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Box Office Wars: TEMPTATION Out Performs THE HOST, Lands In Impressive Spot!

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Several big films hit the theaters during the Easter holiday that included G.I. JOE: RETALIATION, THE HOST and Tyler Perry's TEMPTATION.

TEMPTATION has shocked box office predictions bringing in an estimated total of $22,300,000 in ticket sales while playing in only 2047 theaters. That is amazing.

Not only did TEMPTATION hold it's own against anticipated blockbusters, the film landed in the number three spot beating THE HOST, which only garnered $11,002,000 in tickets sales, even though it was shown in 3202 theaters and had huge promotion. THE HOST landed at number six on the box office chart.

The production budget for THE HOST was $40 million dollars folks! Talk about a big flop at the box office.

G.I. JOE: RETALIATION won the box office race as expected, bringing in an estimated $41,200,000 in box office receipts. G.I. JOE played in 3719 theaters.

Last week's number one film THE CROODS, dropped to the number two slot with an estimated $26,500,000 in ticket sales. THE CROODS was shown in 4065 theaters.

 All in all, upon looking at the numbers, TEMPTATION stunned the 'critics' and did the damn thang!

Congrats to Tyler Perry, the cast and crew.

Movie Trailer: 2 GUNS [Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg] In Theaters 8.2.13

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Season 3 / Vol. 1 [Full Episode] O.A.D 3.28.13

The first three episodes of the current season 3, volume 1 of  BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES have been tension filled as the famous sisters attempt to work out their sibling issues.

Last week's episode was very tense and did not end on a good note. But one thing is clear. The Braxtons love one another and all families go through drama. Sometimes we all say things to loved ones in a moment of anger that we don't really mean. Wishing them all nothing but the best and I'm sure they are going to work things out. Family is bond.


Steve McQueen's 12 YEARS A SLAVE Has An Official Release Date

12 YEARS A SLAVE (based on a true story), will release in theaters on 12.27.13.

For additional information on the film, view a previous CHOCOLATE CHICK post on the film.

Link -

[Video] - Khloe Kardashian-Odom Reveals Her Infertility Issues To Her Family

So sorry to hear about Khloe's infertility issues. Thankfully there are a plethora of ways Khloe and Lamar can still have a child. Sending them prayers and blessings.

Friday, March 29, 2013

SCANDAL Season 2/Ep.17 'Snake In The Garden' Full Episode + Ep. 18 Promo

 photo d6f0c75e-c09f-4e90-b41f-09f1d5ba6d69_zpsb8dd5398.jpg 

 It. Just. Keeps. Getting. Better.

Last night's episode of SCANDAL was off the chain.  One of the many spectacular things about this show, is the fact that the entire cast act their asses off. There is not one single weak link in the bunch.

SCANDAL showcases what ACTING is. What ACTING looks like, sounds likes, feels like and the finished product is always stellar.

Bravo to all... Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young, Jeff Perry, Columbus Short, Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes and Joshua Malina.

Applause applause to Shonda Rhimes and the writing team for creating the best dialogue, plot twists, relationship dynamics and catch phrases ever.

Must must not forget to mention Henry Gregg's performance last night. His portrayal of  'Hollis Doyle' is always amusing, shocking and as we witnessed last night... unpredictable.   He did what was perhaps unthinkable prior to episode 17, he made 'Hollis Doyle' get if not but for a brief second... sympathy from the audience as a parent for having such a spoiled, ungrateful, obnoxious child who chose money over family.

I mean the girl staged her own kidnapping and cut off her ear for goodness sakes! All for money. Twenty million dollars. That cut 'Hollis'.

The developing relationship between 'Huck' and 'Quinn' is adorable and though in any other circumstance it would be 'off'... 'Huck' finding 'Quinn' a family that matched what she has gone through was sweet and showed how much he has come to like about and/or care 'Quinn'.

"HuckleberryQuinn" in the making. LOL

Bellamy Young's character 'Mellie' reading 'Fitz' last night was epic. She read him from the top of his gorgeous head, down to his feet. She spoke truth, something 'Mellie' is usually not apt to do. She hit 'Fitz' where he needed to be hit to get his behind back on track and off the scotch.

Fitz' if not a 'good' husband, is a good father. To hear that his children did not want to come home due to the obvious change in his behavior, snapped 'Fitz' awake.

Rudely. Loudly and quickly.

The drama continued.

The continuation of the mole storyline into the mix, with the surprising turn of events was good television at it's best. Outstanding.

Missed last night's episode? Watch it now.

Episode 18 promo: MOLLY, YOU IN DANGER GIRL

A Battaglia Mafia Series Book Update: LA SPOSA By Sienna Mynx [Battaglia Mafia Series [#3] Release Date TBA

 photo lasposa_zps5a960fc5.jpg 

The much anticipated new installment in the Battaglia Mafia series by Sienna Mynx is on the horizon, but with a little twist.

Author Sienna Mynx announced on her website that the third installment in the popular Battaglia Mafia series would not be LA FAMIGLIA as first thought.

LA SPOSA will be book three in the series, which will then lead up to LA FAMIGLIA.

The riveting story of Giovanni and Mira continues in LA SPOSA.

Can't wait for the release!


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Thursday, March 28, 2013

SCANDAL THURSDAY!!!!!! Season 2 / Ep. 17 Promo: SNAKE IN THE GARDEN Airs Tonight At 10PM EST On ABC

 photo 4dffe401-3f3d-4041-a378-822860cd390c_zpsbd0be207.jpg 

Tune in tonight for a NEW highly anticipated episode of SCANDAL.

Yes lawd. Thank you lawd.. thank you for another SCANDAL Thursday! Amen.

Cannot wait for Fitz to unleash on Jake the real snake! Won't be this episode, but it's coming! Boom!


Even if he wasn't creepy cray cray.

 photo kwtggif2_zps24fcc1f7.gif

[Now y'all know these gifs scream..... *cough* Y'all know what I"m saying. You just can't deny the REAL chemistry these two have. That is all.]
  photo olitz2_zps017cb8e4.gif

Movie Trailer: YOU'RE NEXT [Horror] Releases August 2013

Movie Trailer: WISH YOU WERE HERE In Theaters 6.7.13

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fab Files: Happy B-Day To Mariah Carey + Concert Throwback: Live At Madison Square Garden

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Happy 43rd birthday to Mariah Carey!

Movie Trailer: LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ROSALIND LEIGH [Horror] Limited Release 5.9.13

A Peak At Chris Paul's SERIOUS Sneaker Collection!

Movie Trailer: WHITE HOUSE DOWN [Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum] In Theaters 6.28.13

Movie Trailer HUMMINGBIRD Releases 5.17.13

Movie Trailer: THE WOLVERINE In Theaters 7.26.13

RHOA DRAMA: Kordell Stewart Files For Divorce From Porsha Stewart

 photo f83c47ba-66da-4081-bb40-b51ac58bced8_zps46b16313.jpg

The internet was abuzz Tuesday when news broke that former NFL player Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from his wife Porsha Stewart.

Porsha and Kordell's marriage issues are front and center in the current season of Bravo's hit reality show 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'. The season finale airs this Sunday

Kordell was a no show at the reunion taping. The Stewart divorce filing is not surprising, just didn't think it would be this quick.

It's also pathetic and low of Kordell to file divorce papers and not even let Porsha know he was doing it. If that is the case.

Porsha needs to gather all the taped footage she has from the 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' and turn it over to her attorney. A judge viewing the dynamic of THAT marriage should be very generous to Porsha in the divorce settlement.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Congrats: Dirk Nowitzki And His Wife Jessica Are Expecting Their First Child

 photo 1046ef3d-a5f2-4d17-a047-514d8a98c6b6_zps0d367486.jpg 

Congrats to Dallas Mavericks power forward Dirk Nowitzki and his wife Jessica Olsson, who are expecting their first child. Dirk announced the pregnancy during a recent interview.

 photo dirkjessica3-2_zps83e67bec.jpg

Box Office Wars: THE CROODS & OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN Both Have Great Weekend Openings

DreamWorks animation's THE CROODS successfully grabbed the top spot at the box office this weekend with an estimated take of $44,700,000.

The action thriller OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, had a great opening weekend as well. The film made an estimated $30,500,000 in ticket sales.

[Video] - Miley Cyrus Gets Her Twerk On To WOP

News Video Of Woman Giving Description Of A Recent Hail Storm Goes Viral *TEARS*

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Coupled Up Spotlight Of The Day: Tom Verica And Wife Kira Arne

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Tom Verica and Kira Arne are married. Both are in the entertainment industry. Kira Arne is an actress. Tom is one of the executive producers on the mega hit drama SCANDAL. He also directs, starred in NBC's AMERICAN DREAMS and one of my favorite shows from the past, CENTRAL PARK WEST.

His career spans twenty plus years and include film, television and theatre. Tom and Kira Verica are the 'coupled up' spotlight of the day. Fab couple!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fab Files: [Video] - First Lady Michelle Obama Covers VOGUE's April 2013 Issue

VH1's THE GOSSIP GAME Super Trailer, Premieres 4.1.13 At 9PM

Movie Trailer: WOULD YOU RATHER [Horror] Availabe On iTunes/VOD

Movie Trailer: TURBO In Theaters 7.17.13

Box Office Wars: THE CALL Makes An Impressive Debut

Congrats to Halle Berry. Her new film THE CALL out performed estimates and landed in the number two spot, bringing in $17,118,745 in ticket sales.

THE CALL, a psychological thriller, has already surpassed the production budget which was $13 million.

OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL scored the top spot with $41,252,704 in box office receipts.


Spotted: Michael Fassbender & An Unidentified Woman Outside London Club

The oh so talented and sexy Michael Fassbender was spotted recently with an unidentified woman outside a London club. New girlfriend? Doubtful. Hookup? Maybe. LOL

TMZ gives their 'commentary' on the possible hookup. [TMZ gets on my nerves with their brand of reporting]

SCANDAL Is Baaaaack!!! That. Is. All. - S2 / Ep: 16 TOP OF THE HOUR Airs Tonight At 10PM On ABC

It's here. The day has finally arrived. After a three week hiatus, a very long long long hiatus... SCANDAL is back! OLITZ is back! Everybody is back! That's really all there is to say.

The must see show is back with new episodes. Season two is winding down, but the glory is on the horizon as surely SCANDAL will be renewed for a third season. Just makes you smile. LOL

Check out the promos for tonight's episode. Wine is chillin and ready for the 10PM hour.

Monday, March 18, 2013

BATES MOTEL Premieres Tonight At 10PM On A&E

BATES MOTEL is a highly anticipated new series premiering tonight on A&E.

Inspired by the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock's cult classic film PSYCHO, BATES MOTEL will hopefully live up to the hype.


New Couple: Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn Confirm They Are Dating

 photo tigerwoodslindsayvonn_zpsac1ad37a.jpg Tiger Woods debunked the rumors that he was attempting to reconcile with his ex-wife Elin, and confirmed rumors that he was indeed dating skier Lindsey Vonn.

The two both confirmed their dating status ironically on Facebook. Deets below.

Via US Weekly:
After months of silence, Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods have both confirmed they are an item.

"This season has been great so far and I'm happy with my wins at Torrey and Doral. Something nice that's happened off the course was meeting Lindsey Vonn," Woods, 33, wrote on his Facebook page.

"Lindsey and I have been friends for some time, but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating. We thank you for your support and for respecting our privacy. We want to continue our relationship, privately, as an ordinary couple and continue to compete as athletes."

"I guess it wasn't a well-kept secret but yes, I am dating Tiger Woods," Olympic skier Vonn, 28, wrote on her official Facebook page on Monday, March 18.

Video Throwback: CAN'T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE [Live] By Five Star

Five Star had that Jackson vibe, but were still unique and their choreography was always on point.

[Video] - SCANDAL's Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn Smolder Behind The Scenes Of Their TV GUIDE Photo Shoot! + Season 2/Ep 16 Promo

Great interviews and photos. As predicted, their TV GUIDE cover issue is selling like hotcakes. Folks even have issues listed on EBAY. LOL Luv it! And oh yes... SCANDAL is baaaack this week! Finally!

SCANDAL airs Thursdays at 10PM EST on ABC.

SCANDAL Season 2 - Episode 16 'Top Of The Hour' Promo:

New Music: Beyonce Releases Snippets Of Upcoming Tracks [BOW DOWN/BEEN ON] From Her Upcoming Album

Friday, March 15, 2013

Books: REVENGE WEARS PRADA: The Devil Returns By Lauren Weisberger Releases 6.4.13

 photo 18733a51-ae7b-49cc-a251-7f48efc23fde_zps3490c774.jpg

One of the most anticipated book sequels will arrive this summer.

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA author Lauren Weisberger, will be releasing the sequel REVENGE WEARS PRADA: The Devil Returns June 4th.

This is double good news. Surely this will lead to a film sequel as well.

Pre-order today!


The sequel you’ve been waiting for: the follow-up to the sensational #1 bestseller The Devil Wears Prada.

Eight years have passed since Andrea “Andy” Sachs quit the job “a million girls would die for” working for Miranda Priestly at Runway Magazine—a dream that turned out to be a nightmare.

Now Andy’s on the top of the world: she’s writing and reporting to her heart’s content; running The Plunge, her wildly successful high fashion bridal magazine with Miranda’s other ex-assistant, Emily; and most importantly, getting married to the scion of a storied media family and the love of her life. But the night before her wedding, Andy can’t sleep. As happy as she is—as happy as she should be—she’s still haunted by the specter of her former boss. Maybe it’s survivor syndrome? Or maybe it’s justifiable, self-inflicted, paranoia.

From the start, Andy and Emily have felt entitled to use their rolodex of contacts—Miranda’s contacts—from Runway as they make their way in the magazine world. As The Plunge succeeds, Andy and Emily realize they’ll soon come face to face with their former tormenter at industry functions, award ceremonies, and even weddings.

Still, Andy can hardly anticipate the horrifying reality that’s approaching—a reversal so profound that she will be squarely in Miranda’s crosshairs once more.

Karma’s a bitch. And Andy’s efforts to build a bright new life have led her directly to the one she fled—and into the path of the Devil herself.

Box Office Wars: THE CALL [Thriller/Suspense] In Theaters Today - Support This Film This Weekend

 photo 8ab4e608-4295-48a5-8b8a-200ac9f84526_zps633b5775.jpg

Support THE CALL this weekend.

Movie Trailer: FAMILY WEEKEND Releases 3.22.13

Movie Trailer: A RESURRECTION [Horror] Releases 3.22.13

R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan

Movie Trailer: BLACK ROCK [Thriller] In Theaters 5.17.13

Movie Trailer: THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES In Theaters 3.29.13

Movie Trailer: KICK-ASS 2 In Theaters 8.16.13 [Red Band Trailer]

Thursday, March 14, 2013

3.13.13: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio Of Argentina Elected Next Pope

As white smoke billowed from the Sistine Chapel, the message was clear... The Roman Catholic cardinals had elected a new pope.

Seventy-six year old Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was chosen as the new pope.

Pope Francis is the first Latin to be elected.

Historic moment.

Bonus Book Pick: THE YOUNG AND THE RUTHLESS By Victoria Rowell

 photo YandtheR_zps9e2d2dc8.jpg

Victoria Rowell is back with another page turner!  Pick up or download THE YOUNG AND THE RUTHLESS today!


New York Times bestselling author and beloved actress Victoria Rowell delivers another hilarious and shocking send-up of the soap opera world, featuring Calysta Jeffries, the unstoppable diva of daytime drama.

As we learned from Victoria Rowell’s smash hit Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva, no one gets in the way of leading lady Calysta Jeffries.

Now, after a brief stint in drug rehab, Calysta is back on the set and ready for action as she resumes her role as the star of The Rich and the Ruthless. But not everyone in the cast and crew is happy to have the diva back.

As soon as she wraps her first return episode, some of her fellow colleagues and cast members are conspiring, once again, to sabotage her career. She’s already survived amnesia, an alien abduction, and death three times over—but all that and a real-life alcohol abuse problem couldn’t keep Calysta down.

So her enemies come up with the nastiest plan ever devised. They invite Calysta’s beautiful daughter Ivy to audition for The Rich and the Ruthless and offer her a role alongside her very competitive mother, turning Calysta’s whole world upside down.

Ripped from the headlines of TMZ and packed with behind-the-scenes secrets, Victoria Rowell’s latest soap opera drama crackles with salacious details and over-the-top, hot and heavy hijinks.

You won’t be able to put it down.

*If you didn't read Victoria's successful novel, SECRETS OF A SOAP OPERA DIVA, be sure to purchase that as well and read it before you read THE YOUNG AND THE RUTHLESS.

Monday, March 11, 2013

TV's Hottest Couple: SCANDAL's Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn Cover This Week's TV GUIDE - Available Thursday!

 photo a573dabc-d1c7-4a0e-aedc-e651355523e1_zpsb9b87882.jpg Welp! Still another week to go before a new episode of the mega hit drama SCANDAL is unleashed. These 'scandalholic withdrawals' ain't playin! LOL

Anywho, while we wait for a new chapter in the must see saga, that is OLITZ [Olivia Pope & President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III], TV Guide has graciously thrown us a crumb.

In this week's TV Guide, Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn heat up the pages.. and the cover.

This must have issue hits newsstands Thursday! Better run like hell to get it first thing... this issue is going to sell like hotcakes! Boom!

Sneak Peek: VH1's THE GOSSIP GAME Premieres Monday 4.1.13 At 9PM EST

DVR Alert: HANNIBAL Premieres Thursday 4.4.13 At 10PM On NBC [HANNIBAL will be DVR'd, I watch SCANDAL at this time. LOL]

NBC think they slick. Trust and believe all SCANDAL fans who plan to watch HANNIBAL, will NOT be watching HANNIBAL during the time it's aired.

Luv technology!

3.9.13: [Video] - Justin Timberlake's Performances & Skits On Saturday Night Live

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bonus Book Pick: AFRICAN AMERICAN ALMANAC: 400 Years of Triumph, Courage and Excellence' By Lean'tin Bracks

 photo blackalmanac_zps0b2f3553.jpg

Book Details:

From George Washington Carver to Joycelyn Elders, from Ray Charles to Kanye West, from Frederick Douglass to President Obama, African American Almanac puts detailed profiles of more than 750 influential personalities at your fingertips.

The most complete single-volume reference of its kind, this book features brief, breezy biographies of key figures in politics, business, the arts, entertainment, sports, science, medicine, the military and more.

In addition to over 400 photographs, you’ll find eye-opening historical essays on civil rights, religion, literature and many other topics, uncovering little-known facts and correcting common misconceptions.

It’s all organized by subject matter to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Overview Via Barnes & Noble:

The most complete and affordable single-volume reference of African American culture available today, this almanac is a unique and valuable resource devoted to illustrating and demystifying the moving, difficult, and often lost history of black life in America.

A legacy of pride, struggle, and triumph spanning more than 400 years is presented through a fascinating mix of biographies—including more than 750 influential figures—little-known or misunderstood historical facts, enlightening essays on significant legislation and movements, and 150 rare photographs and illustrations.

Covering events surrounding the civil rights movement; African American literature, art, and music; religion within the black community; and advances in science and medicine, this reference connects history to the issues currently facing the African American community and provides a range of information on society and culture.

Box Office Wars: OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL Takes The Top Spot

The film 'Oz The Great and Powerful' grabbed the top spot this weekend with an estimated $80,278,000 in ticket sales.


Movie Trailer: #2 STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS In Theaters 5.17.13

Senate Confirmed John Brennan as CIA Director, After Rand Paul Ended Filibuster [63 - 34]

3.7.13: President Obama Speaks & Signs the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization

3.4.13: First Lady Michelle Obama's Google+ Hangout Discussion

3.4.13: President Obama Makes Personnel Announcement

President Obama nominates Ernest Moniz as the next Secretary of Energy, Gina McCarthy as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Sylvia Mathews Burwell as Director of the Office of Management and Budget.


Recent News: Dennis Rodman Discusses Trip To N. Korea & Message From Kim Jong-un

Movie Trailer: #2 AFTER EARTH [Will Smith, Jaden Smith] 6.7.13

Friday, March 8, 2013


 photo 60701262-8d82-4d90-9160-dd9ab9554e43_zpsfde0ae95.jpg 

A shakeup is happening again at ABC's daytime hit show THE VIEW.  Joy Behar is leaving the show when her contract expires at the end of the current season.

Quite a surprise and now puts the show in search mode again for seeking a new co-host.  Joy, who is an original co-host on THE VIEW has witnessed all the drama the show has gone through with previous co-hosts, Star Jones and Rosie O'Donnell.  Through it all, Joy has remained... until now.

Behar is said to have been in talks with CNN, to host her on show. Additional deets below:

Via Deadline:
UPDATE 4:15 PM: ABC just released to Deadline a statement about Joy Behar’s exit from The View. “Joy Behar has been instrumental in the success of The View from the very beginning.

We wish her all the best in this next chapter, and are thrilled that we have her for the remainder of the season.”

PREVIOUS EXCLUSIVE 3:25 PM: After 16 and a half years on The View, Joy Behar is departing ABC’s long-running daytime talk show. I hear Behar’s contract is up in August and she has informed the network that she will not renew it as she is looking to move on to other things, including hosting a new interview show.

Behar is the last original cast member of The View besides co-creator/executive producer Barbara Walters who is still on the panel. The two started off alternating as the fourth co-host before Behar was named a full-time co-host. In a phone interview, Behar said she felt 16.5 years on The View were enough. “It seemed like the right time,” she said. “You reach a point when you say to yourself, ‘Do I want to keep doing this?’ There are other things on my plate I want to do — I’ve been writing a play, I’ve been neglecting my standup.”

And following stints hosting her own shows on HLN and now Current TV, which will end with the network’s takeover by Al Jazeera, Behar is ready to do it again. “I do like talk shows, I’m interested in talking to people,” she said. “I want to do an intelligent talk show where you have room to breath.”

Will that show be on CNN following reports of Behar meeting with new CNN topper Jeff Zucker? Behar would not elaborate beyond saying that she indeed had “a positive meeting” with Zucker and that “CNN would be great place” for her next show. “I have a lot of friends there, and I will miss everyone I’ve worked with because we have a family there,” Behar said. She singled out Walters, thanking the veteran journalist for putting her on the show. “It is a smart talk show because somebody of her stature is leading the conversation; Barbara was one of the main reasons I took that job,” Behar said.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Movie Trailer: THE COALITION Available On DVD/VOD

Kim Kardashian Has Pregnancy Scare, Doctors Says Everything Is Okay

Side Note: The gossip reporter in this vid had the nerve to refer to Kanye West as Kim's 'Baby Daddy'....

When reporting a story... at least have the sense to say FATHER of the child. Yeah Yeah Kanye referred to Kim as his 'Baby Mama' when announcing the pregnancy. However he can do that if he chooses.... he's the FATHER.

Now if your just blogging about it... you can use it. LOL

Movie Trailer: THE HANGOVER PART lll In Theaters 5.24.13

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Book Of The Month: [March 2013] - IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU By Mary B. Morrison

 photo march2013_zpsd45ae89e.jpg 

Via Barnes & Noble:

New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison delivers a seductive, mesmerizing tale of "love" gone dangerously wrong.

Granville Washington can't accept Loretta Lovelace's demand that he leave her alone. Sure, Granville knows they're as different as can be. He's a construction worker, ball-and-chained to the Houston grid, while brilliant, beautiful Loretta is a pharmacist with a rich ex who takes care of her.

But Granville also knows she can't resist the way he kisses every inch of her just right. After only three weeks, Granville will do anything to make her his. Forever. No matter how direct Loretta is, Granville doesn't get it. He was fine when it came to burning up the sheets, but that's where their connection ends--or so she thinks.

When the stalking begins, Loretta's gorgeous girlfriend, Madison, claims she can tame any man. Loretta, unable to resist the opportunity, dares Madison to prove she can tame Granville. But sexing Granville may cost Madison more than her engagement to the most eligible bachelor in Houston. . .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dead At Age 58

THE BAY [Horror] Available On DVD/Blu-ray Today

Movie Trailer: AT ANY PRICE [Dennis Quaid, Zac Efron] In Theaters 4.26.13

INTERVIEW WITH A HITMAN [Luke Goss] Available On DVD/Blu-Ray Today

 photo e87f2947-ff5e-4655-b1b0-08efee124484_zpse4414179.jpg

LaToya Jackson Signs Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson To Her Talent Agency

Movie Trailer: IRON MAN 3 In Theaters 4.25.13

Monday, March 4, 2013

[Video] - Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn Talk SCANDAL [Interesting Clips]

Movie Trailer: WELCOME TO THE PUNCH In Theaters 3.27.13

Movie Trailer: ERASED In Theaters 5.10.13

Movie Trailer: DISCONNECT In Theaters 4.12.13

Diddy And Mark Wahlberg Team Up For New Venture - Aqua Hydrate

Rihanna Opens Up About Her Relationship With Boyfriend Chris Brown

Researchers Say 2 YR Old Cured Of HIV

3.1.13: President Obama Speaks About the Sequester

Mariah Carey Appeared On 'Live With Kelly & Michael', Discussed Dem Babies, IDOL, Music & More

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Box Office Wars: JACK THE GIANT SLAYER Slayed The Competition

This weekend's box office race was a smooth ride for JACK THE GIANT SLAYER. The film topped the U.S. box office charts with an estimated $28,010,000 in ticket sales.

The Warner Bros. adventure really had no competition this weekend, especially after opening in over 3500 theaters.

After having huge box office success since it's opening, IDENTITY THIEF settled in second place. The former number one film earned an estimated $9,706,000 in box office receipts.

Movie Trailer: OBLIVION [Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman] In Theaters 4.12.13

RED WIDOW Premieres Tonight At 9PM EST On ABC