Monday, November 18, 2013

OMG. I DIED WHEN I SAW THIS... MSNBC's Martin Bashir Gives Commentary in Response to Sarah Palin's "Slavery" Comment

A few days ago, Martin Bashir gave commentary on Sarah Palin's recent ignorant "slavery" remark. This wasn't the first time Sarah Palin used the term "slavery", in comparing policy, (a subject she doesn't understand or comprehend,) while the sitting President is a man of color.

Coffee literally spewed, as I watched this video.

As you can imagine, white wing conservatives... oops, I meant, extreme right wing conservatives, are crying foul and calling for sponsors to drop their support from Martin Bashir's show.

Like really? Palin threw the first derogatory insinuation. Deal.

Bashir went in and read Palin's red-neck imbecillic ass. He basically told her to "eat shit"! *Dead* 

Btw...I'm not a fan of Martin Bashir...I've referred to him as "Bashit", ever since his shady interview with the late-great Michael Jackson.

Check the video below.



Now...remove Sarah Palin from the context of the commentary. The reality of the actual words describing the way the term was brought about during slavery is horrid. Hope the folks involved in the atrocious acts are feeling the eternal flames.

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