Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Charles Barkley Will Serve A Little Time In The Clinker For Rushing To Get Some "Brains!"....(BLANK STARE)

Looks like Charles "Basketball Head" Barkley is going to have to spend a little time in a pink jumpsuit! SMH!....Isn't his azz married?? Details Below:

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Barkley just pled guilty to 2 counts of driving under the influence and pleaded “responsible” to running a stop sign for the December 31 incident in Scottsdale. Barkley was sentenced to 10 days in jail — but will only do five if he completes an alcohol education program. Barkley was also fined $2,000.

Barkley will begin his sentence on March 21 — but it’s unclear if he will serve time in Arizona’s famed Tent City Jail, where they make the inmates wear pink. As for the gun cops say they found in Barkley’s car on the night of the arrest — no charges were ever filed.

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