Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[Video] - "Love And Hip Hop" Season 2 - [Full] Episodes 8 & 9!

Episode 8:

Side Note: Again... It's just not a good look for women, especially black women to be acting a fool in public fighting. However I can see why Chrissy went in on Yandy's trife self. You DO NOT send your client's fiance' a book on "How to be a good daughter in law" when you don't know her like that and you DEFINITELY don't send a email to a man (client or not) and talk about what he is buying his fiance. That is over stepping your bounds, so Yandy should not have been surprised when she got popped in the face for trying it! Completely disrespectful of Yandy. #thatisall

Most Recent Episode: Episode 9:

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