Friday, February 8, 2013

SCANDAL [Full Episode] Season 2 - Episode 13 'Nobody Likes Babies' - Oh. My. Daaaayuuuummmmmm!!!!!

 photo fdb5c131-3a34-4c6c-98e2-1d3da6486967_zps87abc953.jpg 

Lawd how mercy!

Last night's episode of SCANDAL was crazy intense! Mind blowing.

Shoot, I woke this morning still like 'daaaayuuuum'. Shonda Rhimes and the entire SCANDAL crew did the damn thang!

From beginning to the very end of this shocking episode, you couldn't blink, speak (unless to cuss folks out LOL), couldn't breathe in some moments and then had to clasp your chest in horror/shock/whiplash, from the pure sheer genius of the SCANDAL writers and the extremely talented stellar cast who kicked ass!

The ending had me throwing the remote, spilling my wine, etc

Emmys all around. Cannot wait for next week's episode. Looks like a furious/angry/jealous Fitz is back. HOT!

Shit I need therapy from watching this damn show. This can't be normal. LMAO - Oh and if you didn't know.... SCANDAL is the BEST show on television. That is a non debatable fact. IMO.

Check the episode below and the MUST SEE promo for next week's episode. It just screams a 'jealous' Fitz is going to emerge yet again when the new love interest enters the picture. Chile! [It will be 10 months later]