Sunday, July 10, 2016

[Video] - Roland Martin Goes IN on Wendy Williams After Her Ignorant HBCU/NAACP Comments words needed..just watch the video. Comments start at the 16:00 mark.

Watch Roland Martin's epic READ. that was a READ.

 photo gifb1_zpsx14les3c.gif

Side Note: Roland read Wendy for filth. He spoke nothing but the truth. I recall that particular hot topics segment the day she made those comments and just shook my head. It was embarrassing to hear a black woman with the type of platform Wendy has, say such ignorant and foolish things.

It was complete buffoonery.

The next day on her show, Wendy did what she never does...she responded to the dragging she received from Black Twitter. She was the number one trending topic that day. She tried to "clarify" her meaning. *Blank Stare*

Please, do better.

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