Monday, February 13, 2012

[Video] - 2.13.12 - Celine Dion Speaks About Whitney Houston's Death!

First before I begin... I am a huge fan of Celine's music. Now....

How dare she get her azz on national television and speak on Whitney in this way. We all know Whitney had issues with drugs in her life. She was also continuing her sobriety. For her to insinuate WHITNEY GAVE UP ON MOTHERHOOD among other things is INEXCUSABLE!

She should be speaking of the legacy left behind and how she inspired her. It is just too much with all this other ish going on. Dayum can she at least be buried first before people tear her down all over again!?

I cannot believe this is coming from Celine. Where is the class she usually exudes? Rene must have snatched it along with her teenage years!

Yeah I said it! Get YOUR life!!!!

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