Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrachue Tran Disses Rihanna...Again!?


Is there a rivalry brewing between Rihanna and Chris Brown's current girlfriend Karrueche Tran over the affections of CBreezy??


Some seem to think so after a few days ago, [Feb. 24th] Rihanna tweeted a pic [NOT the one above] with the caption "U Mad? #No1Currrrrr?"

However the tweet appeared to maybe have been tweeted in response to fans who got out of pocket with Rihanna on twitter about her becoming "friends" again with Chris.

Well that was until Karrueche tweeted the following pics a day ago with captions and some say it was a direct response and diss at Rihanna. Karrueche tweeted:

"Yup... Get Mad."


Chris Brown tweeted the following pic with the caption: I don't know what the hell I'm doing! Hungry????

Chris pic seems like lighthearted fun. Karr's tweet seems to have a subliminal message for somebody.

This isn't the first time some have accused Karruche of dissing Rihanna. Back in October, this youtube video appeared with Karruche and friends. It prompted someone to put a "disclaimer" at the beginning of the video. But they ain't fooling nobody. Check it below:

*Now it's obvious they clownin Rihanna in this vid while playing her music in the background.


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