Sunday, February 2, 2020

Kobe Bryant, Gianna "GiGi" Bryant and 7 Others Die in Helicopter Crash

I still have no words. It has taken several days for me to even attempt to post about the tragic and heartbreaking passing of Kobe Bryant, 41,  and his beautiful 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

There were no survivors. Seven more lives were lost in the horrific crash as well.

Last Sunday, Bryant's helicopter crashed while en route to a basketball tournament. Bryant's daughter, Gianna, was a rising basketball star in her own right. At her young age, she was a phenomenal player. Kobe coached Gianna and saw she had IT.

(Mamba and Mambacita)

His brilliant talent and coaching; helped develop Gianna's natural basketball skills.  The two shared the love of basketball. Kobe coached Gianna's basketball team. It is of some comfort to know they had each other while on that fateful helicopter ride.

I cannot imagine what Vanessa, their children, Kobe's parents and entire family are going through.

I send my deepest condolences to the family and will continue to pray for them during this difficult time. This extends to all of the families who lost loved ones in the crash.

There has been a massive world-wide reaction of shock and sadness, yet an outpouring of love and respect for Kobe and his daughter. Kobe's legacy will live on. His inspiration and Mamba mentality has continued to help push and propel others in whatever capacity it was needed, to do and strive for the best. No excuses.

This hurts. I remember hearing the news when it happened and could not fathom that what was being reported was accurate. Upon learning it was indeed true, the tears flowed.

Life is so short. Live life to the fullest. It is essential. Sometimes that sentiment can get lost in translation. Love and hug your loved ones every day like it's the last day you will see them.

Rest in peace Kobe and GiGi.

The Los Angeles Lakers Pay Tribute to Kobe Bryant [Video]

His legacy will live on....

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