Tuesday, May 13, 2014

[Video] - 5.12.14: Anderson Cooper Interviewed Racist Idiot Donald Sterling [Blank Stare]

Anderson Cooper recently interviewed the now infamous racist and banned LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The interview aired last night on CNN and it was a doozy.

First of all Donald Sterling is in fact a racist. Period. His insincere apology was uttered strictly because he got caught red-handed being exactly who he is and actually thought a mere apology would make everything better. His attempts to explain his idiotic comments only added fuel to the fire. He also accused Anderson Cooper of being a racist and then completely trashed Magic Johnson and had the nerve to say Magic had not done anything for "Black" people.

Donald Sterling truly needs to go sit in somebody's church and fully comprehend his thought process. He has one foot in the grave...so he better start quick.

Watch a few clips below from the interview that really shouldn't have even happened.

Donald Sterling is the epitome of fecal matter. That is all.

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