Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Must See TV: EMPIRE Returns Tonight!

 photo 141487CE-3D0A-47AF-9C33-061F2EB789DC.png_zpsed8z2mlb.jpeg

It's about that time...Empire is back! The mega hit show is set to hit the telly tonight after a long awaited return.

Empire airs at 9PM on Fox.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016

BATMAN v SUPERMAN: Dawn of Justice In Theaters Friday [Thursday 6PM Showings]

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This movie is going to be pure Epicness!

TV Pick: SLASHER [Horror/Suspense] Series on Chiller

 photo ABC6AA80-EC36-441F-B1A9-C201D0C711DC_zpstkk9otyj.jpg

S1/EP.1 Sneak Peek: The Executioner murders Sarah's parents before ripping her from her mother's womb. Slasher airs on Chiller, Fridays 9pm EST.

Season one of Slasher will consist of eight episodes. The show premiered March 4, 2016 on the Chiller Network. New episodes air Fridays at 9PM.

Catch up on previous episodes via On Demand. Chiller will also be airing the previous episodes tomorrow throughout the day before the new episode airs. Set your DVRs to record the previous episodes and the new episode at 9PM.

Prayers For Brussels

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Sending prayers and condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the horrific terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Movie Trailer: THE DARKNESS [Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, Horror] In Theaters 5.13.16

 photo F4DC6690-81B7-4C06-A792-5B19099958FF.png_zpspgfjpqw4.jpeg

3.22.16: President Obama's Remarks to the People of Cuba [Video]

 photo FBFF45EB-5D76-4BD0-A41F-435D8225FD5E.png_zpsaaaflkr6.jpeg

President Obama and the First Family visited Cuba last week; marking the first time a U.S. President visited Cuba in almost 90 years.

3.10.16: President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau Hold a Joint Press Conference [Video]

 photo FACBE7EE-5C2E-4E7D-ABBA-F7F17E1E882B.png_zpstotea40i.jpeg Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, visited the White House earlier this month. This was Prime Minster Trudeau's first official visit to the White House.

 photo CCFDE5E9-5E11-4F56-AA20-0E8370B1E7D4.png_zpsompqb0fx.jpeg Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

Good spirits!

 photo 44D686A7-C1DA-474B-AE98-08C0C38196CB_zpsoobsncj3.jpg President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Prime Minister Trudeau and wife, Sophie Trudeau Via the AP

 photo 76A81E47-1BA8-4B7B-B014-BFBFE516D6B9_zpskge3vddm.jpg First Lady Michelle Obama and Sophie Trudeau Photo via the Associated Press

 photo 1AE3E997-537F-45A1-8663-32356E8356D1_zpsmb8bmuya.jpg
Sophie Trudeau, First Lady Michelle Obama, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and President Obama at White House State Dinner Via the Associated Press

President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau Press Conference

Sunday, March 20, 2016

THE PASSION Live on FOX Tonight at 8PM

 photo 9095CB15-1263-4B42-8453-08503B4B4947.png_zps1pdhtjwa.jpeg

The Passion Live airs on FOX at 8PM. The epic production is hosted by Tyler Perry. Trisha Yearwood, Chris Daughtry and more star.

Friday, March 18, 2016

ALLEGIANT In Theaters Now


 photo 1D9119F1-134C-4D20-BECD-2ADF790F921B.png_zpssiwmw7e5.jpeg

Movie Trailer: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE [Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson] In Theaters 6.17.16

3.15.16: Hillary Clinton Sweeps, Donald Trump Continues Supernatural Wins

 photo 824C0818-2CDE-49DE-9A89-F8270B6AF4C5.png_zpsyuexqmiu.jpeg

Hillary Clinton continued to extend her delegate lead and political dominance over Bernie Sanders during this week's Super Tuesday primaries. As polls began to close in North Carolina, Florida and Ohio Tuesday, it became abundantly clear, Hillary Clinton wasn't just winning those primaries, she was dominating them, winning by significant margins. Bernie Sanders seemed to gain ground in Missouri, running neck in neck with Clinton. The former Secretary of State would go on to win Illinois and the final tally of votes for Missouri wasn't settled officially until Thursday. Sanders conceded the contest in Missouri after the primary was reported as too close to call, even though Clinton won by over 1500 votes. That's an official win in my book.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

North Carolina Primary Day! VOTE!!!!! + Primaries in FL, OH, IL & MO

 photo D5F5487E-29D9-4405-8CA6-8766120ED539.png_zpsx2mifqzx.jpeg (Photo via Democracy NC)

North Carolina's primary is today. Every registered voter must vote to make sure their voice is heard.


There are a few exceptions to the voter I.D. requirement in North Carolina. For more information on acceptable photo I.D. and exceptions, visit:

If you have questions about voting today, please call:
1-844-IM4-Hill / 1-844-464-4455

Polls are open in NC until 7:30PM.


Monday, March 14, 2016

The 2016 BET HONORS Airs Tonight at 8PM on BET

 photo 338BA36D-5808-41F8-B8FE-275F4AE2933F.png_zps5yzyuwpf.jpeg

The ceremony will be hosted by Arsenio Hall. Eric Holder, Patti LaBelle, Lee Daniels, L.A. Reid, and Mellody Hobson will be honored.

Tune in!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Book of the Month: [March 2016] - MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN [Book One] By Ransom Riggs

 photo 35F77D4B-8918-45C5-BE56-482144646314.png_zpszqgmhyqf.jpeg

This month's book of the month selection is the first book from a unique book series that I've heard nothing but good things about. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Book One) by Ransom Riggs is the March 2016 pick.

The distinctive story that is engulfed within a world of mystery, fantasy and supernatural intrigue is sure to be an interesting read. The haunting and creative photos add a creepy realness to the story as it unfolds.

Netflix Pick: FULLER HOUSE Series [Season 1 - 2016] + Video Clip

 photo 046F2E4F-ECBB-4AF5-A4A8-ECF65F6BCE14.png_zpsjtiaerlh.jpeg

I binge watched Boris Karloff's The Veil on Amazon Instant Video (Prime) and Fuller House on Netflix earlier today. Kudos to the folks that made the Full House reboot, Fuller House, happen. The new series on Netlix takes place 29 years later. Sometimes a reboot of a popular series is an atrocious and epic fail on every level. However, Fuller House is a refreshing new comedy series that stands on its own, yet is a gem for Full House fans due to the references and throwbacks that come from the original hit show.

Sad News: 3.6.16 - Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Passes at Age 94 - President Obama Speaks on the Legacy of Nancy Reagan

 photo 593E29A7-364A-4E50-A4B4-4113F7B12990_zpsojl96klu.jpg

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan's legacy lives on. Condolences to her family during this difficult time.

New Video: This One's For Me And You By JOHNNY GILL ft. NEW EDITION


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

UNDERGROUND Premieres Tonight at 10PM on WGN

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Underground  is a new drama set to premiere tonight. Aldis Hodge, Jurnee Smollett and Mykelti Williamson star in the slave revolt drama that you must experience.

Be sure to tune in at 10PM on WGN America!


 photo 55E7EDE7-27B1-48D9-A07C-9E17938212D0.png_zpspwvdzww9.jpeg

Thanks to all who participated!

Original 'Ultimate Movie Giveaway' Link

Sunday, March 6, 2016

DVR Alert: A CNN Moderated Democratic Presidential Debate Airs Live Tonight at 8PM

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders face off in another debate tonight. The Democratic Presidential nominee hopefuls will debate in Flint, Michigan.

The Flint water crisis is a CRIME. There should be folks charged for the devastation that has become a life-long and debilitating sentence for many young children and their families. It is utterly disturbing that certain elected officials in an American city would knowingly set events into place that resulted in the poisoning of  its residents.

 Hell will be waiting for those responsible.

THE FAMILY Airs Tonight at 9PM on ABC + QUANTICO is Back!

 photo 2D75F604-4970-4D25-BDDA-86A6963C65A8.png_zpsdimauxke.jpeg

The riveting new drama, The Family returns tonight at 9PM on ABC. Episode two airs tonight. If you missed the pilot episode, watch it at ABC.Com.

The must see thriller, Quantico, also returns tonight at 10PM.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


The Chocolate Chick Blog's


Do you love movies? This is the giveaway for you. 

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1. The Giveaway will be open March 3rd thru March 7th [11:59 PM PT]

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chris Rock's Opening Oscar Monologue + Leonardo DiCaprio WINS + Red Carpet

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Sunday night was the most talked about award show of the season. The 88th Annual Academy Awards were held in Hollywood and Chris Rock took to the stage to host the controversial ceremony. As the Hollywood elite sat in the crowd, some appeared a bit uneasy or perhaps nervous of what might go down, Chris Rock did what he does best. Rock's opening monologue hit home with wit, stings, shade and harsh truth.

Today is Super Tuesday + 2.23.16: SC Town Hall + Hillary Clinton's SC Victory Speech

 photo 3D2FFD45-7F14-4D6B-A895-BFB6A2B868DE.png_zpsra3lft2i.jpeg

The race to see who will claim victory of the Presidential nominations for the 2016 election continues to heat up. Hillary Clinton won the Caucus in Nevada a week ago and took the win in South Carolina on Saturday by a huge margin.

Heading into Super Tuesday today, Hillary Clinton has 546 delegates and Bernie Sanders has 87. This includes super delegates. A total of 2383 delegates are needed to win the Democratic Presidential nomination.