Friday, January 20, 2012

DVD Pick Of The Week: "The Covenant" (2006)


"The Covenant" is an excellent movie and deserves to be a part of your movie collection. It's part horror, part suspense, part action and it's the recipe for a kick azz film. For those who have not seen it you will like the movie, for those who have already seen it... watch again!

Side Note: While "The Covenant" was considered a failure at the box office, it still opened at #1 during the weekend it opened and grossed over $37 million worldwide. The budget for the film was $20 million. So a profit was made regardless. However it's when the film hit home video/dvd that sales went through the roof and "The Covenant" became an instant cult hit. Upon it's release, the film sold 1,608,866 DVDs which translated into revenue of $26,496,040 in dvd sales alone! Cha-Ching!!!

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