Monday, January 2, 2012

Box Office Wars! Cha-Ching! Tom Cruise's "MI4" Does It Again! + Top 3 Most Successful Box Office Films Of 2011!


Tom Cruise's fourth installment of the successful "Mission Impossible" franchise "MI4", blows the competition out the water a second week in a row bringing in $31.4 million (3-day weekend total) $38.2 million (4-day weekend holiday total)!

While another year bid adieu, the movie industry enjoyed another great year. The top 3 films of 2011 are as follows, with a couple grossing over a billion dollars in total box office revenue:

1. "Harry Potter / Deathly Hallows" (P2) US totals: $381,011,219 - Worldwide total: $1,328,111,219

2. "Transformers 3" US total: $352,390,543 - Worldwide total: $1,123,746,996

3. "Breaking Dawn Part 1" US total: $276,095,00 - Worldwide total: $657,095,000

*Slightly different outcome for the top grossing films of 2011 based on Worldwide totals, the number 3 slot goes to "Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", which grossed $1,043,871,802 worldwide, yet, only $241,071,802 in the US. So "Breaking Dawn Part 1" beat "Pirates" in the 2011 US Box Office Battle!

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