Sunday, February 5, 2012

-- The Giants V/S The Patriots --


The time has come yet again for the NFL showdown of the year.

Celebs and fans will flock to the stadium to watch the biggest game of the year, fans at home, bars, clubs will gather around big screens... now they're preparing for the Super Bowl parties and are about to get their party game on!

The highlight of the Super Bowl as well will be the artists performing the "National Anthem" (Kelly Clarkson), "America The Beautiful" (Hubby and Wife Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert) and then the highly anticipated half-time show. This year of course the artist will be Madonna.

We also get to look forward to the uber expensive and entertaining commercials companies will be hyped to see playing while the biggest television audience is watching.

So everybody have fun, be safe, eat delicious & fattening foods (LOL), enjoy the game, commercials and the half-time show!

Super Bowl XLVI (Giants vs Patriots) begins at 6:30pm ET, of course there will be a pre-game event before that and tune in right after for the premiere of the 2nd season of the hit show "The Voice". Must See TV all evening!

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