Saturday, December 8, 2012

SCANDAL Season 2 - Episode 8 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' Full Episode + Highlights + Afterbuzz TV Recap + Epi 9 Sneak Peek!

Goodness this show has my emotions going all over the place! Luv it!

Okay so by now like seriously if you're not watching ABC's SCANDAL, you're missing a scrumptiously dynamic ensemble of pure television excellence.

At this point, universities should consider having a course titled 'Scandalology', and have it taught as an elective.

It's just that good on every level.

This week's episode was full of suspense, intrigue, trauma, hella hot OLITZ romance, revelations, shocking twists and the constant edge of your seat drama that SCANDAL does better than any other show.

At the end, your mouth is left hanging open and you realize that you are stunned for a second, and then you breathe and began to process what you just witnessed, knowing full well that all is not what it seems.

Of course for the hardcore SCANDAL fans, a.k.a. GLADIATORS, we poured another glass of wine, grabbed the remote control and watched it again via the DVR. *Sighs*

I have to say just bravo to the entire cast, crew and writers. They bring it EVERY episode.

In this episode the 'Fitz' and 'Olivia' flashback scenes were scorching hot and beautifully romantic. 

The Oval office scene, just.... Lawd!

Then the rose garden scene where 'Fitz' tells 'Olivia' exactly how he feels... *swoons*.  Omg that man!
I wonder if I was the only one smiling like a damn fool watching that scene. LOL

It was so heartbreaking watching the scene where 'Olivia' is drawn to 'Fitz' side of the closet at the White House, picks up one of his NAVY sweatshirts and breakdowns. She had to be strong in public, but the man that she loves, the love of her life has been shot and is fighting for his life! She couldn't hold it in any longer. Kerry Washington owned that scene. It was brilliant.

Okay folks here are some must see highlights, full episode and the awesome Afterbuzz Show. [Big ups to the Youtubers who upload these SCANDAL gems. Y'all rock!]





 Don't miss the Winter Finale of SCANDAL next week, Thursday at 10PM on ABC.