Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5.9.15: First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks Truth on Racism During Tuskegee Commencement Address + Ann 'The Scream Movie Mask' Coulter and Sean Hannity Give Their Ignorant Commentary on "Faux" News

Our amazing First Lady delivered the 2015 commencement address at Tuskegee University, a historically black university. During her inspiring and uplifting address, Michelle Obama also spoke about the realities that people of color face even to this day, including her experiences. A powerful message was embedded within the truth of those words...regardless of whatever one has to face, from folks assuming they know who you are and not knowing what you have been through...only judging you based on the color of your skin...never allow that racism to keep you from moving forward with your dreams and aspirations. Success and achievement in the face of the ignorance thrown at the way to rebuke it.

On the flip side, no sooner than the transcript of Michelle Obama's speech was released, the vultures in conservative media began their ignorant and imbecilic verbal assault. Instead of absorbing and understanding the experiences the first lady spoke about, something the folks such as Ann 'The Scream Movie Mask' Coulter and Sean Hannity over at Fox News has never had to endure mind you, they chose to continue to prove their racist mentality and further show their insecurities at the fact that DESPITE the obstacles and roadblocks put in the way of people of color still today...we never stop reaching to attain our goals successfully. This is accomplished based on intelligence, endurance, hard work, thick skin and the ability to understand the dynamic of the world today and moving through the ignorance, rather than allowing it to slow down or stop your progress.

For those not familiar with what the Scream movie mask looks like...

LMFAO *Tears* Ann Coulter's twin:
  photo 8F3BE67B-75F7-4EB3-AF24-921BD9FE342A_zpskabt4w2i.jpg

[Video] - ANN 'THE SCREAM MOVIE MASK' COULTER AND SEAN HANNITY's condescending speak on Black folks. These two are so stupid and comical. The words that flow out of their mouths are like it's from some red neck comedy sketch.


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