Monday, February 18, 2013

Full Episode: SCANDAL Season 2 - Episode 14 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' [W.T.F.] - MUST SEE TV

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Last week's 'Scandal' episode [#14] 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' was off the chain!

Going into the episode, we knew that the show would pick up 10 months later, from the previous episode [#13] 'Nobody Likes Babies'.

Ten months later and Fitz is still angry, upset and pissed at Olivia, for her part in rigging the election.

Fitz has also taken up a new favorite pastime.... drinking. *ShakesHead* Fitz knows better, but he's hurt and feels betrayed.

Fitz is also dealing with missing the love of his life, yet being furious at the same time. Cyrus has also been given the cold shoulder from Fitz. Mellie is STILL being Mellie.

The poor thang realizes her hubby does not want her anymore, but she's willing to stick it out for what... power, money, prestige...ect. She knows Fitz is in love with Olivia. Fitz didn't even want Mellie's BJ!

LMFAO Chile! She should have crawled beneath the floor.

This episode was fire! Cutie Scott Foley was introduced into a new storyline with Olivia, for those who haven't watched the episode yet, I won't spoil it. But this storyline is about to get hella interesting.

But oh Shonda Rhimes and crew never disappoints the ride or die GLADIATORS.

The OLITZ scene and build up to the 'climatic' ending was just like... DAMN! Televisions blew up all around the country.

Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington are explosive together. That chemistry is creating havoc, in a good way....globally.

Tony Goldwyn naturally has that swagger about him, and even at 50 he is hella sexy and he just screams ALPHA male.

Damn the way Tony... oops I mean 'Fitz' was going after Kerry... oops I mean 'Olivia', down that hall, and then yanked her in that closet control room to have a much needed *cough* after ten months of not seeing one another and three years since they had been intimate with one another, was just blazing HOT!

The anger, love, lust and time apart just had to be unleashed!

 [I so hope 'Fitz' & 'Olivia' made a baby in that control room... now that would be one sho nuff SCANDALOUS season finale!!!]

As always.. hats off to the entire cast, writers and crew. Another epic episode. Take a moment and watch the latest episode if you missed it or hell just to watch it again. LOL

Tune in next Thursday at 10PM on ABC for a new episode.

Catch next week's promo too. Next week will be Episode 15 - 'Boom Goes The Dynamite'.

Best dang show on television!

Only 8 episodes remain for Season 2 folks.  So ready to hear the official word that we will be getting a season three.