Friday, September 30, 2011

New Music! "Rest Of Our Lives " By Tyrese f/ Brandy!

BFF's and ex-couple Tyrese & Brandy team up for a new duet. This track will be on Tyrese's highly anticipated new album "Open Invitation", available 11.1.11.

Now they actually made a good couple.. wonder if they ever thought about getting back together after all these years. With that being said.. Fab they have remained besties. Rumors still float about she & Maks and a new guy.

Trailer: "American Horror Story" Premieres 10.5.11 At 10PM On FX!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9.24.11 - President Obama Speaks At The Congressional Black Caucus!

"Dancing With The Stars" Season 13 Week 2 Performances Full Recap!

Elisabetta Canalis & Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Ricki Lake & Derek Hough

Chynna Phillips & Tony Dovolani

Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke

J.R. Martinez & Karina Smirnoff

David Arquette & Kym Johnson

Chaz Bono & Lacey Schwimmer

Hope Solo & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Carson Kressley & Anna Trebunskaya

Nancy Grace & Tristan MacManus

Kristin Calvallari & Mark Ballas

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sneak Peek: "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Season 4 Premieres 11.6.11!

The widly popular "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality show will be back in November. The fourth season will premiere Sunday November 6th on Bravo at 10pm. Tune in!

Michael Moore Urges A Boycott Of Georgia Over Troy Davis Executon!


Via LA Times:

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has called for an economic boycott of the state of Georgia to protest Wednesday's execution of Troy Davis, the Savannah man convicted of murdering an off-duty police officer in 1989.

"I encourage everyone I know to never travel to Georgia, never buy anything made in Georgia, to never do business in Georgia," Moore wrote on his website in a blog item posted a few hours after Davis' death.

"I will ask my publisher to pull my book from every Georgia bookstore and if they won't do that I will donate every dime of every royalty my book makes in Georgia to help defeat the racists and killers who run that state. I ask all Americans with a conscience to shun anything and everything to do with the murderous state of Georgia."

The case of Davis, 42, garnered international attention in recent years as a number of witnesses recanted statements that helped convict him in his 1991 trial. In 2010, U.S. District Judge William Moore reviewed the new evidence on orders of the U.S. Supreme Court and found it to be "largely smoke and mirrors."

Upon close inspection, most of the recantations, the judge ruled, were partial, illogical, or "impossible to believe."

Michael Moore's latest book, "Here Comes Trouble: Stories From My Life," was released this year and is available in hardcover.

It was in stock Friday at A Cappella Books, an indie retailer in the Little Five Points neighborhood that boasts a wide selection countercultural and left-wing titles.

An A Cappella staffer (and noted avant-garde musician) Glen Thrasher told a reporter that the store hadn't received a phone call from Moore's publisher.

Thrasher said he was among the thousands who signed a petition calling for clemency for Troy Davis.

As for Moore's boycott?

"I have to sell books," Thrasher said, drily. "So I guess I can't agree with him."

Side Note: I understand the raw emotions surrounding the execution of Troy Davis, I have been fuming over the injustice of it all.

There are some serious flaws in the United States judicial system.

With that being said, to call for a economic boycott of the entire state of Georgia is ridiculous! That would be putting innocent hard working people in jeopardy of losing their jobs in an already stressed out job market. If you start boycotting companies, that will eventually lead to them laying off employees.

Instead of boycotting Georgia. We need to change the death penalty laws and guidelines in this country.

Troy Davis should not have been executed and the fight should continue to prove he was innocent (which I believe he was), and Troy Davis' family should look into suing the state.

Troy Davis exhausted every legal avenue that was available to him, and the legal system failed him over and over again. That is inexcusable.

9.21.11 - President Obama Addresses The UN General Assembly!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spotted: Presidents Obama and Clinton Playing Golf In MD!

Hope they are working on a strategy to go IN on the corrupt Tea Party GOP!

Via TMZ - Pic Via AP:

Former president Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama played a round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland today.

Obama’s chief of staff, William Daley, and longtime Clinton adviser Doug Band rounded out the foursome.

DvrAlert: Celine Dion's New Documentary To Premiere On OWN October 1st!

Celine Dion is one of the most talented singers in the world and very down to earth. Her new documentary "3 Boys and a New Show" is sure to be a hit! Set to premiere on OWN 10.1.11.

A Popular Terry McMillian Novel To Become A Lifetime Movie!


Bestselling author Terry McMillan's 2000 novel "A Day Late and a Dollar Short," will be a made-for-TV movie for none other than Lifetime.

The film is set to air February 2012. This is McMillan's second novel to be made into a TV movie; "Disappearing Acts" was made into an HBO film in 2001. (Excellent film starring Sanaa Lathan and Wesley Snipes).

Btw... No trailer available for the film "Disappearing Acts, but here's a compilation of scenes from the film. Read the book as well.

According to Variety, "A Day Late and a Dollar Short" will be directed by Steven Tolkin, and the screen writer Shernold Edwards, who's written for "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and "Shattered."

Two of McMillan's novels have been adapted into big-screen films, "Waiting to Exhale" and "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." A third, "Getting to Happy," is still in pre-production.

Congrats to Terry McMillan! Good to see Lifetime taking on more African-American films because they are sorely lacking on the network. (Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network).

I suppose it's too much to ask for to have suspense/thriller lifetime original movies with an African American cast every once in a while.

Morgan Freeman Speaks The Truth, Puts The Tea Party/GOP On Blast!

Longer version:

Side Note: Morgan Freeman was already one of my favorite actors of all time.. My respect for him just flew off the charts. Big ups to Mr. Freeman for speaking the truth about the Tea Party and the situation President Obama is facing.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Movie Trailer: "Drive" In Theaters Now!

9.21.11 - Killer Mike And Big Boi Get Real At Troy Davis Rally!

Bravo Killer Mike... Dammit Bravo!!!!

Bristol Palin Reacts To A Heckler, Tells Him She Can Tell He's A Homosexual!

While filming her ridiculous reality show. Bristol "Hollywood" Palin was heckled by someone in the bar while she rode a mechanical bull... He calls her Mom "The Devil".. (LMAO) and she walks up to him to confront him and asks if he's a homosexual, he replies Yes.. and she said I can tell you are.

Side Note: The only positive thing Bristol did was defend her Mother, anybody would do the same. So kudos to her for that.

Singer Vesta Williams Dead At 48!


Sad to hear singer Vesta Williams was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel room. A cause of death is not known at this time. Vesta is known for hits like "Congratulations". R.I.P.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis Executed! [Reaction]

Beyonce Launches "Pulse", Her 3rd Perfume!


Mom to be Beyonce launched her 3rd perfume,"Pulse" this week.

New Music! "We Found Love" By Rihanna!


Rihanna's new album drops on 11.21.11. The beat in this song sounds so much like a particular Chris Brown joint. SINGLE AVAILABLE ON iTUNES NOW!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update: Via Kevin Powell - It's Not Too Late For Troy Davis! Call, Email Now!



Numerous people are making it known that Troy Davis should be saved from being executed in light of evidence that could possibly reveal him to be innocent of the crime that was committed.

Activist and author Kevin Powell, along with others are tweeting the following information, in hope of sparing Troy Davis being put to death. Call and/or email now!


EVERYONE, the Troy Davis case is not over. We CAN stop the execution of Troy Davis tomorrow. The district attorney for Chatham County in Georgia has the power to "petition for withdrawal of the death warrant for Troy Davis."

Please call and email or by phone at 912-652-7308 to make our voices heard. #TooMuchDoubt

UPDATE: Via Big Boi: (404) 656-5651 is the ONLY # to call right now! Press 5 in the 1st and 2nd menus. They are counting the # of calls! #TroyDavis

"Dancing With The Stars" Season 13 Week 1 Performances Full Recap!

Hope Solo & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

David Arquette & Kym Johnson

Chynna Phillips & Tony Dovolani

Ron Artest & Peta Murgatroyd

Kristin Cavalleri & Mark Ballas

Carson Kressley & Anna Trebunskaya

Elisabetta Canalis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer

Nancy Grace and Pro Tristan MacManus

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough

Coupled Up! Monica & Hubby Shannon Brown Make It A Family Night!


Monica, her Laker hubby Shannon Brown, Lil Rocko and Romelo attend the "20th Annual For Sisters Only Expo" at the Georgia World Congress Center on September 17th in Atlanta.

Youtube Spotlight: Congrats To Hosts Kevin And Makael Of The "The Skorpion Show" - They Surpass 90,000 Subscribers!

Check out the latest episodes of "The Skorpion Show", the number 1 show on Youtube! Subscribe today! They go IN.. are very informative and will have your sides hurting!

Part One:

Part Two:

Jermaine Jackson Appeared On "The View" Monday, Discussed New Book!

Suspected Innocent Death Row Inmate Troy Davis Denied Clemency, Scheduled For Execution Tomorrow!

Troy Davis denied clemency. Information via NPR / AP:

"The state Board of Pardons and Paroles ... has denied clemency for Troy Anthony Davis after hearing pleas for mercy from Davis' family and calls for his execution by surviving relatives of a murdered Savannah police officer," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Now, the newspaper adds:

"Davis, 42, is scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the state prison in Jackson. He was sentenced to death for the 1989 murder of off-duty Savannah Police Officer Mark Allen MacPhail. ... His legal appeals are exhausted, so his latest last-ditch effort before the parole board appears to be his last chance to be spared execution."

The Associated Press writes that:

"Several of the witnesses who helped convict [Davis] at his 1991 trial have backed off their testimony or recanted. Others who did not testify say another man at the scene admitted to the shooting.

"The U.S. Supreme Court even granted Davis a hearing to prove his innocence, the first time it had done so for a death row inmate in at least 50 years. The high court set up a hearing, but Davis couldn't convince a lower federal judge to grant him a new trial. The Supreme Court did not review his case. Federal appeals courts and the Georgia Supreme Court have upheld his conviction, leaving the parole board as his last chance."

Monday, September 19, 2011

Update: Fabolous Talks With DJ Clue & Responds To Ray J's Claims!

Vid Shows Ray J Being Led Out By Authorities After Fight With Fabolous!

Side Note; Ray J was detained by police, but wasn't arrested after the fight.

Beyonce & Tina Knowles Discuss Their "House Of Dereon" Fashion Line During London Fashion Week!

Plus they give an interview to CNN. Transcript below:

CNN) -- Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles talk to CNN's Becky Anderson during London Fashion Week about the launch of their fashion label, House of Dereon, and Beyonce's pregnancy.

Beyonce: I grew up in a fabric store. Unfortunately my mother would say: "Come on let's go to the fabric store," and she would make all of these beautiful clothes for myself and the other ladies of Destiny's Child, and after so many years my fans said we want to buy these clothes somewhere, so it was a natural thing for us to do this line, and it's so great for us to be able to do it together, number one because we get to spend time together, and two because we have such respect for each others' taste.

Becky: Tina what is it like to see not just your daughter but your designs on television?

Tina Knowles: Oh it's unbelievable sometimes and I never anticipated that. I started designing things out of necessity because there were budgetary restraints. So I would buy fabrics instead of clothes and just make them.

Beyonce: Back in those days they wouldn't loan us the clothes.

Tina: And it's funny when you need the clothes they won't loan them to you, and when you don't need them everyone wants to give them to you, so that's how it started but that was very exciting to see the clothes on TV.

Becky: How do you get on with each other? Do you fall out over design?
When you need the clothes they won't loan them to you, and when you don't need them everyone wants to give them to you

Beyonce: Sometimes, but it's very rare. I think we will get into it and it's usually over the phone, not in person and then we'll hang up and call each other and say you're right. You're right but we have such similar taste, but there's respect. I respect my mother so much and she respects my taste as well so we have a lot of trust.

Becky: Many fans will call it "Beyonce style" -- where do you get the inspiration?

Beyonce: This collection was inspired by a lot of my travels. I did a world tour, I traveled to Asia, Brazil, all over the world and I saw such beauty and my mother traveled with me and we decided we should mix these great cultures together and make something original and beautiful, and this show celebrates the global nomad, and one day at the rate we're going which is such a beautiful thing, there won't be all these different races we'll all just be mixed up and beautiful and that is so wonderful exciting and refreshing you know we have the mixtures of the African hair wraps and some of the Asian prints and we mix it with different textures sequins and gold jewelery and it just becomes very refreshing.

Becky: Miss Tina, is there any one piece that comes to mind that you think that is the inspiration?

Tina: I think the holiday collection -- what Beyonce is wearing now. We were inspired by her travels and we did a lot of different prints, sequins, glitz and glamor and we mixed it with some funky things.

Becky: Congratulations on the pregnancy. Does the collection now include maternity wear -- everybody will be asking that question?

Beyonce: What I'm wearing today is part of the collection and its not supposed to be, but it actually is really good for the maternity but we didn't plan six months ago before - actually longer than that - but we do have some things that I am still trying to rock.

Becky: Are you struggling to find things that you feel good in where your husband might go err, I'm not having that?

Beyonce: Actually I am having so much fun, it has been the most fun time now that it has been announced and I don't have to, you know, it was really difficult to conceal, but now that I can be proud and excited about it I'm having so much fun shopping -- it's great.

Becky to Tina: You must be delighted

Tina: I am so delighted. I'm over the moon.

Becky: Do you know what you're having?

Beyonce: I don't.

Becky: And if you did you wouldn't tell me! Do you consider this more fashion than style and the idea being you're sort of universal, you are for the universal woman -- who is the House of Dereon woman?

Tina: I think trend-setting woman, confident, has her own style.

Beyonce: Yes someone bold, someone who wants to stand out, someone confident, hard working and I think it is more about style than fashion -- it's a lifestyle and we just want to bring out that inner confidence and inner beauty in every woman.

Becky: And has your attitude towards style, fashion changed since you learned you were pregnant?

Beyonce: I just feel like it is often within. My mother has always told me that beauty comes from within and what's exciting about being a woman is you can say today I feel like being, today I feel really conservative, today I'm feeling classy, today I am going on a date and I want to just be a showstopper and you know there is this variety of beautiful clothes that can bring out whatever you feel inside but it comes from here and you should wear your clothes they shouldn't wear you.

Becky: So it doesn't come from Jay-Z -- that's what you're saying?
Beyonce: It comes from here.

Movie Trailer: "Straw Dogs" In Theaters Now!

Ray J Speaks About Fight With Fabolous In Vegas.. He Goes IN!

Additional info below via VH1:

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but when tempers roar and fists fly, that’s not always the case! Early this morning, a very heated Ray J called in to The Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105 to vent on a scuffle that occurred last night backstage before a Fabolous concert at Sin City’s Palms Hotel. Because Ray J was emotional and yelling endless expletives about the still-warm incident during his phone call, drawing detailed conclusions on what actually occurred is still bit difficult.

What we can gather, however, is that the For The Love of Ray J and A Family Business star was apparently upset by a series of tweets that poked fun at him performing in Floyd Mayweather’s living room on HBO’s 24/7, sent by constantly-joking Twitter personality and rapper Fabolous on Saturday night. During his uncensored Power 105 interview, Ray J claimed to have confronted the Brooklyn rapper backstage with a punch to the face, and in addition to making other outlandish threats, vowed to repeat the violence if he or his cohorts come across Fab again in the future.

It is still unclear if Fabolous or members of his security team retaliated against Ray J’s alleged attack, but rumors are circulating that a full fight did indeed occur, with onlookers claiming that Fab came out on top. These accounts can only allow us to speculate, and Fabolous himself has yet to publicly comment on the altercation that led to Ray J getting arrested by Las Vegas authorities. What seems most strange in this scenario, is that before yesterday’s show, Fabolous sent a friendly tweet about running into Ray J at a dinner thrown by Diddy, and didn’t make mention of any animosity between him and Brandy’s R&B crooning younger brother. We can only hope that Ray J calms down before any more issues occur.

Side Note: Hope things calm down, no need in letting things get worse... it just leads to a very bad outcome. They need to squash whatever beef going on.

"Dancing With The Stars" Airs Tonight At 8PM!

Wonder if Brandy will be in the audience rooting for Maks..... Btw voting for Maks and his lil bro Val's teams!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Victor Ortiz!

Some say Mayweather took a cheap shot because Ortiz was apologizing for doing a head butt during the fight. Mayweather was there to fight, Ortiz should have been paying attention regardless.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mike Tyson Gives His Take On The Glen Rice/Sarah Palin Hookup! [Audio]

Really.. nothing to say at this point, the title says it all.. get the deets below:

Side Note: LMAO

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scandalicious!!! Sarah Palin Had A One Night Stand With Ex-Baller Glen Rice!!??


Talk about the irony!!!!! L M F A O !!!!! Deets below:

Via Wire:

Palin Book Alleges Drug Use, Affairs

Joe McGinniss’s highly anticipated Sarah Palin biography is almost here, and the first leaks are setting the bar pretty high: the National Enquirer reported Wednesday that the book describes Palin’s alleged drug use and sexual escapades.

Among the explosive allegations: Palin smoked marijuana with a professor at Mat-Su College; she snorted cocaine off an oil drum; she had a one-night stand with NBA star Glen Rice, who reportedly confirmed the encounter to McGinniss; and she cheated on Todd with his snowmobile dealer and business partner.

Via Sports Blogger IAmAGM:

You can't make this up. The National Inquirer got its hands on some excerpts from a new book by Joe McGinniss, titled “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.” In the report, Palin is alleged to have had a sexual affair with former NBA star Glen Rice. Palin was once a sports anchor in Alaska so the story could have some legs. Glen Rice visited Alaska while playing for the University of Michigan in a tournament in 1987. The affair allegedly occurred while Palin was dating her future husband, Todd. Glen Rice was a three-time NBA All-Star, and won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2000.

According to

In the book, which will be published on September 20th, McGinniss claims Sarah had a hookup with basketball star GLEN RICE less than a year before she eloped with her husband Todd.

Sarah hooked up with the NBA great, then a 6-foot-8 junior at the University of Michigan when he was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska in 1987, the book says. At the time, Sarah, just out of college, was working as a sports reporter for the Anchorage TV station KTUU.

In the book, McGinniss quotes Rice as confirming the one-night stand.

Woman Claims Swizz Beatz Cheated On Ex-Wife Mashonda & Alicia Keys!!?


Well it seems rumors that were floating saying Swizz Beatz was cheating sort of exploded when an alledged jumpoff of Swizz Beatz named Chris stepped forward and confirmed she knows Swizz and has known him since 2007. She claims her phone was stolen and that's how "recent" text messages between she and Swizz were released to the public. (Blank Stare)

She says she has NOT slept with Swizz since he married Alicia Keys but they have been texting or sexting or whatever you want to call it. Saying they have been trying to meet up but their schedules have been too hectic. (Blank Stare)

She also released a written statement about the rumors. Text messages were released.. from her *Cough*.. "stolen" phone. She need to stop.. Like her phone was really stolen. IJS.

Swizz Beatz's Jumpoff Christine

Deets below Via BallerAlert & Bossip:

Her statement:

I’m only making this statement because I’m being put out there as a liar and I am very embarrassed. I would like to confirm that the rumor about Swizz Beatz cheating on Mashonda with me is absolutely true. I would also like to confirm that the rumors about Swizz “sexting” me, even in his present marriage, are absolutely true. I am also confirming that I lost my cell phone and someone else posted all the stuff that you see on the internet.

I’ve known Kasseem since 2007. We met at Solange Knowles’ (whom I do not associate with) birthday party in Houston, TX. A gentleman from Kasseem’s entourage approached me and said that someone wanted to talk to me. After I asked who it was, he pointed at Kasseem. I knew he was “Swizz Beatz”, but I did not know anything else about him. I gave him my phone number and he called me right away and invited me to eat at Katz’ Deli on Montrose Blvd. The next morning, he invited me to accompany him at Radio One (979 The Box) for his interview. Afterwards, we went back to his hotel room but we DID NOT HAVE SEX. A couple of hours later, he had to leave so he could catch his flight. He hugged and kissed me in public as if he were a single man.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later. He invited me out to Miami with him and I gladly accepted. I met him in Dallas and we flew to Miami together. My last minute ticket placed me in coach and his ticket placed him in first class, but he switched his first class seat with the guy sitting next to me so he could sit next to me. In Miami, we stayed at his friends beautiful home. This is where we became sexually active and this is where I found out he was married. He snuck me through the house and it was all odd to me until I found a gift with Mashonda & Kasseem’s name on it. I asked him later on why he was cheating on her and he basically said she wasn’t being the wife he needed. He also said that if she asked if he was cheating, he would not lie to her, but he wouldn’t come right out and tell her.

After that trip, he invited me to meet him in Philly. I was picked up from the airport and taken to a club where he was performing at. Him and his crew jumped in the truck and we drove to VA from there. In VA, we got on a tour bus and drove to multiple destinations. After that, I flew back to Miami, he got sick and I got stranded in the Miami airport overnight. I flew back home to Houston the next day.

Later that week, he went on an overseas trip with Mashonda. I received a call from him saying “My wife is about to call you. Tell her nothing happened.” When Mashonda called me, this is exactly what I did. He did not contact me after that. They got a divorce and although we stayed in contact afterwards, there was nothing too drastic. I’m guessing this is when he was dating Alicia. Recently, we’ve been contacting each other (as you’ve all seen), but I haven’t physically seen him. We were making plans to, but I had to work and I wasn’t going to take off work to go see him. I live on my own, I have responsibilities and I strongly believe that if you are not contributing to those responsibilities, there is no reason for me to neglect them to entertain you. I am a very independent individual and the people who know me will tell you that I would never hold my hand out and ask for anything and if I do, I have a very hard time doing it.

Even though Swizz offered and offered and offered to buy me things, the only thing I accepted was plane tickets to go see him. He’s a wonderful man and I had a great time with him as well as a great relationship. Of course he’ll deny the whole thing and of course Alicia will stand up for her man. It’s understood.



Chris, Swizz

Swizz: Kissseesssss
Chris: Yo!
Swizz: U good send me pic
Chris: Miss u
Chris: ‎IMG-20110808-00824.jpg ‪(44.70 KB)‬
Swizz: That’s old
Chris: Oh oops. Hold on
Chris: Dunno the last one I sent u
Chris: ‎IMG-20110802-00769.jpg ‪(33.48 KB)‬
Swizz: Send me the. Now pic
Chris: I gotta do it when I get home. I know u wanna see “skin”
Swizz: K
Swizz: Gnite hit u tomm
Swizz: :p
Swizz: Hello
Chris: Hello.
Swizz: In vegas cmon
Chris: Sigh.. (n)
Swizz: Haaa why (n)
Chris: Never been to vegas but I heard it was party city. Crazy!
Swizz: So why (n)
Swizz: I’m here till thurs
Chris: U aint talkin bout it!
Swizz: Huh?
Chris: That’s slang for “you’re not going make it happen.” Come on!!! Where’s ur hip side old man?
Swizz: That’s that houston sh*t:) just come I got u!
Chris: I’m always confused on how this works. What do I need to do?
Chris: Call me
Chris: U must have company
Swizz: Ok here’s what my plan is. Becaaaaause I’m not a baller and I got bills and sh*t… Ima buy a one way ticket and we’ll handle it when I get there. Yes? No? Maybe?
Chris: K
Chris: Now I gotta call off work. Gimme some time. I’d b comin tomorrow.
Swizz: Hitu when I get up
Chris: Up?
Swizz: Yes
Chris: K I’m havin trouble gettin shifts covered. Is tuesday a possibility as well?
Swizz: Yes:)
Chris: K I’ll let u know what happens.
Swizz: K
Chris: Its a no go, thank you for the invite. ;;) have fun
Chris: I’m off Thurs-Sat if your available
Swizz: :(:(:(:(:(
Chris: ‎Northeast-20110821-00979.jpg ‪(27.47 KB)‬
Chris: Cheer up buddy
Chris: :*
Swizz: ({})
Chris: What r u doin?
Swizz: HAving a blasttttt your missing out
Chris: U suck!
Chris: Don’t tease me. Why can’t u get away this weekend!? I’m off
Swizz: Vma
Chris: Ahh. Well maybe God is tellin us somethin. O:)
Chris: Night. Have fun.
Swizz: :’(
Chris: Lol.
Chris: Well sh*t. Our schedules never freakin match!
Chris: ‎download.jpg ‪(13.73 KB)‬
Chris: Lookin good? Lookin great? Lol
Swizz: This make no f**king send I want to f**k the shit of you asap make it happen wow!
Swizz: This pic is crazy sorry but sh*t
Chris: Lmao. Whoa Tiger! Haahah
Swizz: That pic is for what?
Chris: Nothin. Just to have.
Swizz: That’s my fav pic of u:)
Chris: I’m sure lol. It made u defecate words.
Swizz: I’m sorry:)
Chris: It’s perfectly fine :*
Swizz: U sure don’t want to disrespect
Chris: What u mean?
Swizz: I kinda went all the way with the words
Chris: Oh. U don’t use punctuation. Hahaha. I didn’t know what u meant. Nah it’s cool.
Swizz: The don’t was to be didn’t typo speed text
Chris: Oooookkkkkk.
Chris: Lol.
Chris: Silly man. I was seein if u would rather bbm or if txtin was fine
Swizz: Bbm
Chris: Kkk.i’ll stick with my blackberry then
Chris: K:)
Chris: ‎chrisweb2bw.jpg ‪(24.99 KB)‬
Swizz: Sickkkkk
Swizz: :*
Chris: U up early!
Swizz: ‎Page 1 of 1.jpg ‪(42.67 KB)‬
Chris: I like that!
Chris: (y)
Chris: ‎Houston-20110828-01042.jpg ‪(41.40 KB)‬
Chris: Say bro
Swizz: Say sis
Chris: Lol. What u doin?
Swizz: In LA on chill
Chris: I wanna ichat u one of these days. If possible of course
Swizz: My name is ************
Chris: K!
Chris: K I added u. I’m ********* if I pop up one day out to blue
Chris: The*
Swizz: :):):):):)
Chris: What u doin bro?
Swizz: On my way back to vegas:)
Chris: Omg! U have all the fun without me
Chris: I’m off ALL next week if I can come
Swizz: Next week is a wrap:(
Chris: Ah u suck
Swizz: No
Chris: No? YES!!!!
Swizz: Well bring ya a*s now thenB-)
Chris: I gotta work tomorrrrrrrow!!
Swizz: Andddddddddd
Chris: I got bills…. That u don’t pay… Lol
Chris: How long u gon be there?
Chris: Did I upset u with that?
Swizz: No
Chris: K
Chris: Sup mayne
Swizz: U got married? I see that pic
Chris: No lol
Chris: Were u gonna feel bad?
Swizz: Happy 4 u
Convo 2
Chris, Swizz
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Send me a super sexy:)
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Pic
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Hello
Chris: Hey. Hold plz
Chris: Houston-20110709-00426.jpg ( 27.50 KB )
Chris: Got it?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: I need u asap damn
Chris: Make it happen
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Come now!
Chris: Hahaha ya right
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: 4real
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Nyc
Chris: gotta work tomorrow and sunday. Off monday and tuesday
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Ok lets go!
Chris: Lol find me a ticket and I’m there
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Asap
Chris: [Email address redacted] email when ur done
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: ?
Chris: Find me a ticket!
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: U find all that please
Chris: U treatin me?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Duhhhhh
Chris: I knew u were gonna say that. I know u too well
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Cmon:)
Chris: Hotel too?
Chris: “Duh”
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Duhhhhh silly!
Chris: Ima send u a link once I find it and u take it from there. I’m not sure how we’re supposed to do this.
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: I will calll
Chris: Lemme know asap so I can find a doggysitter. Thaaaaankssss :*
Chris: What’s the word bruh?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Will hit later
Chris: Houston-20110712-00461.jpg ( 27.17 KB )
Chris: U alive?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Hey sis:) I’m back in NY
Chris: Aww. How was “it”? Wherever u went
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Amazing
Chris: Awesome
Chris: U ever met Andre 3000 before?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Yes why
Chris: What type of person is he?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Different why?
Chris: Lol just curious
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Why?
Chris: Cuz he’s super dope and I was wonderin if he’s the same way in person. I don’t know anyone who’s ever met em.
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: He is weird u have a crush huh
Chris: Lol. I do but I don’t wanna meet him cuz I know I won’t anymore. I just wanted to know.
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Hahahahah true talk:)
Chris: U gettin jealous over there?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: 100% :p
Chris: Lmao. I’m flattered
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Better be:)
Chris: I’m jealous. I wanna see you
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Jealous why
Chris: Cuz everyone else gets to see u
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Will hit u tomm gnite
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: IMG-20110718-01029.jpg ( 35.76 KB )
Chris: what’s this?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Me silly
Chris: I know foolywang. Did u do it?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: No street artist
Chris: Dope. What u doin up?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Back rub :p. Neck is killiing me
Chris: Shoulda been me
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Word!
Chris: Remember I gave u one at the “W” or whatever in NY a few years ago?
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Shhhhhhh:p
Chris: Oh.. Yeah.. Brother
ITS TIME TO SHOW! Haute Living: Hahaha:)
Chris: . Got it. I’m goin to sleep. Holla

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Movie Trailer: NEW "Breaking Dawn" Trailer Pt. 1 - In Theaters 11.18.11!

"Forbes" Names Tyler Perry The Highest Paid Man In Hollywood!


Tyler Perry named the highest paid man in Hollywood by Forbes!

Deets below Via EW:

Madea Goes to the Bank. Okay, so that probably won’t be the title for the next installment of the wildly popular film series, but it could be considering Tyler Perry’s titular character has definitely helped him rake in the cash.

This week, Forbes released their list of the highest-paid men in Hollywood (not to be mistaken with their list from last month of the highest-earning actors) and the multi-faceted Perry, who has taken on writing, directing, acting, and producing duties in film and television, topped them all with an intake of an estimated $130 from May 2010-2011.

Perry, who was behind four movies from 2010 to 2011 (including Madea’s Big Happy Family and For Colored Girls) and his hit TBS sitcom Meet the Browns, likely won’t be falling far on the list either, as he’s already extended his partnership with Lionsgate with a multi-year deal and took over for Idris Elba’s role in the anticipated I, Alex Cross.

Perry edged out the man responsible for The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who earned a reported $113 million over the course of the year. They were followed closely by Steven Spielberg at No. 3 with $107 million, Elton John at No. 4 with $100 million, and Simon Cowell at No. 5 with $90 million. Rounding out the top 10, in order, were James Patterson ($84 million), Dr. Phil McGraw ($80 million), highest-paid actor Leonardo DiCaprio ($77 million), Howard Stern ($76 million), and, finally — controversy and endorsement losses be damned — Tiger Woods ($75 million).
Side Note: So... wonder how much Spike Lee pulled in??? o__O

Coupled Up! Beyonce & Jay Z Took In The U.S. Open!


The brutal tennis match between between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic had plenty of celebs in the stands, including Beyonce and Jay Z.

Others in the stands included Justin Timberlake, fashion editor Anna Wintour, Jeremy Piven, Naomi Campbell & more.

"Someone Like You" - Adele Cover By Bobbi Kristina!

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown's daughter Bobbi Kristina sang an Adele cover and her voice doesn't sound bad!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Box Office Wars! "Contagion" Takes The Top Spot!


"Contagion" caused it's own civil right's movement, knocking "The Help" out the top spot and grabbing the number one spot bringing in over $23.1 mil!

Serena Williams Goes In On Umpire After Questionable Penalty Call!

Congrats to Serena Williams who did an amazing job at the US Open, coming back to tennis after a very severe and dangerous health crisis.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

CONGRATS! Chris Paul Married On Saturday!


Congrats to NO Hornets baller Chris Paul and Jada Crawley who married on Saturday September 10, 2011 in Charlotte, NC at 6pm.


Chris and Jada met while attending Wake Forest University, and they have a 2 yr old son, Chris Jr.

Their star studded wedding guests included LeBron James and girlfriend Savannah, Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, Carmelo Anthony and Lala, former teammate JR Smith, Jarrett Jack, Rudy Gay, comedian Kevin Hart, rapper Ludacris, singer Robin Thicke and more. Several friends sent out pics via twitter.

LaLa and Ludacris

Gabrielle Union and LaLa

Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union

Carmelo Anthony & LaLa

Chris and Jada's wedding planner was none other than celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, who also put together Rashard Lewis’s nuptials last month.



Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kevin Hart's "Laugh At My Pain" In Theaters Now! Support!


With over 4 million facebook fans and over 2 million twitter followers, Kevin Hart's popularity cannot be denied. He is one of the funniest people on the planet! Much respect to Kevin who is doing it big. Support "Laugh At My Pain", don't bootleg it.. Support it!

Can never forget the movie "Soul Plane" because Kevin Hart, even with the lack of plot, made the movie hilarious. Toilet scene anyone???? LOL!!!!

9.9.11 - Bill Maher Appeared On Jay Leno & Spoke The Truth About The Current State Of Politics!

(This was a damn good interview... As soon as a full YT vid pops up of the interview.. will post it since the one above cuts off.)

"Real Time" Returns to HBO next week! Luv Bill Maher! LOL

Steve Stoute Speaks With Jay Z & More About The Major Influence & Impact Hip Hop Has Had On Pop Culture & America! + His New Book?? A Must Read!

Be sure to pick up Steve Stoute's new book "The Tanning Of America: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy". Can't wait to read it!!!


Publisher's Weekly Review (Via B&N)

Stoute, founder of a brand-imaging firm, offers an entertaining, instructive mix of business memoir, music history, and marketing tutorial. He argues that hip-hop blurred "cultural and demographic lines so permanently that it laid the foundation" for the transformation he calls "tanning," a process that would "alter the landscape of America—racially, socially, politically, and especially economically." He surveys the early development of hip-hop and the arrival of LL Cool J, "the hip-hop celebrity who gave the marketing world an early tutorial about the value of aligning their brand with the genre." Stoute then moves more fully into the world of commerce, where "advertisers were looking to use the hip-hop Midas touch" but had little understanding of "the consumer they were trying to reach." Stoute's entrepreneurship and expertise in rebranding (e.g., Ray-Ban, Reebok, Modell's) makes absorbing reading. For the uninitiated, this is a sold primer on the business of music; for music historians, it's a solid study of how "how urban culture came to influence the mainstream economy."

Overview Via B&N:

The business marketing genius at the forefront of today's entertainment marketing revolution helps corporate America get hip to today's new consumer-the tan generation - by learning from hip-hop and youth culture.
"He is the conduit between corporate America and rap and the streets-he speaks both languages." -Jay-Z

"It's amazing to see the direct impact that black music, videos and the internet have had on culture. I've seen so many people race to the top of pop stardom using the everyday mannerisms of the hood in a pop setting. It's time to embrace this phenomenon because it ain't going nowhere!" -Kanye West

When Fortune 500 companies need to reenergize or reinvent a lagging brand, they call Steve Stoute. In addition to marrying cultural icons with blue-chip marketers (Beyoncé for Tommy Hilfiger's True Star fragrance, and Justin Timberlake for "lovin' it" at McDonald's), Stoute has helped identify and activate a new generation of consumers. He traces how the "tanning" phenomenon raised a generation of black, Hispanic, white, and Asian consumers who have the same "mental complexion" based on shared experiences and values. This consumer is a mindset-not a race or age-that responds to shared values and experiences, rather than the increasingly irrelevant demographic boxes that have been used to a fault by corporate America. And Stoute believes there is a language gap that must be bridged in order to engage the most powerful market force in the history of commerce.

The Tanning of America provides that very translation guide. Drawing from his company's case studies, as well as from extensive interviews with leading figures of multiple fields, Stoute presents an insider's view of how the transcendent power of popular culture is helping reinvigorate and revitalize the American dream. He shows how he bridges the worlds of pop culture, brand consulting, and marketing in his turnkey campaigns offers keen insight into other successful campaigns-including the election of Barack Obama-to illustrate the power of the tan generation, and how to connect with it while staying true to your core brand.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spotted! Victoria Beckham Steps Out In NYC With Her Baby Girl!

Victoria Beckham was spotted in NYC leaving her hotel with her precious newborn daughter Harper Seven.


Kelly Rowland Covers "Runway" Magazine & Talks About Growing Up Being A Brown/Dark Skin Girl!


Kelly Rowland lands the cover of "Runway" magazine. Deets below:

Here I Am singer Kelly Rowland is setting it off for New York’s fashion week by covering the fall issue of RUNWAY Magazine.
In her 8-page fashion spread shot by Derek Blanks for RUNWAY Magazine’s fall issue, hitting newsstands on September 9, Kelly Rowland gets very candid about what it felt like being a dark-skinned girl surrounding by a sea of white students. She tells the mag, “I went to a predominantly white school and I was the only black girl. I can remember thinking, ‘I don’t want to be as dark as I am – I want to be a little fairer.’ I didn’t want to be me.
Tina [Beyonce's mother] sat me in front of the mirror and said, ‘Girl, look at how pretty you are.’ She made me feel comfortable in my own skin,” She’s mentioned this before in interviews. It’s a plight many brown-skinned girls had growing up, and some still do…

Brandy Appeared On "Access Hollywood Live" To Discuss Her TV Roles, Music, "Dancing With The Stars" & A New Man?!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trailer: Tyler Perry's "For Better Or Worse" TV Show Coming To TBS This Fall!

"For Better Or Worse" is of course based on the "Why Did I Get Married" couple Angela & Marcus.

Side Note: Can't wait! Must See TV!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update: Bey & Jay Z In Croatia: Beyonce Shows Off Her Baby Bump!


Expecting parents Beyonce and Jay Z were spotted in Croatia recently and Beyonce proudly showed her baby bump! Awwwww.... Congrats to the couple!

Monday, September 5, 2011

TV Flashback: VH1's Special "Inside Out: Toni Braxton" Includes Toni's 2nd Pregnancy, Record Label Issues, Marriage & Being A Mommy!

Before the mega hit reality show "Braxton Family Values", Toni Braxton did a VH1 "Inside Out" special. The reality documentary showed Toni balancing career (including the issues with her record label, Motherhood, a new pregnancy and marriage. If you didn't catch it when it aired years ago, watch it below, a great documentary.

Side Note: Leah Remini also did "Inside Out"...twice. Once for her wedding and then for her pregnancy.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update: Tiny Speaks Out On Tip Being Sent Back To Prison Due To A BUS!!!!!


Tiny revealed to TMZ that the prison knew about T.I.'s luxury bus prior to him even getting on it. Deets below:

Via TMZ:

“This is a bunch of bulls**t … they should have said something before he got on the bus … T.I. would have politely gotten into a van.”
She added,

“T.I. is one of the strongest individuals I know … and they just trying to break him in more ways than one and it’s not gonna work! ‘Cause what God got for him, can’t no man take that away … period!”


Side Note: Tiny is right. This is some serious BS! Let T.I go... they messing with him big time!

T.I's new release date set for 9.29.11.

Song Of The Day: "Countdown" By Beyonce!

Luv this track!!!

Happy B-Day: Beyonce Turns 30 Today, Spotted With Hubby In Italy!


Beyonce turns 30 today. So Happy Birthday to the expecting Mom. Bey & Jay were spotted in Italy. Again, congrats to the parents to be!

Katt Williams Confronts A Heckler At Comedy Show! + Explains The Incident On CNN!

On CNN, Katt Williams responds to some who say he was being anti-mexican:

O M G. The end was classic. T.J's fine azz was trying not to laugh. LMAO

Friday, September 2, 2011

9.1.11 - Marc Anthony's "Nightline" Interview!

TNT Cancels "Hawthorne"!!!! SMDH!!!


Well ain't this about a bitch! TNT is trippin. WTF???? Deets below:

Via OK:

Just after Marc Anthony denied reports he had an affair with his Hawthorne co-star Jada Pinkett Smith, TNT announced Jada and Marc will be co-stars no more.”

The TNT medical drama has officially been canceled after three seasons, Deadline reports.

“TNT has decided not to order a fourth season of HawthoRNe. TNT truly appreciates the tremendous dedication of everyone involved in HawthoRNe,” the network said in a statement. “The series gave TNT the opportunity to work with many outstanding people, including Jada Pinkett Smith and the rest of the show’s talented cast, crew, producers and writers. We wish everyone involved with HawthoRNe nothing but the best.”

And Jada took to Twitter to thank the show’s fans for their support.

“Hey everyone… if you don’t know Hawthorne will not be returning for another season. I want to say thank you to all the fans for being Hawthorne soldiers,” she Tweeted. “All our facebook fans… twitter soldiers and viewers… you held us down.”

“Of course you know there is more to come… believe it!”


Side Note: With Marc Anthony's interview airing last night, Jada walking around without her wedding ring on, and having a long breakfast talk with Will.. now the show cancellation, one has to wonder.. What the hell is really going on?! Marc Anthony was recently announced as a series regular and the new music director of the show.

Whatever the case, "Hawthorne" was a great edition to quality television! Another network will surely pick up this amazing show!!!!!

Email, Call and flood TNT network with your outrage!!!

Was this the cause? Did TNT have a prob or someone else?? IJS

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brandy Talks TV, Music & More On Good Day L.A!

Side Note: Brandy tweeted last night she was going to the Sade concert with her "blessing". Wonder if it was Maksim.

Marc Anthony Speaks Out About Divorce With J.Lo!

Marc's full interview will air tonight on "Nightline".

Congrats: Alyssa Milano & Hubby Welcome A Baby Boy!


Via E:

Alyssa Milano welcomed a son with agent hubby David Bugliari this week, the first child for the proud as punch couple, who tied the knot back in 2009.

According to the couple's rep, little Milo was born this morning (Yesterday) at 9:27 a.m. He tipped the scales at an even 7 pounds and measured in at 19 inches long.

It's likely the first of many for Alyssa, as she told E! Online's Marc Malkin earlier this year that she "had such a great time being pregnant that you're probably going to see me more pregnant than not in the next few years, because I'm really digging it."

As for the naming process, Milano said that and David—who knew they were having a boy—had narrowed down the possible moniker to a selection of five and would decide between them once they actually met their son.

And as for her future plans, don't expect her to rush back to the grind.

"I really want to enjoy my child," she said. "Everyone keeps telling me how fast it goes by and to spend as much time with them as possible."

Congrats, you two!

Awkward Moment: Ray J & Kris Humphries On The Same Plane, Ray J Walks Up To Kris And......



Ray J & Kris Humphries were recently seated very close to each other on a plane. Well you can imagine how crazy awkward that moment had to be. Deets below:

Via Global Grind:

Ray J's run in with Kris Humphries is currently the talk of the town.

Imagine how awkward it must have been for Kris Humphries when he looked up and saw he was sitting right across the aisle from Ray-J, the guy who has a sex tape with his new wife, Kim Kardashian!

Well once Ray J noticed, he decided to speak and according to our friends at The New York Post:

After minutes of “awkward silence,” Ray J walked up to Kris’ seat to congratulate him, but Kris acted like he didn’t recognize him.

According to a source, “Ray J said, ‘Come on, you know who I am. I just want to say congratulations.’ Then Kris, realizing he was cornered, said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, I’m sorry I know who you are.’"

Side Note: Chile!!!! First of all... I KNOW Kris Humphries wasn't trying to throw shade. Mr. Kardashian needs to fall the hell back. Ray J was trying to be cordial in a very awkward situation. I don't get why the Kardashians are pissed at Ray J.. They should be kissing his.. Well.. *cough* - (LOL) Anywho, Ray J is the reason Kim Kardashian became relevant in pop culture... Therefore the entire family became famous based on Kim f**king her boyfriend on tape. So they need to start issuing checks to Ray J.. a 10% cut. So if they collectively made $68 Mil last year... In theory Ray J should get $6.8 Mil! Be happy he ain't trying to recoup.

So they (The Kardashian Klan) need to get off their high horses and Mr. Kardashian needs to... Let me stop here and just say.. Before Ray J made Kim famous, Kim was nothing more than Paris Hilton's sidekick. Now.. everyone knows Paris had a tape... so do your REALLY think it's a coincidence Kim Kardashian popped up in one? - Then "they" try to act all upset and shocked when it's "leaked". Goes further and sues the adult company that was to sell the tape and wins millions in an out of court settlement.

So stop frontin and just keep ish real!

T.I. Released From Prison Early!!!

Welcome Home TIP!