Saturday, October 15, 2016

(Video) - Presidential Debate 2016 [Second Round] - Clinton Demolishes Trump...Again

The fact that Donald Trump has made it this far on the path to be President of the United States is not only disturbing, it is utterly embarrassing to our country. Hillary Clinton has experience and an excellent record behind her. Clinton also has common sense and intellect; two things Trump cannot buy. Just as he could not buy class or grace for Melania as she plagiarized the words of First Lady Michelle Obama during her speech at the Republican convention.

Clinton's career includes that of being a lawyer, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, Senator, Secretary of State, the first woman to become the Presidential candidate of a major political party in the United States and come November, Clinton will become the first female elected to be the U.S. President.

Donald Trump is lewd, vulgar and a twisted individual that should never be anywhere near the White House nor the nuclear codes.

After the "hot mic" scandal, long time Republicans are denouncing Trump and are no longer endorsing him including former Republican Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

This is not a game. It's simple. Vote.

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