Friday, March 29, 2013

SCANDAL Season 2/Ep.17 'Snake In The Garden' Full Episode + Ep. 18 Promo

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 It. Just. Keeps. Getting. Better.

Last night's episode of SCANDAL was off the chain.  One of the many spectacular things about this show, is the fact that the entire cast act their asses off. There is not one single weak link in the bunch.

SCANDAL showcases what ACTING is. What ACTING looks like, sounds likes, feels like and the finished product is always stellar.

Bravo to all... Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young, Jeff Perry, Columbus Short, Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes and Joshua Malina.

Applause applause to Shonda Rhimes and the writing team for creating the best dialogue, plot twists, relationship dynamics and catch phrases ever.

Must must not forget to mention Henry Gregg's performance last night. His portrayal of  'Hollis Doyle' is always amusing, shocking and as we witnessed last night... unpredictable.   He did what was perhaps unthinkable prior to episode 17, he made 'Hollis Doyle' get if not but for a brief second... sympathy from the audience as a parent for having such a spoiled, ungrateful, obnoxious child who chose money over family.

I mean the girl staged her own kidnapping and cut off her ear for goodness sakes! All for money. Twenty million dollars. That cut 'Hollis'.

The developing relationship between 'Huck' and 'Quinn' is adorable and though in any other circumstance it would be 'off'... 'Huck' finding 'Quinn' a family that matched what she has gone through was sweet and showed how much he has come to like about and/or care 'Quinn'.

"HuckleberryQuinn" in the making. LOL

Bellamy Young's character 'Mellie' reading 'Fitz' last night was epic. She read him from the top of his gorgeous head, down to his feet. She spoke truth, something 'Mellie' is usually not apt to do. She hit 'Fitz' where he needed to be hit to get his behind back on track and off the scotch.

Fitz' if not a 'good' husband, is a good father. To hear that his children did not want to come home due to the obvious change in his behavior, snapped 'Fitz' awake.

Rudely. Loudly and quickly.

The drama continued.

The continuation of the mole storyline into the mix, with the surprising turn of events was good television at it's best. Outstanding.

Missed last night's episode? Watch it now.

Episode 18 promo: MOLLY, YOU IN DANGER GIRL