Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Video] - The Talk's Julie Chen Revealed Last Week She Had Eye Surgery, Denies Additional Surgeries

Last week on THE TALK, the panel each revealed secrets about themselves. Moderator Julie Chen revealed that she had eye surgery, to make her eyes appear larger.

After the before picture was released, folks in social media land was all abuzz, firmly believing Julie Chen had additional work done. Claims ranged from nose jobs to cheek surgeries. I even thought she'd had nose surgery after viewing the before photo.

Well this week, Julie Chen set the record straight. She denied any additional surgeries and says her transformation is from a good make-up artist. Check both videos below:

Side Note: Yes. Make-up is magic in jars, compacts, tubes, etc. It does miraculous transformations all the time. Some folks are still doubting that there weren't any additional surgeries. But clearly you can see in the video, the complete transformation. *Cough*

As someone who actually dabbles in make-up artistry as a hobby, you can re-create someones features completely. But like I said, even I thought she had nose surgery, prior to her stating she didn't. *Cough*

Just let me leave it at....

She has one hell of a make-up artist!

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