Monday, May 5, 2014

[Video] - Barbara Walters' Interview With Donald Sterling's "Silly Rabbit" V. Stiviano

On Friday, Barbara Walters' interview with Donald Sterling's "silly rabbit" (BLANK STARE) aired on ABC's '20/20'. This was the most ridiculous interview ever. V. Stiviano is not the brightest bulb in the box. She is delusional and clearly appears to be his mistress. Ain't no way in hell that man gave her millions of dollars in material possessions for just being his "EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT".

Stiviano also stated that Donald Sterling paid her a salary in the beginning and then...get this...PAID HER "OFF THE BOOKS". Now folks, that's an automatic "no, no" she basically said she hasn't been paying TAXES ON HER INCOME....Hello? That's ILLEGAL.

In addition, she should have just told the truth..She has been his paid mistress. I also don't understand why Barbara Walters didn't ask her point blank, "Have you EVER HAD SEX WITH DONALD STERLING?" Again, ridiculous interview. Stiviano is the epitome of delusional.


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