Thursday, April 1, 2021

SPIRAL (Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson) in Theaters 5.14.21 [Movie Trailer]


The Saw franchise just keeps churning out movies that actually look promising. 

The real win is the fact that Chris Rock, who is also a producer, and Samuel L. Jackson, star in the latest gem from the book of Saw. 

Spiral hits theaters 5.14.21.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Happy New Year

I hope everyone is having a good year thus far. Stay safe!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

New Track: SAVE THE DAY - Mariah Carey [Audio)

Mariah Carey's new song, Save the Day, is right on time for the chaos in America and beyond.

Mariah's highly anticipated new album, Rarities, drops on 10.2.20.

Mariah also has a must-read memoir, titled, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, releasing on  9.29.20

Pre-order both now!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Book to Film: 365 DNI Streaming on Netflix [Trailer]

The blazing hot film, 365 DNI (365 Days,) is taking Netflix viewers and social media by storm. The film is based on the first installment of a book trilogy by Blanka Lipinska.

The polish film is causing quite a stir.

While the film has some scorching love scenes, it's amped up fully loaded, by the fact that actor Michele Morrone graces the screen with his presence. That man is walking sin. He's a delicious looking specimen.

His face, his mouth, what he does with his mouth, his swag, his temper, his impressive package, his neck grabs...


Just....just watch the film if you haven't already.

Hell, watch it again if you have.

Morrone has become quite popular,

His Instagram now has over nine million followers. At the start of the film streaming in America on Netflix, he was at 900,000 followers.

Needless to say, this film has skyrocketed his name.

As well it should.

Oh, by the way, the chemistry between the actors that portray characters, mob boss, Don Massimo Torricelli and Laura Biel, is off the chain

There's been some serious rumblings that a sequel will be happening. Can't wait for that....and perhaps since it's based on a trilogy, a third installment will be on the horizon as well.