Thursday, March 19, 2020

Pandemic 2020: COVID-19 Spreads Across the World

The world is like we've never witnessed before. The United States as well as the entire world, is battling the war against a deadly and highly contagious virus. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) started in Wuhan, China several months ago. An alarming number of folks were getting infected with the virus in Wuhan. Folks were falling out in the street by open markets, people walking around them, left as a reminder of the disruptive and deadly virus.

How did the outbreak start?
The source of the coronavirus is believed to be a "wet market" in Wuhan which sold both dead and live animals including fish and birds. 

Such markets pose a heightened risk of viruses jumping from animals to humans because hygiene standards are difficult to maintain if live animals are being kept and butchered on site. Typically, they are also densely packed.

The animal source of the latest outbreak has not yet been identified, but the original host is thought to be bats. Bats were not sold at the Wuhan market but may have infected live chickens or other animals sold there. 

Bats are host to a wide range of zoonotic viruses including Ebola, HIV and rabies.

The spread of the virus was rapid and did not discriminate. It became apparent that folks could become exposed to the virus just by being in close contact with an infected person. The disease, in my opinion, is also airborne. If a person coughs and doesn't cover their mouth, droplets travel from the mouth and nose and those droplets linger and travel in the air. Meanwhile, folks in the area, breathe in those infected droplets. If an infected person coughs in their hand and then uses that hand to touch surfaces that others will also touch, and folks start touching their faces and mouths, the virus can spread.

The CDC, World Health Organization and medical professionals, issued dire updates on the increasing rise of those infected in the United States as well as around the world. Due to the extent of the spread, it has caused schools to close, businesses to close and government officials urging everyone to stay home and practice social distancing for two weeks or more. Local governments are issuing their own mandatory precautions such as curfews, as well as limiting restaurants to carryout and delivery only.

The virus is very dangerous within the elderly population and folks with underlining medical issues. It is essential to keep them isolated from others to help keep them from becoming infected.

So much has been happening around the world and within the U.S. for the last several weeks due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It became clear immediately that President Trump was not on top of the health crisis when it first hit. Trump initially called the virus "fake news" made up by the media. His supporters echoed his sentiments, despite what medical professionals were saying. As the numbers began to rise, Trump continued to make things worse. He stated there would be millions of tests available and a vaccine would be ready quickly. Immediately after his statements, medical experts would dispute Trump's false rhetoric.

As things became worse, Trump seemed to grasp the urgency of the pandemic. Daily briefings and updates are consistent.

The administration halted International flights from Europe as well as other highly infected locations. However, American citizens abroad were allowed to return to the U.S.

As millions of Americans and millions around the world stay in adhere to social distancing, many have become creative in beating the 'stay home' lockdown. Neighbors singing together from balconies in Italy, playing games with neighbors at safe distances, folks uploading videos to entertain, even celebrities, also  on lockdown, performed live performances from their home or just chatted with fans. Many are doing cooking at home segments and sharing Tik Toks dance videos with their families.

Of course watching movies, television shows, reading, writing and simply enjoying favorite hobbies are a must during this time.

Now folks are able to go out for medical reasons, grocery/food runs, and pharmacy stops. Otherwise, folks are asked to please stay in.

Folks started panic buying as soon as the virus hit the states and began to rise. Water, toilet paper, hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, food, etc...were being swooped up by panicked shoppers.

The U.S. government has assured Americans that they will be assisted during this pandemic.

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WHO: World Health Organization

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Coronavirus Task Force Update: 3.18.20

Sources: Telegraph UK, WHO, CDC

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