Sunday, April 14, 2013

Box Office Wars: '42' Strikes A Home Run!!!!

'42' slid into first place at the box office. The Jackie Robinson film grossed an estimated $27,250,000 in ticket sales.

The movie was outstanding! If you haven't seen it... do so.

The fifth installment of the horror parody franchise SCARY MOVIE flopped badly. The film only managed to bring in an estimated $15,153,000 in box office receipts.

How bad did it bomb? Well SCARY MOVIE 4, which released in April 2006, pulled in $40,222,875 during it's weekend debut.

By far, the most successful SCARY MOVIE in the franchise was the original that released in 2000 and during it's run, had an intake of $157,019,771 in domestic ticket sales, on a $19 million budget.

The worldwide total box office numbers for the original SCARY MOVIE was a staggering $278,019,771. The Wayans were attached to the project, which was why the film was successful.

My favorite was SCARY MOVIE 2. The Wayans' were also attached to the sequel.

By the time the third SCARY MOVIE rolled around, the Wayans' weren't involved, which was a big mistake for the powers that be. They should have kept the Wayans on the project.

Just to put into contrast the Wayan name and talent. Marlon Wayans released A HAUNTED HOUSE in early 2013.

A HAUNTED HOUSE was also a horror parody film.

On a budget of only $2.5 million, the film brought $18,101,682 in ticket sales the first weekend, landing in the number two spot.

The film grossed over $40 million dollars after it's run in theaters.  It's all about the numbers.

Marlon was one of the two writers of the film, one of the producers and the main lead. He made some cheddar.

There will also be a sequel to A HAUNTED HOUSE.