Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dang!!! Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones FIRED From "The X-Factor USA", Effective Immediately!! - [Updated]

[update] - Nicole Scherzinger claims she "quit" the show to focus on her music career. Sorry I find it hard to believe she just "quit" and Paula was "fired". Nicole knew she was about to be "fired" and for public image, wanted to make it seem as though she "quit". IMO

News breaking that Paula, Nicole and Steve have all been let go from "The X Factor USA". It's understandable that Steve even Nicole would be fired, but for the show to get rid of Paula Abdul after Simon begged her to be on the show and she still had a huge fan base who was brought over from "American Idol", is just foul! After Simon's reaction when Paula left "American Idol", it's shocking that HE would fire her.

Just cray! Simon ain't right in the least. Hell still waiting on the Mariah Carey appearance he dang near mentioned in every interview last season and she NEVER appeared. Get your ish together Simon!!!! FOUL!!!!

Now the only way to save this, Simon better bring BIG NAMES on as judges. Get Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston on the panel. Then and only then can this be understandable!

Btw... Steve needed to go!!!

Via Rolling Stone:

Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones have all been axed from the American version of Simon Cowell's hit singing competition The X Factor. The decision to fire two judges and the show's host was made at a meeting involving Cowell and his creative team in the United Kingdom, in which the group went over what they believe went right and wrong with the show's first season in the United States.

According to reports from a source close to the show, Abdul's role was deemed "irrelevant to the mix," particularly as the contestants she mentored were all picked off early in the competition. There was no explanation for why Scherzinger and Jones were dismissed, though the source noted that Cowell wanted to bring in bigger names for the second season. As it stands, L.A. Reid, the fourth judge on Cowell's panel, appears to be staying with the program.

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