Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Video] - Jennifer Holliday Crawls Out The Woodwork To Speak About Whitney! [Shady!!!]

Side Note:

I agree that people need to stop being so evil and hard on Bobby Brown. He is mourning Whitney's death as well. He is Bobbi Kris' father and Whitney would want her daughter to be taken care of and not have the father of her child demonized.

Btw... Jennifer threw shade all over Whitney after Whitney SANG a song Jennifer made famous while doing a Broadway play. Whitney SANG the same song on the AMA's, [I just posted that performance this week on the blog] and she sang the hell out that song! She sang it better than Jennifer ever could. Jennifer was pissed that Whitney sang the song. Like she owned it or something. NOW she wanna open her crooked mouth and speak?

She even had smartass comments about the film "Dreamgirls" and Jennifer Hudson's portrayal of the character Jennifer Hudson won her Oscar from in the hit film "Dreamgirls". Jennifer Holliday played the character in the hit broadway play way back in the day.

Jennifer Holliday is just a evil and jealous person. Until she shows otherwise IMO.

I am attempting to show respect to Jennifer Holliday. She is a powerhouse singer, but she's no Whitney Houston. Sowwy.

People really need to stop saying they have Jesus in they life. God don't like ugly. Whitney is gone. Just let her have peace. Whitney's daughter Bobbi and her family don't need to see Jennifer's mug on the screen saying what they already know.

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