Monday, February 6, 2012

[Video] - Rihanna & Chris Brown Partied At The Same Club Again + Drake Was There Too!

Okay by now you know here on the Chocolate Chick, it has been said since day one that Rihanna and Chris Brown would reunite at some point. Not going to rehash all the things that have transpired in the past year but feel free to search on the blog.

Well now the two were spotted for a second time partying at the same club again, "Greystone Manor" in West Hollywood, this time Chris Brown's current girlfriend was not in attendance.

Others that were there have stated that Chris had his eyes on Rihanna the whole night and tweeted “Can’t stop looking” while still at the club.

I've stated for the longest that Chris Brown and Rihanna have been slowly but surely trying to ease in baby steps back into a relationship to curb a backlash from fans but mostly the highly critical media.

I'm sure it's their PR that is worried not the two of them. Perhaps they will officially reunite or just remain friends.

But here's the kicka, Rihanna's other ex Drake was there too. LOL

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