Monday, May 4, 2015

5.1.15: Six Baltimore Officers Charged in the Death of Freddie Gray

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Baltimore City's State Attorney Marilyn Mosby was front and center in the news Friday, at the forefront of a nationwide outcry for justice in the horrific death of Freddie Gray, a 25 year old young man who died of a broken neck while in the custody of the Baltimore police. A previous blog post included the video that a witness captured while Freddie Gray was being arrested. You can clearly see Freddie Gray was in pain and in distress. It was hard to watch. It is known that Freddie Gray stated he couldn't breathe, he also requested his which it wasn't provided.

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The actions of the police officers in this particular case wreaks of gross negligence several times over. It is imperative that justice prevails in this case. My thoughts and prayers remain with Freddie Gray's family and the residents of Baltimore who are seeking justice with peaceful protests. Stay vigilant.

I just have to say...Bravo to Marilyn Mosby. This is how a State Attorney handles their business. They actually investigate the case and work with everyone to get answers. They also request an independent investigation be done as well. They seek justice for victims who can't do so themselves and when the evidence points to foul play or wrong doing, they don't cower away or turn their backs on the victims for the sake of "political" alliances, racism or corruption within a system or fear of being harassed by authorities in their area for bringing legitimate charges on officers who indeed were the cause of a young man's death. Bravo to Marilyn Mosby who was able to do her job, unlike St. Louis county prosecutor, Bob McCulloch, who failed to bring charges against officer Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Mike Brown. He chose to allow a grand jury to hear evidence in the case to determine the charges even though the "official" police investigation had not been completed. Upon the grand jury's decision...McCulloch appeared quite gleeful to announce that Darren Wilson would not be charged in the shooting death of Mike Brown. He then spent the rest of the time speaking ill of the victim in the case.

Every community should have a State Attorney that exudes the professionalism and credibility that Mosby does in running her office. While filing charges doesn't guarantee convictions in this case, it does show that moving forward, the prosecution will actually do what they are paid to do...their job.

Marilyn Mosby is a wife and mother of two. She comes from a family of police officers. Both her parents were police officers, as well as additional family members. In addition, Mosby's grandfather was one of the founding members of the first Black police organization in Massachusetts.

Watch the press conference below and witness how a leader steps up to the plate and do what's right:

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