Thursday, April 18, 2013

[Video] - CNN / John King Gets Boston Marathon Bombing Arrest WRONG + John King Claimed The Suspect Was DARK SKINNED

CNN's "reporting" of the Boston Marathon bombing story yesterday, if you can call it that, was atrocious. Wolf Blitzer and John King were live in Boston reporting on the horrific bombing that happened earlier this week.

John King stated on air that a credible source relayed to him that a suspect had been arrested in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing. He even went further and stated that the suspect was a 'dark skinned' male. He wouldn't go into any additional details on the supposed description of the "suspect". Only that he was 'dark skin'.

He claimed the credible source told him additional information on the description of the suspect, yet he chose to not relay the information, because he wanted to be "sensitive" to how some folks might feel.

Really? What in the hell are they doing over at CNN? Over the course of the last sixteen months, CNN has begun to morph into a clone of FOX NEWS Network. The new head of the network Jeff Zucker, has made a plethora of eyebrow raising decisions that has included firing several POPULAR black journalists and analysts, while hiring a steady stream of conservative journalists.

Well after yesterday's amateur and inaccurate reporting, it left CNN/John King the laughingstock of news. Twitter went IN on John King and the network. Many folks spoke out about John King's one descriptive of the "arrested" suspect.

The FBI even had to release a statement to the media about reporting ACCURATE information. Now it's REALLY embarrassing when the FBI has to call out a major news network... CNN will never be looked at as a credible source of news again.

They proved yesterday that they didn't care about the facts, they only cared about getting an EXCLUSIVE, even if the EXCLUSIVE was dead ass wrong.

If you missed the inaccurate reporting yesterday, take a look now, it began with John King saying a suspect had been identified.

In conclusion, MSNBC/NBC did not run with the story about a suspect being arrested.... they waited for the facts.

Hats off to MSNBC/NBC for actually wanting to report real news, accurate news.... for being a CREDIBLE news network.

I know Chris Cuomo is wishing like hell he stayed at ABC and Anderson Cooper had to be pissed. Just saying.

[Chris Cuomo and Anderson Coopers are REAL journalists]