Monday, February 6, 2017

EPIC TV: Kristen Stewart Roasts Trump, Melissa McCarthy Kills as Sean Spicer and Alec Baldwin Back as Trump

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Chile Saturday Night Live has been on a roll with the hilarious spot on impersonations and stellar hosts. This weekend was no different. 'SNL' was lit. Kristen Stewart hosted this weekend and opened her monologue with none other than comments about illegitimate President Donald Trump.

Now this wasn't just regular talk about the illegitimate President. Stewart highlighted the infamous fascination Trump seemed to have on her previous high profile relationship with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.

Not familiar with Trump's involvement with their extremely public breakup? Take a look at what else?? Tweets from Donald Trump in reference to Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

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I mean really...these are real tweets from a man acting like he was part of the 'fangirl' Twilight fandom.

Lawd! He. Is. Now. The. President. I can't.

Watch Alec Baldwin back as Trump, Kristen Stewart's opening monologue, The Totino's skit, Celebrity Family Feud: Super Bowl Edition and Melissa McCarthy's now iconic impersonation of the illegitimate President's Press Secretary Sean Spicer. You will holler! LMFAO

Chile...Melissa McCarthy became Sean Spicer. Spot on!

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