Monday, February 13, 2012

Mariah Carey Postpones Her Appearance On "Good Morning America", Grieving Her Friend Whitney!

Mariah Carey has postponed a scheduled appearance on "Good Morning America". She is still grieving the loss of her friend Whitney. Details below:

"Mariah's appearance on Good Morning America, originally due to air live tomorrow, has been postponed. Mariah was scheduled to discuss the association between herself, Jenny Craig and the American Heart Association, and debut her new Public Service Announcement which she co-directed with Daniel Pearl.

A rep for Carey said: "Mariah is still mourning the death of her friend and collaborator Whitney Houston and thought it was too soon to appear on TV to discuss anything else."

Mariah's 1998 collaboration with Whitney Houston, "When You Believe", won an Academy Award for "Best Song" in 1999. Soon after she heard the tragic news of Whitney's passing, Mariah released a statement saying:

"Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston. My heartfelt condolences to Whitney's family and to all her millions of fans throughout the world. She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth."

Side Note: Celine Dion.. take notes. This is how a REAL friend or just a compassionate person reacts to a devastating situation. They show compassion. They don't call in to a national news show and act holier than thou and do nothing but be judgemental and condescending throughout the interview. Mariah Carey has class, again Celine.. take note.

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