Monday, December 12, 2022

Harry & Meghan: Volumes I & 2 Streaming Now on Netflix [Trailers 1 & 2]

Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix docuseries is a massive hit. The highly anticipated documentary topped Netflix's most-watched shows, coming in at number one. Although the show was going to be successful in its own right, haters, naysayers, and racists helped drive up the numbers.

Huge thank you to the haters and racists.

It was refreshing to finally hear what happened directly from Prince Harry and Meghan. Not the false narrative put out by the British media.  The garbage the British media spewed was disgusting and racist.
It still is.

The British media and I would even venture to say some working within the Firm, deliberately set out to try to destroy Meghan.        

Meghan was American, too intelligent, had an actual personality, her man loved her and she was 

She was also too popular in the beginning.

Her light was diminishing someone else's light. However,  if someone is boring and stiff, Meghan isn't to blame. 

Even with the truth out there, some folks still choose to hate Meghan and punish Prince Harry for no reason.

Harry and Meghan have a beautiful family and wonderful friends.  They will be okay, despite the ugliness they have been shown by the royal family, British media, and a large sector of the British public. 

Harry and Meghan: Volume II drops on 12.15.22.

Via Netflix:

In an unprecedented and in-depth documentary series, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex share the other side of their high-profile love story. Across six episodes, the series explores the clandestine days of their early courtship and the challenges that led to them feeling forced to step back from their full-time roles in the institution. With commentary from friends and family, most of whom have never spoken publicly before about what they witnessed, and historians who discuss the state of the British Commonwealth today and the royal family’s relationship with the press, the series does more than illuminate one couple’s love story, it paints a picture of our world and how we treat each other. From the critically-acclaimed, two-time Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning director Liz Garbus, Harry & Meghan is a never-before-seen look at one of the most-discussed couples in history.

Volume I: December 8 Volume II: December 15


Watch Trailer 1:

Wednesday, November 2, 2022




A new horror thriller from powerhouse production company Blumhouse comes Run Sweetheart Run, starring British actress, Ella Balinska and Pilou Asbaek.  

In this cat-and-mouse surprise, a dinner date turned actual date goes off the rails. 

Watch Run Sweetheart Run exclusively on Prime Video.

For now, catch the trailer:

Friday, July 1, 2022

USHER: Tiny Desk Concert [Full Performance]


Lawd, Mr. Usher Raymond! Just amen. Amen. Usher is still fine and that voice is on point.