Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Video] 2.13.12 - Wendy Williams Shares Her Thoughts On Whitney Houston's Passing! + The Infamous 2003 Radio Interview Between Wendy and Whitney!

Side Note: I just could not post this yesterday after watching it because this post would not have been able to stay up from all the venom that would have been put in my words in reference to Ms. Wendy Williams.

I'm happy that I took a day before posting my thoughts on this bullshit.

First let me say Whitney Houston was my favorite favorite recording artist of all time, period. Mariah Carey is a close second. [Michael Jackson was my favorite Entertainer of all time.]

However I could list a plethora of my "fave" artists and the list would never end. I luv music... good music. But as I stated, Whitney Houston was my favorite, as I've stated on this blog many times, no one could touch classic Whitney vocally.

With that being said. I was devastated when news hit of Whitney's death. Had never met her in person, but I felt the loss. The tears that flowed from my eyes the evening I turned to CNN to confirm what I was reading on twitter were real, something Wendy Williams would know NOTHING ABOUT.

I cannot begin to express the disgust.... [Pause]

Let me start again.... The video above had some emotion in it. That is true. However not for one minute will I ever believe Wendy shed tears over the death of Whitney. No.. never that.

Wendy was somewhat emotional...... because of GUILT.

She was remembering all the times she spoke ill of Whitney, the times she gave the side eye looks in the camera while trashing Whitney, the times she sarcastically waved "fans" in the audience begging Whitney to appear on her show after she continued to talk out the side of her mouth about Whitney... the times she spoke about Whitney on her show and while doing so, ALWAYS POSTED THE MOST UNFLATTERING PICTURES OF WHITNEY ON THE MONITOR [THAT IS UNTIL YESTERDAY!], she's remembering the way she looked when Simon Cowell appeared on her show and he spoke so wonderfully about Whitney, she's thinking about how she implored her audience for someone to send her the ENTIRE "Being Bobby Brown" reality show series so she could watch it then gleefully thanked someone who did send it to her and just last week she mocked Whitney by using some of what she picked up from watching the reality show when speaking about why Simon should NOT choose Whitney as a mentor for his show "The X Factor". Yep... just last week. A few days later, Whitney was dead.

Guilt. Guilt is what Wendy is consumed with right now. Guilt is what made Wendy state on her show yesterday that she WOULD NOT BE TALKING ABOUT THE DEATH OF WHITNEY ON HER SHOW AGAIN. GUILT.. BECAUSE SHE NEVER SAID A GOOD THING ABOUT WHITNEY, NEVER SHARED GOOD NEWS ABOUT WHITNEY, ONLY THE BAD. GUILT.

KARMA is another thing that's floating out there right now. Karma never forgets a wrong that was done and Wendy did all kind of wrongs on Whitney. Karma is a BITCH and when it finds Wendy, she will hear an audible knock and then the words "HOW YOU DOIN!!!!???????

And she should forever feel guilt for the radio interview with Whitney, but Whitney read Wendy's ass good for the foul ish she was bringing up in the interview.

If you never heard the infamous interview between Wendy and Whitney, this is it below.

R.I.P Whitney!

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