Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tyler Perry Is Writing A Sequel To "Why Did I Get Married"!

Tyler Perry is making a sequel to "Why Did I Get Married?" It is one of his best films to date. Even though I love everything Tyler Perry produces! He is an amazing writer, actor and director!! Creative KING! I cannot wait to see the sequel! Fab!

Details Below:

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Will there be another pairing with Tasha Smith?
Tyler Perry: ‘Why Did Get Married Too?’ I’m writing it right now.

Why do a sequel to the film?
Tyler Perry: Because there is so much I want to say. There’s not another film that I have written that I felt like there’s more to say; and there’s more say in ‘Why Did I Get Married Too.’

Will it the same cast or a new group of actors?
Tyler Perry: It will be the same cast. Everybody. I won’t do it without the original cast.

What’s the storyline?
Tyler Perry: I can’t talk about it now, but it’s going to be great.

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