign co-stars Edie Campbell and Charlie France, was released in conjunction with the announcement. The campaign itself will be revealed "across the brand’s online and offline platforms throughout the season," per a company statement.

Romeo is the Beckhams' second eldest son. Brooklyn Joseph (born 1999) is the eldest, followed by Cruz David (born 2005) and daughter Harper Seven (born 2011).

Side Note: Romeo rocks the Burberry brand and definitely has a blazing career ahead of him. With Victoria Beckham being an ultra fashion trendsetter and designer, Romeo's career in fashion will be mega successful.

Soooo cannot forget baller David Beckham's gorgeous self, who also has made a successful foray into ad campaigns.

All in the family!

Movie Trailer: THE SMURFS 2 In Theaters 7.31.13

Monday, December 17, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

President Obama Makes Emotional Statement About The Newtown, CT Shootings

12.14.12: Tragic Shooting In Newtown, CT - Pray For The Families!

My thoughts and prayers are with the parents and families who lost their loved ones in the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings in Newtown, CT.

Dear God the parents who lost their babies... I cannot imagine the pain they are going through.  My heart goes out to each and every one of them. Keep them in your prayers. Rest in peace little angels.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Susan Rice Withdraws From Being Considered For Sec. Of State Position

After being abused and attacked by some sinister Republicans, lead by Sen. John McCain, Susan Rice has chosen to withdraw her name out of the running for Sec. Of State.

Such a shame, she is very much qualified and would have done a great job.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TONY GOLDWYN Speaks About SCANDAL & More On Live With Kelly & Michael

Superb interview! Luv Tony!

CNN Special News Report UFOs and Extra Terrestrials

Three Students Recite Poem 'Team Lightskin', From CNN's Black In America

It's pathetic and sad that in this day and age, there is still a color issue within black culture. I firmly believe the idiots that play into the color game in any way shape or form is just a person full of self hate. Period.

Interview: DJ's Involved In The Kate Middleton Prank Call Apologize

Nelson Mandela In Hospital, Get Well Soon

Solange Performs LOSING YOU On Jimmy Fallon

Luv this song!!!

Beyonce Gets Personal In Her Upcoming Documentary

Tamar Braxton Performs LOVE And WAR On The Wendy Williams Show

She tore it up! Order LOVE and WAR on iTunes if you haven't done so!

Movie Trailer: MAN OF STEEL In Theaters 6.14.13

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Movie Trailer: OBLIVION [Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman] In Theaters 4.12.13

Books [An Interesting Parody]: FIFTY SHADES OF JUNGLE FEVER (The Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy) [Book One] By L.V. Lewis



FIFTY SHADES OF GREY to the second power meets Keisha and Jada from the Block.

If you've wondered how an ethnic girl from the hood might've handled an arrangement with an experienced white Dominant, this is your book. If you'd like to see the sexiest TWIN DOMS in a contemporary romance series in interracial relationships, this is most definitely your book.

Aspiring recording studio owners, Keisha Beale and Jada Jameson, score a rare meeting with venture capitalist Tristan White, and are thrust into a world beyond their wildest imaginations. Street-wise Keisha is startled to realize she wants this rich white man, despite the certainty that he is out of her league. Unable to resist Keisha's sassy, irreverent, and fiercely independent spirit, Tristan knew from day one he wanted her, too--as his first African American submissive.

Upper Class Jada of the Springfield Jamesons has traveled in almost the same circles as the White brothers, and has had a secret crush on Nathan White, the point guard for the Chicago Bulls, for quite some time. Both brothers have succumbed to jungle fever, and want a little coffee in their cream.

Lured by Tristan White and his offer of fronting the capital for her business in exchange for kinky sex, Keisha finds herself with no other option. Keisha is also tortured by a demons from her past, and her inability to come to terms with them threatens to undermine the future of her business and her tumultuous, unconventional relationship with Tristan White.

Erotic, amusing, and in places hilarious, the Ghetto Girl Erotica Trilogy is a parody with a unique take on a Fifty Shades-type story that will take you even further into the BDSM world, and promises to make the vanilla original Fifty Shades Blacker.

The first two books focus on Keisha and Tristan's romance, and the final two focus on Jada and Nathan's.

Happy Reading!

Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes & Judy Smith Appear On Oprah's 'NEXT CHAPTER' Tonight At 9PM EST On OWN - Tune In!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

SCANDAL Season 2 - Episode 8 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' Full Episode + Highlights + Afterbuzz TV Recap + Epi 9 Sneak Peek!

Goodness this show has my emotions going all over the place! Luv it!

Okay so by now like seriously if you're not watching ABC's SCANDAL, you're missing a scrumptiously dynamic ensemble of pure television excellence.

At this point, universities should consider having a course titled 'Scandalology', and have it taught as an elective.

It's just that good on every level.

This week's episode was full of suspense, intrigue, trauma, hella hot OLITZ romance, revelations, shocking twists and the constant edge of your seat drama that SCANDAL does better than any other show.

At the end, your mouth is left hanging open and you realize that you are stunned for a second, and then you breathe and began to process what you just witnessed, knowing full well that all is not what it seems.

Of course for the hardcore SCANDAL fans, a.k.a. GLADIATORS, we poured another glass of wine, grabbed the remote control and watched it again via the DVR. *Sighs*

I have to say just bravo to the entire cast, crew and writers. They bring it EVERY episode.

In this episode the 'Fitz' and 'Olivia' flashback scenes were scorching hot and beautifully romantic. 

The Oval office scene, just.... Lawd!

Then the rose garden scene where 'Fitz' tells 'Olivia' exactly how he feels... *swoons*.  Omg that man!
I wonder if I was the only one smiling like a damn fool watching that scene. LOL

It was so heartbreaking watching the scene where 'Olivia' is drawn to 'Fitz' side of the closet at the White House, picks up one of his NAVY sweatshirts and breakdowns. She had to be strong in public, but the man that she loves, the love of her life has been shot and is fighting for his life! She couldn't hold it in any longer. Kerry Washington owned that scene. It was brilliant.

Okay folks here are some must see highlights, full episode and the awesome Afterbuzz Show. [Big ups to the Youtubers who upload these SCANDAL gems. Y'all rock!]





 Don't miss the Winter Finale of SCANDAL next week, Thursday at 10PM on ABC.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kate Middleton Leaves The Hospital With Prince William

Grammy Nominations Announced! Jay Z, Maroon 5, Frank Ocean & More

Prince Harry And Pippa Middleton Chosen As Royal Godparents

New Music: LOVE And WAR By Tamar Braxton [Single Available Today]

Luv Tamar Braxton's new single 'Love And War'...  Be sure to purchase her new single today! Tune in to 'Tamar & Vince' On WE TV tonight at 9PM EST.


Movie Trailer: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS In Theaters 5.17.13 [Teaser Trailer]

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Book Of The Month [December 2012] - Mi Carino - Risky Love (Mi Carino/Carina Series) By Sienna Mynx + BONUS Book Picks


This month's book pick is 'Risky Love' By Sienna Mynx from the 'Mi Carina' series.

'Diego's Wrath' [Book Two] is the continuation of Marcella & Diego's story. It's also included in the December book of the month pick.

As of now, there are only two books in this series. These titles are perfect e-book reads. Order immediately on your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.


 Bonus Pick: The Battaglia Mafia Series' 

Book One: 'Destino' By Sienna Mynx


 Book Two: 'Ti Amo' [Expected to be released on 12.15.12]


Also recommend "Aiden's Game" and "Daisy's Choice [The Tale Of Three Hearts Series] By Sienna Mynx.



Sienna Mynx novels are hella hot must reads. The alpha male heroes in her stories are always exciting and sexy as hell. The explosive passion, love, jealousy, trials, tribulations, pain and joy between the characters always have you rooting for the couple to make it through.

Like with any good book, the ending leaves you wanting to know more, well these stories continue in additional volumes of a particular series and the story picks up where it left off and gets even better if at all possible.

Now of course some Sienna Mynx novels are stand alone books, and they are just as good.

For additional titles by this author, visit the official website at

Happy reading!

Video Throwback: UNDIVIDED By Blush f/ Snoop Dogg

Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington & Leonardo DiCaprio Cover VIBE, Discuss DJANGO UNCHAINED


The cast of the upcoming film DJANGO UNCHAINED, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx & Kerry Washington cover VIBE Magazine and discuss the film.  Deets below.



Director Quentin Tarantino certainly isn't known for his subtlety, so it's no surprise that he's tackling the heavy topic of slavery in his next flick Django Unchained, which hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Vibe magazine gathered the A-list stars of the movie — Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx — to chat about their project. Here are some of the highlights:

DiCaprio on playing a slave owner:

"For me, the initial thing obviously was playing someone so disreputable and horrible whose ideas I obviously couldn't connect with on any level. I think it took me to places I didn't even imagine. I remember our first read and it was hard for me to wrap my head around it. My initial response was 'Do we need to go this far? Are we going too far?'"

Washington on getting an on-set education:

"I remember there was this one moment in the script where Jamie's character was put in an awful crazy medieval metal mask. I said, "That's some sick thing Quentin thought up." And when I went to the production office to meet about my wardrobe, I saw into the research office. Twenty photos of real masks like that. It made me sad. ... I didn't even know that they wore masks like that, that people did that to us. It took a Tarantino movie for me to know that that's not some crazy thing out of his imagination. That's how it went down."

Foxx on the importance of the movie:

"Every two, three years there is a movie about the Holocaust because they want you to remember and they want you to be reminded of what it was. When was the last time you've seen a movie about slavery? What we were doing was an acrobatic routine with the highest degree of difficulty. It's a tough script to read. I had both my daughters come down to the plantation and I walk them through and said, 'This is where your people come from. This is your background.'"

Hella Hot Files: TONY GOLDWYN On 'The Talk', Discusses SCANDAL & More!

Side Note: Damn he fine! He even gets freaking hotter as he gets older. He is aging like fine wine.

Mmmmmm.... his voice is like Whoa! Whew!

Anywho if you didn't already know... tune in Thursdays at 10PM on ABC to watch SCANDAL.  Hell it's a 'scandal' if your NOT watching!