Monday, January 23, 2012

Update: Kim Kardashian Revealed On "KKTNY" That She Didn't Want To Be Married To Kris Anymore!


In last night's episode of "Kourtney And Kim Take New York", Kim admitted she didn't want to be married anymore. Things started unraveling a few episodes back, however last night's episode was the first time the words were uttered in front of cameras.

Despite Kim Kardashian allegedly getting "caught" taping scenes for the show after the divorce announcement, yet allowing the footage to be placed in the show to make it seem as though it was happening prior to the breakup, one thing is clear.

Kim and Kris were not a happy couple. Anyone with eyes and ears could witness that prior to them getting married, especially during their four hour, 2 day wedding special that aired on the "Kardashian Network" [E!]

Whatever the case Kris Humphries was a terrible husband. Omg! I don't know who is going to be able to marry him and put up with his antics. He needs to grow up! He is immature, cruel, insensitive, appears lazy and I'm sorry but he just does not look like he knows how to ****!

If nothing else, even without the "fake" footage, the Kardashians should feel vindicated after all the haters went in on them all when Kim filed divorced papers after just 72 days of marriage. Any woman in her right mind after watching his doofy azz would have run for the hills after they realized they were married to THAT!

Case and point. In one of the scenes, Kim didn't even want to discuss something very important and sentimental to her with her hubby Kris and the look on her face at the end just showed she was so over his trife behind.

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