Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Song Disses Chris Brown!

A group by the name of "Smoke Jumpers" has a song titled "My Flow So Tight" that is gaining airplay on relevant radio stations. They go after Chris Brown in the song, with the repetitive line "Chris Brown Should Get His Azz Kicked"...details below and if you like, listen to the song below:

According to the Smoke Jumpers’ Web site, “A portion of the proceeds [from the song] will benefit various organizations for battered women.” No further details were available about which charity the funds would be going to….…

“I was really upset with the way a lot of celebrities and people were handling the situation. Not enough people were speaking out against Chris Brown,” one of the group’s members, C.W. Griz, told the AP about the R&B singer, who is scheduled to be arraigned Monday. “What he [allegedly] did was a thousand percent wrong. We’re not trying to take advantage of a horrible situation. We want to take a positive stance.” At press time, MTV News had not received comment from Brown’s rep about the song.

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