Saturday, January 21, 2012

Box Office War Preview: "Red Tails v/s "Underworld: Awakening" - Friday By The Numbers!

With the highly acclaimed film "Red Tails" entering the box office race yesterday (Friday) with a total of 2512 theaters showing the film, the very popular horror/sci-fi franchise "Underworld" released it' fourth installment as well, "Underworld: Awakening" opened in 3078 theaters.

Have to say, no shade to "Underworld: Awakening", but I would really love to see "Red Tails" win the box office war this weekend. It would be icing on the cake for the struggle it took for the film to even be made, but with the tenacity of George Lucas who wanted this story told, regardless of how a bigoted Hollywood felt about the film, he made it happen.

George Lucas fully financed and produced the film. He took $58 million dollars of his own money to show his support in getting the film done when Hollywood refused. (Check the archives for previous posts on "Red Tails".)

The support "Red Tails" has been receiving via promotion, word of mouth, social media etc has been outstanding, as is the film itself.

Friday's totals have been released. "Underworld: Awakening" pulled in $9.3 million, with a bonus of releasing in aprox. 566 more theaters than "Red Tails" and benefiting from showing in 3D and IMAX runs.

"Red Tails" did extremely well bringing in $6 million in ticket sales on Friday. This is a huge WIN for the film because "Red Tails" wasn't projected to do this well, based on what the typical "Hollywood critics" assumed. That's what the "critics" get for ASSUMING!

Let's keep it 100.... had "Red Tails" opened in the same amount of theaters as "Underworld: Awakening", a new shift in Friday's numbers would have been shown.

What's even more surprising is that late Friday night, Fandango was reporting that "Red Tails" was winning by 37 % in ticket sales, but I will leave that alone. [ Hint: Some theaters will try to give you a ticket to another film instead of the "black" film you paid to see to throw off the numbers, ALWAYS make sure you check your ticket stub, because this happens all the time].

With all that being said. This is why it is so important for this film to be shown support, to shut Hollywood up on the stereotype of what films will sell and what films will not.

CONGRATS to the cast, crew and George Lucas on doing so well at the box office. Final numbers will be released tomorrow. GO SEE THE FILM!

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