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Maksim Chmerkovskiy Speaks Candidly About How He Feels About "DWTS", The Surprising Elimination Of His Best Friend Tony Dovolani & Chynna & More!


Maksim Chmerkoviskiy is never one to hold back on how he feels and he is pretty revealing about how he feels about his show "Dancing With The Stars" in his TV Guide blog. His full blog entry is listed below: (Very interesting read)

Via TV Guide:

Hi everyone,

Hope you're well! Thanks for voting for us!

We have the tango next week and rehearsals are going great so far. It is '80s week and I didn't really want to incorporate anything, but producers insisted. I mean, an '80s tango just sounds weird. But I have a good idea and a good story.

I thought Hope did an amazing job with the foxtrot. She was great and we're pleased with the 24. I just want to be clear that we don't' have issues. We don't have problems. We don't have life issue situations we need to overcome. We're just dancing and we're trying to do our best. Given Hope's background, all the physical attributes we're trying to enhance, I'm proud of her. For a badass goalkeeper to dress up as Jessie, she was great. She was really believing in it and living it up. She's improved. Her frame's so much better. The technical aspect of foxtrot was up there. But we're starting a new dance, and as it is with every new routine, we start from scratch. I'm hoping to get to the point where she starts learning tango as a continuation of foxtrot in terms of skill.

As for Len's comment that Hope is not committed, I think it's a heavily produced moment. The judges have no idea nor do they particularly care how much we rehearse. For him to say stuff like that, he was told to say it. I don't know what the point is, but it is what it is. I love the show. I think it is an amazing job. It's a great opportunity, a phenomenal platform for promoting what I love, but we're becoming a form of entertainment. I feel like we're losing a little bit of our dignity. I think we need to find a way to balance it out. There has to be room for an incredible story. There has to be room for shock factor, but I also feel like Chynna and Kristin leaving told everybody that unless they have a gazillion of people voting, it's not good enough. Chynna has one hiccup and she leaves. Others hiccup on a regular basis and they're not in jeopardy at all.

Tony is upset, it kills me. He was so happy this season. He wanted to go all the way. He had an amazing dancer in Chynna. It feels like, there are some couples that do one tiny thing well, the judges glom to it. They love it. Then there are couples no matter what they do, one thing they miss on that is noticed, they harp on it. J.R.'s dance was probably the best male foxtrot of the night. I thought it was phenomenal. For Carrie Ann to comment the way she did, we were like, "What is she talking about?" I'm 31 years old. I've spent 27 of them ballroom dancing and I've spent the last five years doing the show and all types of dancing. I've done everything. I've done competitions, Broadway, TV, radio, producing, and teaching. I'm saying right now that Carrie Ann does not have more experience. If none of us know what she's talking about, then we have a problem. We had no idea what she was saying. The Pink Panther is a comedy! It was like, "Where is this coming from?"

I feel like anything I say right now will sound like "typical Maks." The reality is I'm not angry about anything. I'm having an amazing time from every aspect. Some people say that I'm not having fun, that I'm not myself, or I'm not enthusiastic. You don't really know me, but looking back, I've realized that a spark is not there. It's common for everybody on the show. I feel like each season, I'm coming back hoping for some kind of a Cinderella story, like a fairy tale. I lose hope last. I'm the last one that's left that still believes I can win it. Our show is about dance. Sometimes being a good dancer helps and sometimes that doesn't help. Fans want to see somebody else stay longer because I don't know why. Better story? Better personality? They feel like they represent them. That discourages you. That discourages everyone.

When I was with Brandy, I was on fire. I was trying my best every week, every show, every number. I was trying to come up with something new and exciting, and we didn't make the final. It made me angry at the moment. I thought about it afterward, and it is about the fans. Who said that Bristol doesn't have a right to be in the final? Of course she does. It was a lost cause for most of us, for the ones with a smaller fan base, the ones who are not as good as dancer as Jennifer Grey. Kristin leaving was sad. Chynna leaving was discouraging. It truly is. Right now, I personally have two options as a pro on Dancing: 1) our fans are going to carry us as far as they will, but it won't be enough to carry us all the way because somebody has a bigger fan base. So will I kill myself every week to come up with something spectacular? Why not go for something that's just enough? Fans are going to vote. 2) Look, I'm too proud. I'm still a pro and no matter the outcome, I want the product to be the best it can be even though I understand it might be a lost cause.

The other factor is that I'm Maksim Chmerkovskiy. I'm the son of my parents. I'm brother of Valetin. I'm a friend to many people. Those people know that I will never let Hope down. I like her. We're friends. We have a great friendship. I don't want to let her down. It would not be fair to Hope if I were to do just enough.

One last thing: Make sure to follow me on Twitter at @MaksimC. I'm going to tweet the names of the stores across the country that will be carrying my jewelry line starting this month. You can, of course, find them on Amazon and Endless too.

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