Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Aftermath: Hell

(Update) Read and sign the petition encouraging the Electoral College Electors to vote for Hillary Clinton.
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Today is Wednesday November 9, 2016. The day after the end of one of the most divisive and combative elections ever. Even with all the noise that was in the background, I thought surely folks would vote rationally. Seemingly it would have been an easy assumption to have confidence in the fact that rational folks with common sense would reject the dangerous rhetoric that had become second nature to Donald Trump.

Yet as the results started pouring in Tuesday evening, it became quite clear that Americans were voting out of fear. But in actuality they voted for the very thing they should be fearful of...a Donald Trump Presidency. Trump won the White uneducated vote. They came out in droves. Unfortunately they were voting for the ideals that Trump stands for. Trump's supporters agreed with his racist, sexist and offensive ideology.

After having an amazing President, who happens to be Black, in office for the past eight years, certain folks latched on to Donald Trump like he was their savior. Don't get it twisted. Trump won because of racist like-minded folks who were able to freely express their hatred using the ballot as their weapon.

It's pathetic. They voted against their own best interests.

Now they will have to live with the decisions they've made. The rest of us have 2020 to look forward to. The time to bring common sense and common decency back to the White House

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton. Clinton ran a strong campaign. Each and every time she got hit, she never faltered, she pushed ahead. Also a huge congrats to Tim Kaine who was an awesome running mate who complimented the ticket. They were a great team.

There really is nothing else left to be said. I will say, while I accept the results of the election, because I truly believe in democracy...I will never respect Donald Trump. That is something I simply will not be able to do.

That man is not my President.

Update: 12.9.16: The CIA has concluded that Russia deliberately helped to elect Donald Trump President of the United States. Trump should not be allowed to become the next President. The rigging of an election completely throws democracy out the window. Trump must go. His entire Racist administration to be must go. The electoral college must elect Hillary Clinton. This isn't about party affiliation, this is about protecting the integrity of our election process.

Side Note: The next President of the United States mocked a disabled reporter at a campaign rally. So, your President-Elect and the next First Lady.

photo 86456459-CA82-49AB-A97E-ABA2E4A5EC44_zpsenwrhxlf.jpg

On January 20, 2017, class and intelligence will be leaving the White House.

By the way...Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. So in essence, the will of the people want Hillary Clinton as President. There is currently an active petition via encouraging the Electoral College to vote for Hillary Clinton in key states. Read and sign the petition.

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