Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl 2013 Recap: Ravens Win (34-31), Beyonce Shut It Down, DC Reunite, The Blackout, Best Commercial & The Performances

Well I just have to say, Super Bowl XLVII will definitely go down in history as one of the best and most eventful.

Not since Michael Jackson took to the stage at half-time, had there ever been such pandemonium leading up to a performance, as was with Beyonce's anticipated half-time performance.

But prior to half-time, there was a great game being played... by the Baltimore Ravens.

At half-time, the Ravens were leading the 49ers 21 - 6.  I was hyped for the Ravens. Partly because Ray Lewis would be ending his career with another Super Bowl championship, which going into half-time, I thought the Ravens' win was inevitable.

Of course the super bowl commercials were a highlight as well. Folks picked their faves. The Doritos commercial was hilarious. GoDaddy's commercial was just hella nasty. *Vomit* - Budweiser's commercial was so sweet and I think the best of the evening.

There were a plethora of funny, shocking and touching commercials to go around.

Companies attempted to grab the consumer's attention and business with million dollar plus advertising gimmicks. But little did anyone know what was to happen next.

After Beyonce's amazing performance at half-time, which included a Destiny's Child reunion, the players returned to the field and after a bit, the power went out in the superdome.

It was the 'blackout' seen around the world. Twitter lit up with #superbowlblackout tweets and jokes galore.

However, one genius move by an Oreo marketing employee, proved that the winner of all the 'commercial' hype, would actually go to a quick thinking 'online' marketing strategy that went viral.

Oreo tweeted the following during the blackout:

 Power out? No Problem


Oreo's tweet instantly became a hit and as of now has over 15,200 retweets. Smart. Quick. Quite a success.

Someone is getting a raise! LOL

After a 34 minute pause in the game due to the blackout, thousands of tweets speculated in fun that Beyonce's electrifying half-time performance caused the blackout and even Bey's hubby Jay Z got in on the fun by tweeting:

 Lights Out!!! Any questions??

It was a classic tweet.

Repeating Beyonce's famous words after she shut the media and haters down after singing the 'National Anthem' live last week in which after her last triumphant note, she asked the media crowd "Any questions?".

Such a popcorn moment. Epic.

But the jaw dropping moment of the evening was the rejuvenation the 49ers had after the black out.

With the half-time score at 21-6, Ravens winning by a decent margin, the 49ers quickly closed the gap.

However even though it made great television drama at parties across the country, it wasn't enough for the 49ers to beat the Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens pulled out a win, with a final score of 34-31. It was quite an entertaining game.

Congrats to the Ravens and Ray Lewis, who after 17 seasons and 2 Super Bowl championships will be retiring.

All in all... Super Bowl 47 was one hell of an event!

My favorite super bowl commercial was from Budweiser... Such an 'awwww' moment.

Performances included Jennifer Hudson and students from Sandy Hook singing 'America The Beautiful', Alicia Keys performed the 'National Anthem' and Beyonce's (accompanied by Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams) half-time performance. Beyonce performed a medley of hits like "Love on Top," "Crazy in Love" "End of Time," "Baby Boy," "Independent Women," "Single Ladies" and "Halo."


After Beyonce's successful performance, she dashed behind the stage and flew into her hubby's arms. The exuberant couple then ran through the backstage area.

Another 'awwww' moment.


 photo f81ddea0-370e-44e0-bae0-4e3cda178623_zpsfab908f8.jpg
Beyonce penned a note to honor the ladies who also performed during the super bowl.


Destiny's Child also enjoyed a fun moment backstage.