Sunday, May 6, 2018

Kanye West Loves Trump, Says Slavery was a Choice + Reaction [Video]

I've always liked Kanye West. So, the events of this week were eye-opening. Based on his slavery comments, Kanye West is deeply delusional. He's making a damn fool of himself. Slavery was a choice? Really?

Kanye West used to be a prolific thinker. I don't know what happened to him. At some point, he went all the way through the floor. That sunken place grabbed him and hasn't let his black ass go. Where is his family? He has three young children. They should not have to endure this madness. And Kim staying on social media 24/7 while her husband is publicly deconstructing mentally is astonishing. Turn the phone off and go help your husband...the father of your kids! It's not her fault, but she needs to help that wild eyed man that appeared on TMZ and stated slavery was a choice and was spilling all his business. You don't let your man go to an interview, when you know something is off.

By the way...throw Kanye's ass back in time during slavery, since he feels it was a choice, and see what happens to his black ass when he attempts to 'opt out of MANDATORY slavery' and holla at his Massa's white daughters. Since that seems to be his preference. I suppose he will be hanging from a tree by choice. Nope. Not a choice Kanye...It's called Lynching.

Although I am appalled at Kanye. I hope he gets help. He should stay off television and social media. I wish him peace, good health and a sane mind.

Huge shoutout to Van Lathan from TMZ who spoke the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Big ups to him.


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