Friday, April 6, 2012

[Video] - "Scandal" Season 1 - Episode 1 & Episode 2! [Watch Now]

If you did not watch the premiere episode of "Scandal" last night, you missed THE must see new show which is sure to be an instant hit!

The cast is brilliant and the writing is superb! Set in DC where you have scandal after scandal.... with drama, intrigue, murder, romance, suspense, political high stakes run amuk!

Watch Full Episode 2 before it airs: "Dirty Little Secrets"

*If the above video doesn't load correctly, try refreshing the page. That should fix the problem. If issue continues watch the episode directly on Hulu or the ABC site where the first episode is also playing.

If you missed the premiere episode, watch it on ABC.Com.


Tune in Thursday nights at 10PM on ABC for the best hour on the telly!

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