Monday, February 23, 2009

Update: TMZ Paid Stacks For Rihanna Photo + LAPD Searching For Person Responsible For Leak!

According to, TMZ shelled out $62,500 for Rihanna’s photo that had been entered into evidence. Sources say the hefty price was double that of the law enforcement official’s salary that leaked the photo.

Now, the LAPD has ‘declared war’ on the person who leaked the photo and TMZ may start to feel the pain too:

The Los Angeles Police Department says the person who leaked Rihanna’s post-altercation photo is going to face “serious pain”!

According to a release Friday, a spokesman for the LAPD said “We are not treating this lightly. It’s going to be a very painful experience for any personnel from this department and possibly those who they may have engaged in a conspiracy with to violate the laws of California.”

News of the “painful experience,” that could include up to three years behind bars, immediately followed Rihanna’s first official statement since the singer’s altercation with fellow chart-topping star Chris Brown.

In related news, sources say entertainment website TMZ may be named in a felony case in addition to those who helped the website obtain Rihanna’s ‘battered’ photograph, which had been entered as evidence in the pending case.

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