Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Morgan Freeman Is Being Sued!

One of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman is about to get sued....and bit in the azz at the same time! Details below.....

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The Ho.... oops I mean Lady.... oops I mean woman in the passenger seat during Morgan Freeman’s “horrific” car crash in August has announced she’s suing the actor.

In true Gloria Allred fashion, she’s holding a press conference today to announce that Demaris Meyer will “tell the truth about whether or not she was the ‘other woman’ in an intimate relationship with then-married actor Morgan Freeman when she was seriously injured as he was driving her car late at night.”

In the press release (of course Gloria issued a press release), Allred claims she will also display “never before seen graphic and disturbing photos of the car in which the actor and the woman were riding will be displayed.” (Blank Stare)

The following is part of what was in the press release:

"I have been labeled as the other woman and have been accused of having caused the breakup of Mr. Freeman's marriage," Meyer said. "Nothing could be further from the truth. I had hoped and prayed that Mr. Freeman or his representatives would have set the record straight and cleared my name, but they have not done so and that is why I have chosen to come forward to tell the truth about our relationship."

Gloria Allred is a media attention seeking predator...... just trife!

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